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Kate Gosselin's 8 Kids -- Cleared for Spin-Off

4/25/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's new TLC show "Kate Plus 8" is all systems go -- because the local Department of Labor says the kiddies have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

A rep for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry tells TMZ the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said, "The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for 'Kate Plus 8.'"

But according to the rep, nothing has been submitted for Kate's other TLC spin-off "Twist of Kate" -- which could mean the kiddies may not be joining Kate on that one.

That's probably a good thing ... because 5-year-olds shouldn't have to work two jobs.


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Ok this is for this Liz that obviously needs a reality ive been on her for about 10 minutes and this is my first time and I have seen your comments more than anyone else...that kinda spoke about Jon always being with the kids...did you even watch the show..because as I remember it for the first two to three years Jon worked full time and kate statyed home with the kids...which means she was home with those children when they were completely dependent on her and then Hon took over once they were pretty much able to fend for what do you have to say now..if I didnt know any better I'd say you had Jon's D*** in your mouth...and to imply that she is not a good mother or a bad person because she is doing things her way and not yours is sad...get a life and get the **** off have got to have something better to do with your time...with that said im out...because unlike you I dont spend my entire day bashing people that I never have and probably never will meet...once again GO KATE PLUS 8!!!!!!

1585 days ago


Once again, Kate is back to pimping her 8 kids so she can continue her fame and fortune lifestyle that she thinks is so important for her survival. Some women should "never" be Mothers and Kate is definitely one of them! A loving, caring Mother will always put the well being of her children first, but Kate will always put Kate's wants and needs first! Go away Kate!

1585 days ago


These are the saddest looking children.......most kids this age would be scooting all over, and I don't care how many people you have watching them...that is just what they do, energy wise. These poor kids have their heads down like they are bearing the ills of the world, or maybe just mom and dad. Such a shame. Mom, do something other than be on a camera or have them on a camera, they really, really, really need a lift, you can just feel it.Give them a happy day, and maybe you can try to be happy too, they look just like you did when the judges were giving you advice. Look at what you are doing to them. Look at this picture!!

1585 days ago


The end of life as we know it couldn't come soon enough. In the meantime hopefully enough of us will boycott this horrible farce (and TLC while we're at it). Maybe they will eventually "get it" and quit constantly force feeding us this garbage.

1585 days ago


I love the kids and i am only 2 years older than Madelyn and Cara!
I really want to become pen pals with them. So Kate if you read this then Please let me! If anyone can contact her to tell her than thanks.

1585 days ago


To:y Ja'Nel
You got some ****ing nerve, obviously you got nothing better to do b/c you took the time to read and reply to my commments. And the **** in the mouth thing that's childish stick to facts of what you saw on the show and what i wrote, i see you had nothing else to say and that's the best you can do.
I've seen every episode and season of that show.
And what i said if you can read and comprehend, don't confuse me with that other Liz on this site but anyway since those kids were born it was mostly him putting them to bed and bathing them nightly.
And yeah he was working while she was at home with them and the nannies, yeah they had nannies that they didn't show on the show but she talked about in interviews and not just the ones they showed on tv.
She treated him awful season after season, i'm thinking maybe your mother treated your father like that maybe that's why you're defending her. But she treated him like a 9th child and now all she got to do is cry, speak in a low childlike tone and say i'm taking care of my kids. And all is forgotten.
I see that you were probably conceive the same way by force, he said he didn't want anymore kids but she pestered him over and over as she said until he give in. He didn't want anymore kids and she wanted more so she didn't get 1 more she got 6 more, so SHE got what she wanted.

1584 days ago


To: Ja'Nel
You say i take my time to bash people i will never know or meet whatever, your dumb ass is taking the time to respond to my comment and we'll never meet. So who's the fool. If you're going to write something let i make sense.
I guess Perez Hilton, Harvey and all tabloid blogs and tabloid writers is doing the same thing as me. Difference is there getting paid to do that and i'm getting paid while i take my job time to write this.

1584 days ago


To: Ja'nel

. I think anyone who could wish death or unemployment on a single mother and her children should be thrown off the planet....I would love to see any one of you carry, and give birth to eight children then watch your husband begin to resent you because of a decision you made together...

Watch the interviews of them she wanted more kids and he didn't he was contended with the twins. So there's a difference between making a decision together and being forced into a decision.

1584 days ago


To Ja'nel , i'm going to waste more of your and my time. But step to me shut up bitch. you one them i'll be hard on the internet but hope no one knows i really am. So sit down and shut up.

As to this part of your comment:

respect...because through all of this she has held her head high and done what was needed to protect and care for her children...

Listen, the reason she needs to protect and care for her children is b/c she and Jon is the one that got them in the situation in the first place, i don't think those babies asked to be on a reality show. So the two of them got them kids in the situation and so it is their job to protect them now that their already in the situation. When we Jon having the kids he usually have them on property, so there would be not that much of a need to cover and hide them or them having their heads down from paparatzi.

1584 days ago


To: PeggyPA
Responding back to you, he didnt' want anymore not even 1 and that's probably the only thing he and her has agreed too since the ending of the show. She said in interviews that she missed the twins still being newborns when they started walking and she wanted 1 more and he was contended with the 2 they had and he give in to her to have 1 more although against it, but what came out was 6 kids instead.

You know what TMZ should do , when people make certain comments about interviews, or what was said during interviews, i think TMZ should have people who can go back and get these interviews to support correct comments and if you people stilll want to deny it like the wannabe bad ass Ja'nel then go right ahead and be a dumb ignorant bitch Ja'nel.

1584 days ago


Liz-Guess what? Married couples do not automatically agree on whether to have children, how many to have if they do decide to have them, and when to have them. Kate had as much right to want one more as Jon did to initially want to stop with the twins.They generally work out their differences, which is what Jon & Kate did. They went through IUI which is ocmplicated and expensive, so it wasn't just a matter of one of them not using birth control. No matter how you want to downplay it (and, frankly, you make Jon sound like a spineless tool which I doubt he'd appreciate), he agreed and actively participated in that process. The fact remains; the kids are here and Jon can't undo what has happened even if it turned out to be more responsibility than he liked.

1584 days ago


Kate is hot!

1584 days ago


From what i've seen on their show i would say he is part spineless as you put it. He should of stood up for himself a long time ago and when he did all hell broke loose the constant bashing of each other in media while both of them forgot for while that they were parents.
Oh and i just got something i don't feel like going back andread whoever wrote that she's doing the best she can do and she's protecting her kids, when she and Jon were bashing each other in the media through magazines and interviews was she or him thinking of the children.
Or their own hate for one another. YOu know these kids got to go to school and kids get teased w/o them or their parents being in the spotlight and the two of them going at each other probably didn't help those kids out at school any bit. Yeah that's how they protect their kids right.

1584 days ago


only reason she is getting so much attention is because people like you crave it and talk about it for hours. just boycott the damn shows already.

1584 days ago


Who is this over glorified breeder?

1583 days ago
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