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Kate Gosselin's 8 Kids -- Cleared for Spin-Off

4/25/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's new TLC show "Kate Plus 8" is all systems go -- because the local Department of Labor says the kiddies have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

A rep for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry tells TMZ the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said, "The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for 'Kate Plus 8.'"

But according to the rep, nothing has been submitted for Kate's other TLC spin-off "Twist of Kate" -- which could mean the kiddies may not be joining Kate on that one.

That's probably a good thing ... because 5-year-olds shouldn't have to work two jobs.


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75. Kate is despicable with her 8 little tax deductions in tow. I predict this new TLC show will end badly and it will be the kids that will pay the price for Kate's selfishness.

Yeah, so selfish to want trips for the kids, clothing and things they never would have had on Jon's salary.

The kids seem typical, fighting, playing, crying for the same age group of 6. Multiples often don't have language skills age level. I think it is remarkable that they all seem to speak so well.

1580 days ago


What stuns me is the number of people whose spite towards Kate is so out of control that they appear to WANT the children to turn out badly as some sort of punishment of her. Unless you are willing to ban all minors in the entertainment industry, then don't single out the Gosselins. Many children in the entertainment industry turn out out fine, and some even are very successful adults. Of those who turned out badly, there are often other factors involved, including extreme physical abuse at home (Both Danny Bonaduce and Todd Bridges both reported this, not just their involvement in the entertainment industry. Both have even described their shows as refuges against the domestic turmoil that pre-dated their becoming child stars.)

1580 days ago


# 107=In the first place, the family was getting off a cross-country flight. People tend to be tired. As for body language, expression, heads hanging down, did it even occur to you to take into account that were camera flashed going off in front of them and the kids might just trying to avoid being blinded by them, not to mention a bunch of total strangers in a pack impeding their way and shouting questions at their and their mother? I'm glad for their safety that they have been trained to keep together and under control in such a difficult situation. I doubt you'll find very many children who would feel carefree under those cir***sances.

1580 days ago


According to TLC, there were never ANY plans for the children to be filmed on Twist of Kate.

1580 days ago


I hope Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin crawl back under their rocks. They are the biggest hypocrites. All was great when THEY WERE ON TV but when they got the boot then it was bad for kids.

1580 days ago


Kate Gosselin Ditches Kids to Go Tanning, Get a Pedi Options

Kate Gosselin spent her first full day back in Pennsylvania after getting the
boot from Dancing With the Stars... at the tanning salon!

Leaving her eight children behind at their $1.1 million home with their father
Jon, she hit up her fave local fake bake joint and also made time for a

Kate, 35, hasn't spent much time with her kids since her run on DWTS wrapped up.

After catching up with them for 20 minutes on Thursday, she hopped into a
limousine with her bodyguard Steve Neild, with whom she has denied having an
affair, to drive to New York City to tape an apperance on Live with Regis and

Kate told Entertainment Tonight last Tuesday that she was looking forward to
seeing her children more now that she no longer has to fly back and forth to
L.A. to tape the ABC show each week.

"They'll be glad to have me back," she said. "I'm thrilled to have been here and
obviously going back to my kids is always a wonderful thing."

Soon Kate and the kids will be spending more time together... working. reported Sunday that paperwork has been filed with the Pennsylvania
Dept. of Labor and Industry for them to appear on TLC specials.

"The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for Kate Plus 8,"
the rep said. (No paperwork has been submitted for the reality mom's other show,
Twist of Kate.)

1580 days ago


I can not stand her.She says she is a single working mother. Please as a single working mother i do not make millions everyday. The majority of us do not make alot of money and live from pay to pay. i hate how she lumps sums herself up with the rest of us single mothers. She would not be famous if it was not for her 8 kids. I certanily would not want her trying to do my job or offering advice. She should be off the air and get a life.

1580 days ago


funny how in the lohan pots everyone bashed Dina and Michael for "living off their children" "being famewhores" and "not thinking of the kids best interests because Lindsay is their $$ support" yet when referring to Gosselins its "how lucky the kids are, they get to travel" "poor single mom kate needs kids on tv to support them" i guarantee when we fast forward 10 years we will see the damage done, just like in Lindsays case. children should not have to support their parents.

1580 days ago


My God....some of the comments in favor of this famewhore are so ridiculous. You and the rest of the sheep who follow this woman and admire her for what? Being a mother and supporting her kids? WOW, nobody has ever done that before. It's all about HOW you go about supporting your family that speaks volumes. I think I will keep my admiration to the single mom who works 2 or 3 jobs to put food on the table for her kids and NOT famewhoring herself and her kids in public because she has fallen in love with fame. What kind of sick f*ck put her kids on tv and shows every private moment for everyone to see? Showing her kids potty training, in the bath tub and every other moment that should be kept private. That should be kept sacred for her eyes only. This woman is teaching her kids twisted values, that life is only good if you are swimming in money. We WILL be seeing these children in the news 10 years from now and it won't be pretty. What a shame.

1580 days ago

Trooper Tom    

To 126 thats exactly the problem you seem to be defending this woman for dragging her kids through the hell of the media and dragging them back and forth across the country. Those kids look plain and simply unhappy, not just the ones up front with their "mother" look at the ones in the back same thing. Why should these kids be put through this type of nonsense so their mother can be a celebrity? Let them grow up like other kids no camera's or media chasing them down

1580 days ago


Wow, I can't believe this woman. She will stop at nothing to keep living in the lap of luxury and be able to afford a constant stream of nannies so that she doesn't have to take care of her own children. What a shame reality tv has come to this.

1580 days ago


KatieIreneGosselin, There a perfect single man for you, he is filthy rich it DAVID COPPERFIELD..PLEASE!PLEASE! tweet david for a date where he can do one of his magic tricks turning u into a LITTLE WHITE TRASH MOUSE and then feed you to a BOA CONSTRICTER..

1580 days ago



1580 days ago


Those poor kids! Not one of them look happy. Go home Kate. Take care of your kids in private. Think of them for once!

1580 days ago


Well, once again, we see she will stop at nothing to keep herself in the lap of luxury and a stream of nannies to take care of her kids...what a shame.

1580 days ago
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