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Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for Battery

4/23/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for BatteryOne of the stars on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" was arrested in Louisiana early this morning after cops say he attacked somebody at a street festival.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Russell Hantz -- the runner-up from "Survivor: Samoa" -- was partying at the Festival International de Louisiane, when he allegedly "shoved" somebody to the pavement.

Cops say Hantz was immediately arrested by Lafayette City Police -- and taken to a nearby jail.

Hantz was eventually released.

But get this, Hantz is still in contention to win "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- which is airing now on CBS ... and yes, he's one of the "villains."


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They said he was busted in Louisiana and that he was still in contention to win which I took it that the show is over and he could still win.Which means he is in the finals..

1642 days ago


Speak the word - His is still in contention. We all know that- everyone that is left in the game is still in contention.

You said TMZ told us he made to the finals- Read the post.

He did make it to the final in Samoa.

You stupid Fu**. Go to school

1642 days ago


I know he is in heroes vs villians ....

1642 days ago


It was only some time before this little troll whacked someone. He is no respector of other people and frankly, I expected him to blow long before this.

He IS, however, an extremely talented strategist. His ego is getting the best of him and he will lose. Sandra and Parvati are much better players than he. The past two weeks have proven that.

1642 days ago


He is Charles Mansonish. Kreepy!!!!!!!

1642 days ago

Douglas Jenkins    

I also think that Russell looks like Charles Manson. Could he really be his son? He's about the right age.

1642 days ago


He's an idiot. I can't believe the current people playing the game with him can't see he is a con man, a liar, & an idiot. They must be bigger idiots.
I hope this jackoff goes away when the survivor series ends.

1642 days ago


NOOOO! This dude is awesome, surely the douche he shoved to the pavement deserved it.

1642 days ago


Read the post ...Rebel You stupid FU??

1642 days ago


79. How come TMZ isnt saying anything about the big party at tigers house after Elin left for Sweden...seems like bad tiger is back to his playa days..loiud music..booze,,girls..yeah heeeees back

Posted at 6:04 AM on Apr 23, 2010 by electriczipper

I'm sure they do see it but like I said only see about 1/10 of the footage shot for this show.So you only see the intereaction between the people that survivor wants you to see,,,it is sooo editied now,

1642 days ago


Speaktheword, you are CLEARLY confused, everyone is trying to help you understand. Instead of listening you're too busy insulting people. You are making a fool of yourself, so maybe you should stop posting comments!

Russell was a finalist LAST SEASON, Survivor Samoa. He is on the Villians tribe THIS SEASON and is still in the game. Anyone who watch last season and watched last night's episode KNOWS THIS ALREADY!!!

1642 days ago


I am so sick of Russell.... I can't believe CBS put this creep on back to back seasons... What were they thinking? I used to enjoy watching Survivor and I am so burned out with seeing his little evil troll body on this show. You can be good at this game without being so evil. I really hope he gets sent home. If they ever put him on another season of Survivor I will not watch it. I've had enough of Russell Hantz ruining my Thursday night show.

1642 days ago


@ speak the word,,Russell was the runner up in a previous SURVIVOR but he returned to this season of SURVIVOR just like the others that have won or been runner up on previous SURVIVOR TMZ is right..Russell needs to go.... He a moron and loves to brag about him being a millionaire& owning a OIL company...

1642 days ago


He just purchased a bar in Lafayette, La " Bootleggers" Saw him there myself!! Home of Festival De Louisiane

1642 days ago


Rupert was stupid last night for not approaching Sondra to flip - looks like it may happen next week. She came to him with the goods on Russell, why didn't he bring her over to the heroes??
No bigger idiot in the game than JT - he cut his own throat by trusting Russell. And giving him an idol?? Pure stupidity.
Although I don't like Russell and want him out of the game, you gotta admit he is one good player!! The one I really can't stand is Parvati.
OK, we get it - SpeakTheWord was mistaken - let it go.

1642 days ago
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