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Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for Battery

4/23/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for BatteryOne of the stars on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" was arrested in Louisiana early this morning after cops say he attacked somebody at a street festival.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Russell Hantz -- the runner-up from "Survivor: Samoa" -- was partying at the Festival International de Louisiane, when he allegedly "shoved" somebody to the pavement.

Cops say Hantz was immediately arrested by Lafayette City Police -- and taken to a nearby jail.

Hantz was eventually released.

But get this, Hantz is still in contention to win "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- which is airing now on CBS ... and yes, he's one of the "villains."


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I'm embarassed to admit this, but Russell's arrest was the best news that we had at our office today! My friend and I cheered when we saw this - we watch Survivor and both of us hate Russell! This shows how pathetic our lives and our job are! I know, we've got to get our acts together and get a life!

1645 days ago


I love Russell he is the best player in survivor history

1645 days ago


I don't think they are on the same island of Samoa, However they are in the South pacific which includes MANY island like, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Easter Island, and more. Just because Russell played in Samoa and the other's didn't get to watch him play some think this is an advantage but, on the same thinking the others have all played some of the games before which he has not and they all had someone there that they played with before and that they know, so that gives them an advantage as well. He's not cheating on his wife ya a-holes, he is not any meaner then anybody else on this show and I think he is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. So there!

1644 days ago


did you read the whole article it said someone said he did and the woman he was "supposed" to have pushed said it was not true.

1644 days ago


Survivor! Pshaw! Shoot the show on some barren tundra or an ice floe and I *might* take it more seriously.

1644 days ago


I want to keep reading about how "Speak the Word" still doesn't get it. It was more entertaining than Survivor!

1644 days ago


He's a loooooooser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a BIG Survivor fan and have always thought he was a s***bag!!! Russell you are a looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1644 days ago

anita hairapetian    

i love russell. there must be something that somebody is not saying,like usual.

1644 days ago

mary hunt    

I am like totally confused why is he not still in jungle. I mean even if he gets voted off next week he will be on the jury so he should be there in a hotel or something. I am losttttttttttttttt

1644 days ago

Chuck Furer    

This man's behaviour is dispicable. Survivor is most certainly a contest, but surely is ... NO GAME!!! i do not care what the sport, there is always some degree of honour and respect. Russell shows neither, and worst of all ... tells us before hand ... and follows through. Pavorati may be his female counter part ... perhaps even more so. She blew his mind, and mine, last night. i so hope that both Russell and Pavorati make it to the final three, along with ... say Christine ... so that the jury can public denounce them both.

1644 days ago


Yeah, he is such a good guy, I am from Louisiana, I heard its a girl he shoved to the ground.

1644 days ago

Survivor Mark    

Rob C. has an EXCLUSIVE with Russell Hantz's attorney at the 1:08:00 mark! that would be 1hr 8min mark for some of you. EXCLUSIVE!!!

1644 days ago



1644 days ago


Dear MS. Hunt: It is not live! That's how he could be in Louisiana. In other words in real life they are not on the island anymore! They do record the show before it is shown. It's called pre-recorded.

1644 days ago


You know the cops take everything out of proportion all the time,then come sorry guy,but we have to do our job !! Russell sue those p-gs guess they thought hey lookie who we got here,the Survivor guy,lets book him first and talk later,you know the cops should go after the bad guys who kill,rob,rape,not because oh police officer I saw that guy push someone, anyway if something did happen Russell isn't the kind of person who would want trouble like that in his life and if it was to defend himself,then he had every right to do so. U GO RUSSELL those states you live in are hard a-s cops stear clear of them,can't wait for thursday !!

1644 days ago
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