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Michael Jackson, LiLo & Charlie Sheen

4/23/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Michael Jackson's involvement in the Nation of Islam, Lindsay Lohan's downward spiral, and Charlie Sheen's adult diapers.

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Plus: Lindsay's 16-year-old sister Ali Lohan could file for emancipation from her parents.


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I am interested in hearing more than mindless celebs.

1645 days ago


No Interest

1645 days ago



I don't think Scalia is as influential as you make him out to be - he writes a lot of well-written (if misguided) dissents, but he does not have the ability to bring consensus as originally advertised.

I would argue that O'Connor IS the most influential justice of the last 100 years. And I am still waiting to see who is going to fill her shoes on the current court.

1645 days ago


It's not just the fat and calories, dude, it's the salt--usually 800-1000+ mg. The salt is bad for your blood pressure and makes you retain water, it's not good man, regardless of the other ingredients.

1645 days ago


Harvey your intelegent, interesting and entertaining and I enjoy your insights and opinions. Please don't stop with your insights,it's far more entertaining then the same old Hollywood crap stories all the time

Hey Mike, you stuff your face like a pig, eat your crap in private or get some manners. It's not very entertaining watching you ram crap down your throat, use your head and stop being so ignorant.

1645 days ago


those who voted for nader more than likely would have voted for gore so knowing he wouldn't win they just upset a lot of people aside from the florida ballot issue naders votes would have allowed him to win too

1645 days ago


What do you think are the problems with American idol this year?

1645 days ago


This is too easy. Reject the hamburger and write the check.

1645 days ago

Just Askin    

I love to hear Harvey's intelligence.

1645 days ago

Neva Blake    

I have watched TMZ Live for ages and this is the first time I have commented.One of the many things that make your show unique are the serious legal discussions. Please do not stop talking about topics such as Scalia. It is a nice break from the fluff. As for eating, I have no problem with it but Mike, please do not interrupt Harvey mid-thought when many listeners would like to hear his opinion. You, yourself have said what a brilliant lawyer Havery is--why be disrespectful?

Harvey, PLEASE do not quit discussing serious topics. The listeners who do not enjoy the discussion will fast forward but you will lose the listeners who watch just for that reason.

1645 days ago


You go, Harvey. I am very interested in how the US Supreme Court functions.

1645 days ago


Harvey ~ Definitely keep the legal analogies as part of the segments! It gives your viewers a side of things which they probably do not come across often.

Your brethren hosts were quite rude in interrupting you with infantile behavior while you were about to tie-up a very interesting point. It was their way of distracting themselves from the fact that they cannot keep up with you.

Next time they should control their inferiority complex enough to make room for everyone's individual "piece de resistance", and in doing so they would give power to their own.

There's room for everyone and that is why TMZ is a winning combination.

1645 days ago


1) can i just say that as someone who grew up w/ an absentee father, the thought of michael lohan getting a chance to 'save' lindsay absolutely MORTIFIES me. he has no rights w/ that girl, blood connection be damned. someone should instead talk to dina and ali and get them on their side, and let THEM talk to lindsay about her problems. lindsay does not need to trust her father, EVER. he lost that right a long ass time ago. HOW AM I THE ONLY PERSON THAT SEES THAT??

2) please swap mike out for someone else. he seems nice, but i'm a lot more interested in the other lawyers' opinion, or the less serious combination of max & nina was fun too.

3) please don't eat on tmz live. it's disgusting.

4) i DO care about harvey's thoughts on politics and justices. he should continue talking about it, and maybe he'll turn some viewers of tmz into people who care about whats going on in the world outside of hollywood.

1645 days ago


michael jackson is alive !!!!!!!!!and tmz knows this........

1644 days ago


I have been watching TMZ Live for ages but have never commented until now. Harvey, please do not quit giving your opinions on subjects such as Scalia--this is what keeps me watching and makes the show unique. Sometimes a little intellect is a nice balance to the fluff. As far as eating, that's fine but why does Mike have to interrupt Harvey when many listeners would like to hear his complete thoughts on such an important topic?

1644 days ago
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