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Michelle McGee Strips with Hitler's iPod

4/25/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to think she isn't a Nazi, she should stop stripping to German heavy metal music.

Jesse James mistress #1 was the headliner last night at the preeminent Vegas strip club Deja Vu. We're told she performed two songs -- one of which was called "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. According to the most accurate website in the world, Wikipedia, "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The song, which is all in German, features this glorious verse translated to English:

"Whoever knows pain is dangerous
from the fire that burns the soul
bang bang
the burned child is dangerous
with fire that separates from the life
a hot cry
bang bang
open fire!"

If that doesn't get you ready for a lap dance, nothing will!


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Rammstein is by no means a nazi band - OMG - you there over the ocean are really full of prejudice.

And no I am not a fan of this woman.

1612 days ago


Thats not fair TMZ.... i love Rammstein.... and im not a nazi.... The nazi crap is starting to get old... find something else... gezzzz....

1612 days ago


the music doesn't make her a nazi, all these things do add up though - which is like spitting in the face of the USA.

swastika tattoo - see photos and caption analysis here!/photo.php?pid=171465&id=114587961898309

Listing Mein Kampf and Turner Diaries written by a neo-nazi leader as her favorite books on facebook

White Power Tats

Proudly modeling swastika and ss apparel

So anyone supporting this racist skank is anti-American. FYI the nazi's lost the war.

1612 days ago

yadda yadda    

that's like saying Albert Einstein in a Nazi because he was bern in Germany *rolls eyes*

as a German American I find this 100% offensive!

1612 days ago


Breaking News! Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is set to repair her racist reputation by performing in a multi-cultural gang bang with black and hispanic men from the San Diego area. However, she has refused to work with Jews stating, "I draw the line at matzo balls."

1612 days ago


Rammstein IS NOT a white power band!! I agree with all comments before mine saying DO YOUR RESEARCH! She may be American wannabe white power trash, but Rammstein is NOT. Now, if you catch her stripping to Skrewdriver, then sure..that's white power music. You should talk to Max before you run anti-German dreck like this, he knows his music..leave the Germans out of this AMERICAN female's shameful behavior!! Believe me, the German people have already been punished enough for WWII, they are now the most boring and non opinionated people on the planet!! Blame McGee! She's the problem!!

1612 days ago


Rammstein is not Nazi music, in fact Fueur Frei was at the beginning of Triple X. You people at TMZ need to get a ****ing life!!!

1612 days ago


Rammstein are not nazis in any way and associating the german language with nazism is stupid.

Bück dich would have been a better choice for the song by the way.

1612 days ago


TMZ, don't go around insulting bands you know nothing about. Rammstein make excellent music and they are not Nazis. Just because someone is German does not make them automatically Nazi, just like when someone is American doesn't automatically mean they're members of the KKK.

1612 days ago

Jeep Fu    

Oh no! Michelle McGee might be a National Socialist or even a *gasp* Nazi!

As opposed to the thousands of self-avowed Socialists and Communists whom infest Hollywood that you ignore completely TMZ?

Give me a break...

1612 days ago


German music does NOT equal NAZI!!! this is borderline racist!
keep this up and I will stop going to this site!

1612 days ago


OMG! You guys at TMZ are completely insane. You refer to Rammstein as Nazi music? Talk about out of touch. You should be sued 5 ways to Sunday by Rammstein. Such tacky, uneducated BS. You are perpetrators of hate. Shame on you.

1612 days ago


My grandma could do a better job on the pole.

1612 days ago


And that is Nazi because ... ????

*rolls eyes

1612 days ago


I don't know much about Rammstein, nor do I care to know.
However this I do know. I know trash when I see it, and this one here is trash in every aspect of the definition.

Only white trash would defend this female, or maybe I'm wrong, and she is the epitome of the new standard for the white female American of today......Artofwar

1612 days ago
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