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Tiger Woods -- Back on Course

4/24/2010 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods played a round of golf yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club as he gets in shape to play the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, NC next week.

Much like he was at the Masters, Tiger is the betting favorite next week as well.

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Get in shape? dudes using a cart...all PGA Majors and Tournaments require walking. Wait---he be in shape from all that HO chasing he's done.

1643 days ago


Big deal....who really cares??

1643 days ago


The man is such a despicable hypocrite! It is evident that his act of contrition and repentance was all a big show to attract the sympathy of sponsors and fans! Tiger is a hideous human being and a shameless, pervert adulterer with a damaged reputation for the rest of his life.

1643 days ago


This is news? Pathetic

1643 days ago


At least he didn't bang Lindsey Lohan.

1643 days ago


I don't get it This man has tried to put one over on the American public for years with careful attention to his "image." In the process he's destroyed his family, lost the respect of countless people who previously liked him and probably lost his soul if he had one to begin with. He didn't make just a mistake. He made a lifetime of mistakes, but it was carefully kept from the public and we're sold a bag of goods. He hasn't fooled me. He's no good, and probably never was, but I guess he can play good golf. I wouldn't know, though, because II don't watch him. Phil Mickelson is a MAN and deserved to win the Masters, definitely not Woods.

1643 days ago


That all TIGER knows how to do is play golf....Where ELIN??? is she playing the games buy taking trips like he playing golf??

1643 days ago


TMZ must be really desperate to post this, what's the matter Harvey? You follow Lindsay around all day and she wouldn't ham it up with a pack of Depends when you followed her into CVS? So this is the best you got for us today? LAME!

1643 days ago


Based on the way Woods is attired, I'd say that the Isleworth Country Club can't be too up-scale. Probably semi-private - after all, he's still a member.

1643 days ago


I used to admire this guy so much. I always thought he was special and could do no wrong. Oh boy how fooled I was !!!!!!!
He's such an hypocrite now. He doesn't care about his family. They are in Sweden and all he's doing is hitting golf balls. His life must be sooooooooooo boring. I don't know how Elin could live him for such a long time. She's tied with him for the rest of her life.
I truly truly pity her. Imagine if he was the father of your kids ?
Every little bit of magic is gone forever no matter what he does . I was wondering what image his PR team and IMG are going to sell now that everybody knows the real Tiger is a despicable miserable cheater and liar. It would be interesting to see.
I feel ashamed to have supported such a jerk and like the vast majority I felt duped when this scandal broke. But never ever again I will be rooting for him anymore. He can rot in hell with his harem of sluts and bimbos. He deserves every trashy stupid girl coming his way.
Elin was too classy for him. So happy to hear she's getting rid of this world class loser !

1643 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Tiger, the reason all those folks at the Masters were nice and supportive to you is that they are all MEMBERS of the golf club. If they hadn't been nice to you, then you probably won't be back to play on their course, which would deprive them of your entertainment and also monies flowing into their community.

1643 days ago


Maybe Tiger will set a new record for F-Bombs and manage to contort his face in more torturous expressions as his errant drives go into the trees. I hear The Golf Channel is bringing even better state-of-the-art sound equipment to pick up his swearing.

1643 days ago


Poor Stephen, I really hope you don't find out that Phil M. falls short of your expectations. You raise strangers to lofty heights, you are bound to get burned. Some people never learn.
I wonder how paparazzi get to stalk him on a private golf course.
And, ZR -- get a life! You act like he was YOUR husband! Jeez, I wasn't even that psycho after my husband cheated on me. Men are men. Get over it.

1643 days ago


Hey Debbie I don't care what you think about me . But your comment makes me believe you are one of these stupid bimbos Cheetah slept with.
Go back cheering for your loser. He ain't great anymore. that's why you feel angry. Get a life. you need to join your loser in therapy.

1643 days ago


golf500.com ...He is not #1 at this time.

1643 days ago
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