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Lohan Family

War, What is it Good For?

4/26/2010 7:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things never change ... Michael and Dina Lohan are at war again ... and Michael is now blaming Dina for bleeding their Lindsay Lohan dry.

M.L. is responding to Dina's claim that he's trying to "save" Lindsay because he wants to leech off his daughter's bank account.  On this one, Dina is missing the boat ... because Lindsay is broke.  Dina isn't acknowledging it, but multiple sources involved in her finances say it's so.

Michael says it's ironic, because Dina is guilty of "bilking Lindsay with her 20% commissions..."

Michael tells TMZ, "If Dina wants to persist with the lies, denials and false accusations, I WILL release every one of the over 100 tapes I have of her stating the exact opposite of what she has been saying about Me and Lindsay."

Michael threatens to report Dina to Child Protective Services.  So Child Protective Services will eventually be investigating everyone with the last name of Lohan.


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let's all blame the parents....oh wait....instead of a job let's live off the kids.....oh and instead of parents....let's be best friends.....after all kids don't need rules....they can do whatever they want as long as they don't hate their parents

1609 days ago


i know this is off topic but i was searching for something on google and i noticed this message at the bottom .."In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page"<-WHAT IS THIS ? CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW ..DOES IT PERTAIN TO ME? THANX

1609 days ago


Dear Michael Lohan,

Go away and take your crazy family with you. I hear Siberia is nice.

1609 days ago


Michael Lohan paid a big price for his past life. He has "been there... and done that". Even though he made plenty of mistakes in raising or not his kids he has risen from the dead... and has a burden to help his children see the Light. There is nothing wrong with that? However, his kids just do not want to hear it and neither does his lovely ex-wife Dina. They all want to remember Michael from those old "snapshots" of his past. They can't be blamed for that. But, what they do not get is they are not immune to paying a price for the lifestyle they think they can get away with. No one is immune to paying the piper. Rich or poor, movie star or singer. When the big fall... they fall big. Everyone hears and see the crash. What many of the stars do not get to witness is the damage they cause in the people who look up to them, follow their every move and idolize them to no end. These people get led down a beaten and well worn out path that only leads to constant dead ends. We are witnessing Hollywood no longer having the ability to cover things up and make like nothing is wrong. The stars are dropping like flys. No one can get through to them. Who had the balls to help Michael Jackson?? Who was there to pull the needle out of his arm?? Look at the mess all around Smellywood. Now the movie industry just saved its' "Hollywood" sign. Yippie. Strike up the band. The sign is saved. They care more about a freaking sign then they do about saving themselves and those around them. Yes, my friends... the chicken has come home to roost. There is going to be a lot more damage yet to come as these so-called stars run down that path to nowhere... thinking things have changed for this generation of actors, singers and writers, producers, promoters. Nothing has changed, my friends. Just look around. Pick up a newspaper, tune into TMZ, look at the Lohans. Like what ya see????

1609 days ago


Isn't Lindsay a little old for CHILD protective services now?

1609 days ago


@Hussie - Nice ad hominem attack dismissing me as either one of Lindsay's minions or a 14 year old kid. Then you have the gall to offer no verifiable proof as to why i'm wrong, yet demand i provide verifiable proof that supports my opinion? Really, I mean really?! Are you serious?! *rolls eyes* GTFO

"My point is, why bash Michael when folks should be encouraging Lindsay to get the help she obviously needs?...Does it somehow get you off to support a used-up has-been like Lindsay?..."

If you had half a brain you would realize this isn't either or, black or white. One can hope and wish Lindsay gets any help she does need to overcome the difficulties in her life (which are greatly over exaggerated by the tabloids imo) and still recognize that Michael Lohan is a manipulative mentally abusive bully with ulterior motives. It's a simple matter to google Michael Lohan and see that he has a history as a felon, a drug abuser, a manipulator, has assaulted people, has had restraining orders against him, is someone who wanted to be an actor early on and has recently pitched reality TV deals for himself, including ones based of his own troubled relationships with his family. Now look at the current situation. This is a man who records hundreds of tapes while talking to his ex-wife and his daughter. Last year he leaked highly edited tapes of Lindsay to the tabloids to try to manipulate the situation and mentally coerce her to do what he wanted. Now he's threatening once again to do the same to Dina if she doesn't shut up and do as he says. If that isn't being a self serving mentally abusive manipulative ******* to your own family i don't know what is. And he's bluffing too. Yesterday was going to be D-day on him pulling the legal trigger on getting a conservator appointed for Lindsay remember? Well yesterday came and went and he didn't get what he wanted and what did he do? Had his attorney release a press statement that she better comply in the next couple of days "or else". He's bluffing and Lindsay called it. He and Bloom know damned well they've got bupkis if the go to court and try to get a conservator appointed. So instead of pulling the legal trigger yesterday he flew out of LAX in a huff threatening to get child protective services involved. Know what's going to come of that? Nothing. They'll look into his claim and see that 16 year old Ali hasn't been physically abused, isn't being mentally abused (aside from Michael), is healthy and as happy as she can be under such ridiculous cir***stances, is being home schooled, is far more gainfully employed then any average 16 year old girl, and if she wanted to go to court and get emancipated and legally declared an adult she probably could. CPS will then walk away from the situation as fast as they can because they'll want nothing to do with Michael Lohan's circus attempt to use them. For them to take any action in such a high profile situation there would have to be a blatantly obvious danger to Ali and the situation is anything but that. Michael's got bupkis all around He's full of idol threats he can't back up. And he's not doing his daughters any good by running his mouth to every tabloid he can with his side of the story either. It's munipalative, distasteful and just plain wrong on so many levels. For a father who supposedly wants to help his daughters he's doing a fine job of humiliating and alienating them not to mention f_cking them up in the head even more then he already has.

1609 days ago


Everyone involved in this situation is a douche bag. Michael lohan would have TMZ film him taking a dump if he thought it would get him the publicity he craves; he's disgusting. Lindsay is a full blown drug addict and alcoholic; she's aggressively arrogant & totally out of control and a danger to herself & everyone around her. She needs immediate involutary commitment, but that's not going to happen because nobody actually cares for her in this mess. The judge in her alcohol abuse case needs to resign from the bench immediately, because she obviously has no common sense (there's tons of photographic evidence of lindsay stumbling out of parties at 5am, drunk off her butt, falling down, puking, being carried by security, passed out in cars, etc; despite this, she refuses to enforce alcohol monitoring). Dumbasses, all around.

And then there's white oprah. The rest of them are simply arrogant, stupid or lacking common sense; white oprah is truly evil. Her daughter is dying in stages in front of the world, and all this bitch can do is enable her destructive behavior further by saying "lindsay is fine", despite massive photographic evidence to the contrary. All the while ripping her off for 20% of her income (standard management is 5-10%, for managers that actually get their clients work, which white oprah apparently is incapable of). It's obvious that she couldn't care less about her daughter; it's all about her. There's a special place in hell for this bitch, and I hope she gets there real soon...

1609 days ago



Is that you Dina?

1609 days ago


If he was really worried about his kids, he wouldn't be blasting this all over TMZ, E news and every other outlet he could possibly find

1609 days ago


Is it just me. Who gives a rats ass about the Lohans anymore? She's the youngest washed up actress. TMZ, move on to something more news worthy although I know you need filler crap. I guess the Lohans are good filler crap.

1609 days ago


If Lindsay's broke, wouldn't he, as a father, be better off getting a job to help them out besides spending all day press whoring? What does this guy do for a living?

1608 days ago


Get ML out of her life. She's lost everything she ever had and is just one step away from rock bottom and now ML is threatening to help her. What a loser! Support Dina! She'll never help!

1607 days ago


Geez! Maybe the parents should get a life...or jobs

1607 days ago
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