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Jenna Jameson -- My Arm Hurts

4/26/2010 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson just emerged from a CVS drugstore in Huntington Beach with a medical brace on her right arm.

Earlier today, Jenna's baby daddy Tito Ortiz was arrested for domestic violence.

Jenna told our photog that she will be pressing charges.


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what is that brace gonna do??? in the video of her driving to the police station, you dont see any sort of damager...

as a lawyer, when i see a medical brace purchased over the counter, i get a little suspicious...

1649 days ago


Jenna, don't give him a second chance. You deserve to be treated with love and respect.
Very good to see your dad at your site. He will make sure you are safe. Wishing you strength and after you sorted this out, hope you will move on.

1649 days ago


WOW...What is kiling me about all the comments mainly from man, is that she is a whore and a bad Mother. Its funny to because most of the men and I sure some women, on here are just hating on her and probably if not most likey have some of this old whore videos that they get off on. What a bunch of Loser you guys are who thinks it OK to turn your nose up at someone because you are self-rightoues and thinks it OK for a women to get beat!

1649 days ago


Wow, that ugly b**ch is only 36 and looks 55! That's what promiscuity does to a person. All the wh*res look so old by the time they're in their 30s.

1649 days ago


This dumb girl went to my high school at Bonanza in Las Vegas back in the day. She was an attention wh-- then and is an attention wh-- now!!

1649 days ago


Is it possible for this many people to live without having compassion? The comments about how she looks - Have any of you venom-spewers been up probably all night, crying, hurt that the father of your babies raised his hands to you?
I am guessing you would look tired and drawn too. If this were your sister/mother/aunt - would you feel the same, bastards?

1649 days ago


Her arm may hurt but her plastisized face looks like ****

1649 days ago


I hope he gets serious jail time. once a wife beater always a wife beater they never change.

1649 days ago


Maybe shes going bowling

1649 days ago


hurt arm looks like where a man restrained a woman who was hitting him, other than that she doesn't have a mark on her, she is a nutbar too, i'm betting pms time has more to do with this and she was swinging and he grabbed that arm to stop her

1649 days ago

ignorant non-apple user    

If you need medical attention, wouldn't you go to the hospital and not CVS? I know she is blonde but she should know better unless she is making this out to be more than it really is. Hospitals treat victims while pharmacies provide drugs to people, just saying.

1649 days ago


Sorry but Jenna is playing it out! Come on if suffering some kinda abuse like that, would you be out? and other hand I don't know what happen behind close door so I'm not going to judge them. I'm just glad that it wasn't another Chris brown Case! Then i will call him a monster! But Jenna looks fine to me!

1649 days ago

Leigh Ann    

This woman is so completely UNFIT to be a mother and so are the other women of her ilk. Porn people shouldn't have children. Period. Neither should violent domestic abusers. I pity the children. They will probably grow up to be awful adults and inflict themselves upon the rest of us. That's the typical pattern. It cannot be denied.

1649 days ago


Yep, great role models. The end result is that she will take him back and their sick relationship will continue. The kids will stay in the middle which kills me because we are trying to adopt and you would not believe what we are having to go through.

I wonder whose mom is more proud right now...jennawhore's or Tito's.

1649 days ago


I guarantee you her lawyer "prescribed" that brace.

1649 days ago
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