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Jenna Jameson

Alleges 'Tito

Threw Me in the Tub'

4/27/2010 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson claims Tito Ortiz got very violent -- throwing and injuring her -- and that he's falsely accusing her of OxyContin addiction because he's "very, very desperate."

TMZ just spoke with Jenna -- while she was driving to Las Vegas -- and her version of what led to Tito's domestic violence arrest is brutal.

Jenna claims that during an argument Monday morning she "said something very hurtful to his ego." She alleges that Tito then grabbed her and, "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder."

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews strongly denies that, saying ... "He did not put his hands on her, he did not hit her, he did not do anything to her."

Matthews claims Tito found pills in Jenna's pants pocket -- and that when Tito confronted her she had an "emotional meltdown."

Jenna says Tito's addiction allegation is, "completely false" and "the last nail in the coffin" for their relationship.

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It's funny how her arm was fine without any brace when she was putting a show with the waterworks in front of the tmz cameraman when she was in the car with her father... and then goes to CVS to by an arm brace to look like she was seriously real believable there... also the whole time she's talkin to the papparazzi it looks like she's high on OCs.

1648 days ago


She looked and sounded high in that clip ..I hate to say it but I believe him over her ...

1648 days ago


@Tess EXACTLY! Nobody saw what happened, only the two of them know the truth, but she's not helping herself.

1648 days ago

get real    

Jenna prpably Is on OXYS.. Not a pretty site..Jenna probably DID say a Nasty remark to put down his Manhood. The husband Probabloy got Mad and Did push her in the bathtub.... In any Case, He HAS NO RIGHT to touch her like that..... Push her or lay a Hand on her. He should have walked away..... That is domestic violence....

1648 days ago


If she hurt her shoulder, why does she have a brace around her elbow? Regardless, it is nothing a little Oxycontin couldn't fix!

1648 days ago


No wait thats what I do if my man beat me up. Leave my one year olds with my parent and go to Vegas...Being a recovered addict, I tend to think her behavior and the situation that went down and her comments are typical of someone who may have a problem. One minute you say one thing, the next minute something else, and you are always the victim it's always everyone else fault. Basically if she is using, he's better off removing himself from the situation, cause if she's in denial, its not gonna get any better. Jenna better start worrying about CPS. Her dad, being a former cop, may have even told her to remove herself from the home right now, cause if CPS came in while she was there with the kids, determined there is drug use going on, those kids could be removed.

1648 days ago


I'm sure TITO is her drug supplier since his kind are all drug lords. Poor Jenna.

1648 days ago


It's not gonna be hard to figure it out. WAS 911 called because of suicide attempts? Has she been in rehab in the past year? If yes to these two questions, then she better get well, or she is not going to have children to care for. What a mess. She got everything she thought she wanted.....addicted since her children were born? That's not a happy mommy.

1648 days ago


First she claims she has torn ligaments in her ARM. Now it's her shoulder. And she's off to Vegas-it must not hurt or require surgery as most torn ligaments do. She lived in Las Vegas years ago. It's the venue she had an addiction to drugs so bad she got down to 80 pounds and was extremely sick. Perhaps her old drug pushers are still there.... Her dad came and got her and moved her home. Wow, abuse in the morning and then Vegas at night. I have serious doubts here.

1648 days ago


Sorry I can't really comment on this now I am heading to Vegas to get in touch with a Strip Joint Owner I know to score some Oxy.

1648 days ago


so lets get this straight. I am not a fan of Tito by any means BUT, A disturbance happens, cops arrest the man for battery. Fine, then the woman claims that he never laid a hand on her. hmm ok how did he get arrested for battery? Then probably the most truthful thing comes out in an interview with the accused, that in fact the female pornstar is addicted to a drug and that she FELL. 30 minutes after said interview the Pornstar changes her story from him not laying a hand on her to now calling him a "wife beater" and claims he THREW her into the tub. I am sorry but you do not go to the hospital and get MRI results that quickly. If you have torn legements in your shoulder you do not have a bandage on your elbow, you do not go to vegas, you do not use your arm for anything and your arm is probably in a sling. Also if you are physically thrown into a bath Tub, you are extremely bruised from where you landed and she has shown ZERO bruises.

I say again, I am not a fan of Tito but I smell a filthy liar/drugged up porn star.

1648 days ago


She looks like a bad actress...shes lying. Im starting to not believe her story and think he probably did nothing wrong.

1648 days ago


Jena bruised Tito's ego when she conpared his "member" with Ron Jeremy's, telling him "Ron's built like a horse, you on the other hand are build like a small aardvark". Ouch!

1648 days ago


I saw women do some shoving with Jenna in a couple vidoes but she didn't seem to mind. How could anyone even stay with a woman like that for more than an hour?

1648 days ago


LOL- hope Tito's lawyer is smart enough to use this clip at trial- clearly, from her body language, she's lying her ass off...

1648 days ago
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