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Jenna Jameson: Tito Lashed Out at Me

4/26/2010 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson says this is the first time her baby daddy Tito Ortiz has laid a hand on her ... but she says it's going to be the last.

Outside of her home in Huntington Beach, we asked Jenna if she was going to file a restraining order against Tito ... her father said it was "already done."

Jenna also said she feels "betrayed" that Tito would "lash out at me"  -- but says her two kids are doing fine.


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In no way to I condone any kind of violence and I hate that this happened to her but what the hell is she doing? Meaning its like she is flashing herself and her kids in front of cameras getting all the attention she can from this. Its like she is loving all the attention. I just find it weird and odd she is wanting to talk to the camera men so much and flaunt herself and her kids

1639 days ago

Phil Ivey    

I can't believe a MMA fighter and Pornstart (who now looks like a lion) are have a rocky go of it

1639 days ago


You should have never married a worthless whore. Once a worthless whore, always a worthless whore. You picked the whore, now enjoy.

1639 days ago


The tmz camera guy is a complete professional. Big ups to tmz for that. God Bless Jenna and her babies.

1639 days ago


Wow! What's with all the hateful comments from men who probably watched everyone of her videos 100s of times? You love porn but you hate people who make it? Or do you just hate yourself for watching it?

1639 days ago


Wow she looks like a freak. For a nasty skank porn star she actually used to have a decent looking face. Now she just looks really, really odd. I'll never understand why some chicks want to completely destroy their face with plastic surgery to the point where they barely look human anymore...I just don't get it.

Jenna normal:

Jenna freak:

1639 days ago



1639 days ago


I have known Tito Ortiz for several years. Tito is one of the most respectful men I know. I think if Tito threw Jenna in a tub her back arm and shoulder would be so bruised she couldn't hold her son the way she is nor turn the steering wheel on her car the way she did when she drove away. I'm sure their are issues within their marriage, but for what it's worth I would bet anything that Tito has never and would never physically harm Jenna.Just because you're a fighter doesn't mean you're inclined to hit women. In fact quite the opposite.Most men who hit women are cowards and can't handle confrontation with another man.

1639 days ago


The ufc has nothing to with how a man acts, It not like Dana was there commanding Tito to put his hands on her! And the fact that He's a caged fighter should have nothing to do with it! Theirs plenty of MMA star who don't cause trouble.

1639 days ago

papa razi    

maybe she found porn on his computer and it all went down hill from there....

1639 days ago


I'm so sorry, Jenna. Your baby boy is adorable. What's wrong with some of these comments? I hope that you are okay, Jenna. And this may sound lame but, I hope your spirits are better today than they were yesterday. Happy your father is there to keep you company.

I'm thinking of you.

1639 days ago


jenna, you feel bad for your children? which is worse, seeing your mom and her boyfriend get into a physical fight OR walking into your friend's house as they are all sitting around the computer laughing and as you approach you realize they are watching your mother getting plowed by multiple guys on film???

1639 days ago


She's a ****ing WHORE. He's a pugilist. What the **** do you expect. She created her last name out of a love for a certain whisky. He looks like a retarded orangutan on steroids with a hot poker up his ass.

They're a match made in South Park heaven for **** sakes. If Tito Ortiz donkey punched a nun in the **** for giving him incorrect change I would not be surprised.

1638 days ago


Two kids and that career? Can you imagine what that is going to look like in a few years between her legs? I will say 10 pounds of hamburger hanging from a catchers mitt.

1627 days ago
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