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Jenna: I Wanna Work Things Out with Tito

4/26/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson says the incident this morning between her and Tito Ortiz "wasn't minor" ... but she still wants to work things out with him for the sake of their two kids.


Jenna -- who just told us she has torn ligaments in her arm -- said she's not allowed to see Tito for a month ...we're guessing because of a restraining order. 


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I can never understand what she's saying without her mouth full

1618 days ago


Jenna's worth $70 Million. Sex workers deserve more respect.

1618 days ago

Linda O    

She reminds me of Tila Tequila with so many changes in clothing and bringing her children out for the cameras. She is milking this for ALL she can. There are 2 sides to every story and I don't think that either one of these 2 are innocent. Media whore.

1618 days ago


i know this is off topic but i was searching for something on google and i noticed this message at the bottom .."In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page"<-WHAT IS THIS ? CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW ..DOES IT PERTAIN TO ME? THANX

1618 days ago


I am a woman who is NOT sticking up for Tito but normally if a woman is beaten, she is taken to the hospital. Jenna was not. She bought a bandage at CVS. Torn ligaments are extremely painful and require surgery, not a drugstore bandage. She has no visible signs of injury (that we can see) and she uses her arm just fine in this video. I have had torn ligaments in my arm (from bowling of all things) and I would NEVER have been able to open a door or move like that.

Tito is a professional fighter. If he "snapped", she would not be walking or talking. The guy has beaten men bigger and tougher than him so he either was being super careful to only beat her up a little bit or he pulled on her arm while arguing and that caused her arm to hurt.

And lastly, staying together for the kids is a ridiculous excuse that NO ONE uses anymore. Everyone knows that an abusive partner is NOT good for kids. Jenna isn't the smartest woman on earth but if she was truly afraid that Tito would again beat her, she wouldn't let those kids anywhere near him let alone want to "work things out" for them.

I think they had an argument that escalated and that Tito may have pulled her arm, pushed her, whatever. It is wrong and he should never have laid a hand on her. But she is talking way too much and in front of the cameras blabbing, on twitter, on facebook, everywhere and her stories do not match. Her father is the one who called 911 and got the RO. She probably never would have...

I am not quite sure who the victim is at this point.

1618 days ago


LadyN ~ I was a landlord for a long time and most of the time on domestic calls the woman was not taken to the hospital...most of the time the cops did little to my great frustration.

Jenna~ Too many women die that way. run.

1618 days ago


she is the right decision for the work .
Heel Tastic

1618 days ago


Just sounds 2 me that there were 2 more results on that page that aren't being displayed anymore. Sounds as if people had complained about something in relation to the search on those pages-maybe fraud, problems with return policy, etc.
I wouldn't worry about it, doesn't have anything to do with you! {o:)»

1618 days ago


I am convinced that the majority of people are just plain SUPID!!
Anyone with a brain could tell her arm is fine. Torn or even stretched ligamnets are very very painfl and she wold not be able to open or close the door.


1618 days ago


I say let Tito keep beating her up until she decides she wants to leave him.

What kind of nonsense is this where the public is appalled that a trained fighter really hurts his girlfriend & the public is disappointed & she files a restraining order .......... BUT ..... she states he's a good man & they should try to work this out for the kids.

It sucks but most of these abused women don't want to separate themselves permanently from their abusers. They just look for temporary breaks between the abuse when calling the police. Usually when the police ask the woman to press charges she won't do it.

System is setup so that you can't penalize the guy if she won't press charges .... until he kills her.

1618 days ago


Jenna presses charges..that is the only step..that will derail the relationship down the road no matter how hard they try to work it out... but again.. how the hell is that domestic violence if both are not married? The law needs to be more clear and specific despite the vagueness. It is called assault or not. Now since Tito had charges pressed on him. He will never marry her.

1618 days ago


Remember when she used the arm with the "torn" ligaments to open and shut the car door. Looked fine to me.

1618 days ago


I think this is Jenna speak saying, Nothing happened, but the publicity is great

1617 days ago


Going back to a beater? Hello, is anybody home?

1617 days ago


Jenna would be knocked out, passed out, bleeding badly and have bruising somewhere at least if Tito had done anything to her!!! She wasn't even tapping out!! She got caught using her pain meds that she has a problem with and Tito yelled at her and she said she felt betrayed!!! What a joke!! And Jenna's dad called 911 the next morning and told her to get a restraining on him, even more of a joke, she is off in Vegas relaxing by the pool right now. Tito is a great man and good father to his sons, Jacob from his ex-wife and twins with Jenna.

1617 days ago
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