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Jesse James' Barren Ring Finger

4/26/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James wasn't wearing his wedding ring this morning -- yet another sign his marriage to Sandra Bullock is shaky.


James and his ring-less finger were spotted as he was dropping his kids off at school in Long Beach.

James typically wore the ring ... as recently as a month ago.


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1620 days ago


His wedding ring never meant anything to him anyway, so what's the difference? The women he chased never seemed to notice his wedding ring or cared. The only important thing is, Sandra Bullock has removed her wedding ring and she is moving on.

No one cares about Jesse James. He's a dirtbag.

1620 days ago


That shirt says "Armed and Hammered" and is in red and white. The "support your local 81" is in support your local Hells Angels....stunning that you folks have not caught on to that. This is the second time I have seen my man Jesse wearing an "81" support shirt :)

1619 days ago


I agree with "justagirl". Two people come together because there is some attraction. It's not what you or I see. Also, there are infidelities all the time (not in the news because the people are not celebrities). We don't even "know" these people. How can we cast them as evil? We can definitely say we don't like what they do or like what they do, but we don't know them and we sure don't see them behind closed doors. We don't know what kind of person Jesse was/is to Sandra, etc. We do know he cheated on her, according to the media and their response. That is their business and their relationship to work out, just like anyone else. I would not jump into my neighbor's relationship or some stranger on the street and tell them what to do. But...that's just me.

1619 days ago


I have to agree with justagirl on an earlier post, probably because I'm a hopelessly hopeful person by nature - I still think there is hope for Sandra and Jesse. Honestly much of this has seemed like a big smear campaign, and the nazi photo reminds me of the 'friend' that took a photo of Michael Phelps smoking careful who you associate with as it seems they will often knife you in the back if you are rich and famous....there's been a lot of alleged garbage and a lot of questionable unnamed sources and yet it all gets printed and everyone believes every word. Really? We don't know the real truth about this and it's not like they're our family to be concerned about. I wish them well no matter what.

1619 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

What a piece of sh*t he is.

1619 days ago


Now that i think about it and actually look At HIM! He does look like a RACIST!

1619 days ago


And this surprizes anyone???

1619 days ago


the shirt does not say local 41,it says 81 not a a play on any carpenters union but H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and A is number 1 and the colors are always called the red and white.

1619 days ago


He didnt wear a wedding band when having sex with strange tattoed ho ho's why should he be wearing one now?

1619 days ago


I know to you guys this will sound well dumb...I believe he loved her a lot..even with what he was doing...crazy I know..but I wish he has changed...they can start over.....
ok I know you are gonna chew me up and spit me out ,,,But Sandra had with him the family she always wanted....isn't that worth fighting for....Gigi

1619 days ago


This guy appears to show anti-social behavior. Whatever looks right to the public, (yeah! go to rehab), stay a month! All better. Dust off.

Come out. Move on.. Next and next and next and next.... Sandra - he's already moved on and ready for the next chicky.

Remember - girls - when it's all about him, it really is all about him. (or her for the men who experience this unbelievable crap)

1619 days ago


Does anyone really give a rats ass that this lying,cheating A-Hole is not wearing his ring. This fool never honored the marriage in the first place. "F-U" Jesse James, and to all your Skank girlfriends.

1619 days ago


Leave him alone you dont know him.Hes attractive man and very nice too.Hes shirt looks okay

1619 days ago


He dresses like a 12-year-old.

1619 days ago
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