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Jesse James' Barren Ring Finger

4/26/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James wasn't wearing his wedding ring this morning -- yet another sign his marriage to Sandra Bullock is shaky.


James and his ring-less finger were spotted as he was dropping his kids off at school in Long Beach.

James typically wore the ring ... as recently as a month ago.


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To have a womnen with class and morals and to ruin your marriage to dip your stick into whores makes no sence.
Rehab is much longer then he was there. Your a poor excuse for a humane being.
You do not deserve a good women , you deserve tattoed losers and low class strppers.

1642 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Jesse James is a real poser. In spite of his claims to the contrary, he is not related to the outlaw Jess James and he is not a member of the Hells Angels. He's a goon and a Nazi who's only talent is making weird faces by pursing his lips or putting his tongue between his teeth and lower lip to give the false impression the space is occupied by chewing tobacco. But the really interesting thing about all this is we've learned what a nasty piece of gutter trash Sandra Bullock. Look's like she's been posing all these years too. Obviously she's attracted to "bad boys" and she likes the idea of being married to the "Vanilla Gorilla". Gone is her carefully crafted goody-two-shoes public image. This guy is filthy and foul and I shudder to think what a putrid cesspool her vagina must be at this point. Polite and educated men will steer clear of her permanently fouled snatch.

She fooled us. She tried to tell us she was "America's sweetheart" but the fact that she shares her bed with this goosestepping, swastika wearing sub moron tells me all I need to know about her.

She is trash.

1642 days ago


I agree with justagirl also.

1642 days ago

who farted    

i've been married forever and don't wear my wedding ring everyday. not a big deal!!!! i hope sandra divorces him anyway.

1642 days ago

gin rummy2    

Let's put the skankettes on hold for a moment.
Let's re-visit...
*the allegations of forcing sex on some women,
*not acknowledging his child for years (Sunny) and deserting her mother during her pregnancy,
*subsequently trying to take the child from its mother,
(probably lying to Sandra about the neglect situation),
* exposing Sandra, his dearly beloved wife LOL, to STD'S (the
same lady who helps to care for the child he is trying to
protect from her birth mother,

* supposedly being unfaithful to Sandra (his dearly beloved), two
weeks after the marriage,
* reporting the mother of his child to IRS and requesting stiff
sentencing (Nick Cage; Wesley Snipes and people in the
President's administration are not in jail),???
What does this indicate? He does not respect women. He is for Self. Also, without the benefit of a formal diagnosis, this man exhibits the classic symptons of a mental illness.
The first person to suggest to Sandra to run, not walk, should be given some consideration. RUN SANDRA RUN!!! LOVE DIES!!!

1642 days ago


GREAT!! I hope Sandy moves one FOR GOOD!!

1642 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Don't worry. He still has a Nazi skank to keep him company.

1642 days ago


I don't care what anyone says about him or what he's done. This man is still hot as hell. (note to all you self righteous SOBS' we all have made mistakes, hurt people, done things we can not take back.) "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

that means none of us have the right to judge this man or anyone else.

1642 days ago


He is a walkin talkin turdpile. He is a dumb ignorant goober who should be shoveling **** for a living.

His fugly smug face just begs for a fist.

1642 days ago


come on jesse and tiger you to where living every guys dream. they had two of the hot!!!!, for what a walking billbroad,a what to be as hot as eil

1642 days ago



1642 days ago


I never understood what she saw in this bum... Total mismatch... She is way to classy for him or at least on the surface. Maybe they shared something, but it sure seems that it was more on her part then his cheating a$$. Looking at the women he is attracted too and had affairs with seems more suited to his type.

1641 days ago



1641 days ago


**** Sandra needs to dump this ugly nasty looser. She deserves so much better and someone who looks better as well. Jesse is bottom of the barrel garbage. She should be married to a star quality person who will treat her right and compliment her looks. This piece of **** deserves his nasty skank whores! Ditch him Sandra!

1641 days ago


I think it's time to leave the guy alone. The negative publicity from this whole scandal will likely be hanging over him for a very long time, and it has tarnished a marriage that by all appearances looked genuinely happy. He made mistakes, which is only human, though his are very public and possibly excessive. It does not make him an evil man, but possibly a very troubled human being. He is not a murderer yet he is treated as if he is. This is a sad story, and no one is coming out of this happy. His wife is devastated, and rightly so. Everyone's feelings are hurt in this. The situation is only more hurtful with the media following every step they make and they are not given the proper time to heal or work things out because it's like high school. Everyone has their two cents though they have no business throwing it in. Leave Jesse James alone, the man is already paying for his actions. His wife Sandra can only be hurt more by all the press she does not want in her private life.

1641 days ago
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