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Jon and Kate Gosselin -- Back to School

4/27/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin better stock up on their #2 pencils -- TMZ has learned the reality parents have each been required to go to a court-mandated parenting class.

The judge in their bitter custody dispute has ordered both Jon and Kate to complete a 3-hour parenting class titled "Children in the Middle" -- a requirement for all parents involved in a custody war in Berks County, PA.

We're told Jon and Kate will NOT be required to take the class together -- in fact, parents are often encouraged to take separate classes ... for obvious reasons.  They have until June 8 to complete the class.

As for the course material -- the parents will learn about the dangers of exposing their children to loyalty conflicts ... like when one parent talks smack about the other parent's financial situation. 

Hopefully, Ed Hardy makes backpacks.


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How does anyone expect a court ordered three hour class to help this trainwreck of a family? Kate needs 30 YEARS PROBATION to prepare herself to TRY and learn to be a good parent. Jon seems beyond hope. What a WASTE of the states time and space. Good luck to those poor sweet, children who had no choice who their parents would be.

1609 days ago


Kate is the one that needs to learn something, although most narcissists do not think they have a problem. At least Jon will listen perhaps.

1609 days ago


OctoMom is a better Mother. At least she doesn't pimp out her kids.

1609 days ago

Khate sucks    

Khate is annoying as hell! At least Jon loves his children and is KIND to them! I'm glad they have to go to this class! IDIOTS! Poor children!

1609 days ago


I live in Pennsylvania and this class is REQUIRED for BOTH parents throughout the state when there is a divorce in the works, there is no getting out of it. Speculation otherwise is ridiculous.

1608 days ago

Secret Agent Man    

Well, they are both overdue for a lesson in life about raising children. I don't think they are good parents, period. I hope the classes teach them how to be good parents and not bad ones. I mean, so far they have taken advantage of their kids, and well, they will need some classes to learn how to be parents and not to just to use their children for entertainment reasons.

1608 days ago


He is such a D-BAG!!!!!

1608 days ago


i know a family who has 21 kids wow not kid in trouble all honor students and three older ones are becommong a docoter and one is and r.n. the youngest is 6 because the mother and father both work and dont disrepect each other.

1585 days ago


I can't stand both of them. She's a sl*t and he's a child. So my three words:


1578 days ago


i think all divorce in all states with kids should take a parenting class

1568 days ago


Please, NO MORE ABOUT KATE G.! I'm so sick of her. Don't watch her show on TLC and then she will go away. We have to show TLC how much we can't stand her. For some reason they won't drop her like the other shows. Hmmmm, I wonder why? They have got to be sick of her like everybody was on Dancing With The Stars. They even had to pay Tony extra money to stay on the show when he quit. Remember that? So DON'T watch the her show on TLC. Don't watch don't watch, don't watch!

1567 days ago


jon and kate both need to step back and look what will happen to the kids in a few yrs.her kids are really sweet, you can tell she is always on stage, she keeps kids all dressed alike , and mattie is really going to have problems . so sorry but kate is a gold diggen bitch.

1556 days ago


She needs to find a man, he needs to find a girl, and both have 8 more kids to exploit...can we just get over this topic already...

1555 days ago


@Belle #52.... It is NOT a requirement to actually take the classes in PA. I have worked in the courts for 15 years (Berks and neighboring Lehigh Counties in PA). It is always court ordered but rarely checked on to see if it was completed. I myself was court ordered to take the classes with my ex husband back in 1993. Neither of us ever went as we have always agreed on parenting and custody issues. No one ever inquired further about the classes. It's something the courts do to make cover their ass and make them feel like they are protecting the kids. Quite simply, it's a joke.

Maybe Jon and Kate should consider therapy instead of some lame class. I'm sure the kids would benefit from that more...

1554 days ago


this is all too bad that this family has ended up broken ..Kate was not always the nicest person to Jon but she was not the one who cheated ...there is no one out there that is perfect and always makes the right decisions, we learn from our quit degrading people for the lives they lead no one really knows what goes on when the cameras are off..

1532 days ago
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