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Former Lindsay Friend

'She's a Lost Cause'

4/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421-lindsay-lohan-ex-tmzOne of Lindsay Lohan's former close friends tells TMZ virtually all of her friends have just thrown in the towel.

The ex-pal, who requested anonymity but we know was very close to Lindsay, says, "talking to Lindsay is like talking to a wall -- and if you ever say anything negative to her, she cuts you off."  The friend described her as "a lost cause."

As for getting Lindsay help, the friend says several of Lindsay's buddies have tried reaching out to her mother, Dina -- but mama is in denial.


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OK already...we know. You need a friend to confirm this? Her actions are beyond obvious she's a junkie and it's beyond obvious her mom's head is now implanted in her colon. It's too bad that her only chance of of help is her psycho dad. It says a lot about Hollywood when every single person turns their back on her a her lowest moment. If she makes a comeback, they'll all be up her butt...and then the cycle starts again
SOMEONE reach out to this poor soul and help her before she ends up dead.

1604 days ago


she's a racist? really? well idk but yeah,, tmz luvz talking about her dying dont they?? theyll just piss themselves (with joy) when its offical.

1604 days ago


I'm personally boycotting MACHETE because of her being in it

1604 days ago


Another coward raises his/her ugly head, so concerned about Lindsay they speak to a website? This person doesn't care about Lindsay at all, just jumping on the "lets trash Lindsay" bandwagon. Disgusting and TMZ should be ashamed of printing such garbage without any verification at all! Enough already!

1604 days ago


Hey Sally(post#11),
You need to grow up seriously. Michael Jackson DID NOT OD, he was murdered. It'll come out for Lindsay, it's sad all around but I wouldn't count her out. She needs to pull herself together...and she needs help now.

1604 days ago


she is on the path to destruction. Guilt is what is killing her. When life was good, and TMZ too, teen celebs used to go into bars and drink, get wasted etc., Everyone knew what was going on, but teen celeb parents, club owners etc turned and looked the other way.

Then one night Looney Lohan got too wasted and had a small accident, then another and another. Everything pointed back to her wild nights at clubs.

Suddenly, the clubs were in the spotlight and started denying teen celebs entry into their overpriced overrated clubs.

Now looney lohan and TMZ are just a memory.

When she goes, and it will be soon, she will go out with a small blurb on the TV news, as her contribution to hollywood was insignificant.

1604 days ago


Because MAMA DINA is part of the problem.

1604 days ago


figures, she isnt hireable anylonger thru the studios, they dont trust her, wont be too long till she is broke and homeless,and? she isnt htat good of actress anyway,. sad how fame can bring some people down to gutter level,she better try to find a job at wal-mart as a greeter or a stock clerk,

1604 days ago


LOL you know who this source is don't you...its one of the Ronsons !!! What they did to Lindsay in April last year was beyond grotesque, and it was all done whilst Samantha was hiding, the coward couldn't face up to her responsabilities, so she let her nasty little family do it for her. That is exactly what they are doing now.

I'll bet if TMZ said we will not print any stories from any sources unless the name of the source can also be shown. There would be no more stories on Lindsay. Don't forget people its not Lindsay asking TMZ or any other site to publish stories about her, its the sites themselves dredging up BS from cowards who don't have the backbone to give their name. No backbone? does that remind you of anyone

Get off Lindsay's back, she has plenty of loyal friends who support her. She is well rid of those who pretend to be friends.

1604 days ago


You take a young person. Give them global wide fame. Squeezing every dime you can from them, before they are even 18. Then the downfall eventually comes. It happens to a ton of young stars. I feel kind of bad for them. Other then the millions of dollars. I'm more curious to see what one falls next.

1604 days ago


What is wrong with you people?? Isn't all this just cruel at this point?? There is such a callousness to this story and TMZ reporting of LL at this point. Reading these comments is just shocking that people have so little regard for another human. I say karma will come back and if she deserves help or even needs it, it will come. But the TMZ crap needs to stop, she is only 23 and nobody is a lost cause. People need to back off... let her succeed or fail on her own accord.

1604 days ago


Come on, stop with the bulls*it TMZ, either name the sources or STFU.

1604 days ago


As the mother to 20 something kids I have to say Dian Lohan you are one poor excuse for a mother. You are nothing more than a drug crazed leech. I think Michael Lohan need some work but would be far better suited to raise 16yr old Ali and her younger brother. Why would someone let a 16yr old live with such a pathetic train wreck. Lindsay is 22yr old and looks older than I do at 41. I wish Michael Lohan all the luck to save his children.

1604 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Tell us something we don't know. The ugly skank is history.

1604 days ago


I feel sorry for her and her mother truly seems equally as lost. Lindsay is not going to get help until she sees it in herself. I have a daughter around her age that is not as messed up but trying to talk to her is like trying to talk to a brick wall.

Why does Hollywood keep giving actresses like this a shot when they can't perform and there are so many talented actresses looking for work. What does that say about the people at the top in the industry?

1604 days ago
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