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Former Lindsay Friend

'She's a Lost Cause'

4/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421-lindsay-lohan-ex-tmzOne of Lindsay Lohan's former close friends tells TMZ virtually all of her friends have just thrown in the towel.

The ex-pal, who requested anonymity but we know was very close to Lindsay, says, "talking to Lindsay is like talking to a wall -- and if you ever say anything negative to her, she cuts you off."  The friend described her as "a lost cause."

As for getting Lindsay help, the friend says several of Lindsay's buddies have tried reaching out to her mother, Dina -- but mama is in denial.


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big joe    

i met her father 2 years ago he is the only person that can save her let him do his thing back off on him.

1578 days ago


how can anyone be so idiotic to see that their constant partying is costing them their career. By continuing to go out ever night, she just proves you can't NJ hollywood.

1578 days ago


Am I the only one that sees the striking resemblence between LaLoca and Brett Michaels????

1578 days ago


Her mother let her live at the Chateau Marmont when she was only 17. The Lohans are all crazy with criminal minds.

So don't go blaming Lindsay's former friends for her sad state.Lindsay did it to herself and her manager/mother enabled her.

1578 days ago


can you find out how big the insurance policy is that Dina has on Lindsay?

1578 days ago


She is not dead yet so she is not a lost cause.Dina Lohan needs to stop being an enabler and allow papa Lohan to help his daughter.The two parents should join forces and force Lindsay to check herself back into rehab.

1578 days ago


I used to really like mean gurls and freak friday. Its a shame that she has ruined her life...but she is a grown person and has right to do whatever she far as it's not hurting anyone else. I feel bad for her in a way...I mean she could have had it all but she made ths choice to throw it all away..for whatever alot of other famous people. Its a shame to see such a young person with so much ahead of them to just throw it all away. She should wake up and take a look around her...there are alot of people who back in the day would have traded places with her in a second. It will be a shame to turn on the t.v. and hear that she has OD....but you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. Maybe she will wake up befroe its TOO late....

1577 days ago


This young woman, has a disease called alcoholism. There is treatment for it. She cannot stop getting loaded. Once she ingests a mood altering substance, she cannot stop until she is passed out, or comatose. Everyone standing in judgement, take a step back, and ask what would you do if this were your loved one. Here is another thought, instead of worrying about what she say to those who profess to love her, why aren't the parents, literally, putting her in a lock-down facility to dry her out, then into a year long inpatient treatment center? Quit worrying about what others will think, protect this young girl, (daughter) with every fiber of your being!

1577 days ago


she is a beauitful girl...she just needs someone to trust she is calling for understanding,love and trust,everyone is trashing her and it is hurting her...

my prayer's are with her...and with a dad like her's no wonder she is feeling so low and doing what she is doing and all the press does not help,she needs to feel people love her,and dad leave her and pray for your daughter..



1577 days ago


I find many of the comments on this board very disheartening. I can understand why people wouldn't exactly love her giving how she has wasted her opportunities and made bad judgements, but to actually enjoy watching a young woman kill herself is just sick. She is a 23 year old girl, who is obviously in deep pain. It is easy for us to judge her, but we haven't lived her life. Look at the trainwreck her parents are. I can't imagine her childhood has been a breeze. While it may be Lindsay who is hurting herself, she is clearly very sick. I pray that she is able to get the help she needs before it is too late. As decent human beings, I would hope that those who seem to be relishing this downfall think twice, and realize that this young woman is in need of compassion.

1577 days ago


My brother died last week after a long battle with drugs. Michael is doing the only thing he can do and I think it's great. The squeaky wheel will be noticed. Dina is a ditz and she needs to get over back child support. DINA YOU MADE ENOUGH $$$$ BECAUSE OF LINDSAY! Dina do you have a life insurance policy on Lindsay? Michael Lohan you may have issues but you rock in my book keep that wheel squeaking, scream at the world what your daughter is doing.

1577 days ago


wondering always wondering.

1577 days ago


Michael Lohan's "pleas" are fake. All he wants is attention and money. Britney's family didn't waste time blabbing to the tabloids; they went to court and did what needed to be done to help Britney. After her father became conservator, he said very little to the press because Britney's well being is more important than a payday. Don't think either Lohan parent can say the same.

1575 days ago


When people talk about Michael Lohan what you always hear is how he has fully demonstrated that he is an all-around total *******. While this appears to be very true in every other aspsect of his life when it comes to getting Lindsay help, he IS the only one actually suggesting things that make sense. At least Michael has been saying that Lindsay has problems and needs help with her addiction. Dina, on the other hand, parties with Lindsay and just last week, was swearing she was positive Lindsay was sober. That's called being an enabler, or just being blind and stupid. Michael Lohan may never be anything more than a complete jerk but in this instance he was right. The only thing I don't agree with is that he also seems to think Lindsay shouldn't go to jail. For that neither Michael nor Dina seem to get that Lindsay owes a penalty for what she did 3 years ago, for the things she has done since then to compound the severity of what she did 3 years ago, and for all the things the judge has ordered her to do since then that she has, in one way or another, blown off. Needing help, even getting it, does not absolve anyone from having to pay the price of their actions.

1495 days ago


She needs to move in with Britney Spears...and take Charlie Sheen along too!

1294 days ago
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