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Lindsay's Dad

Moves on Conservatorship

4/26/2010 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he's on his way to his lawyer's office to start the Lindsay Lohan conservatorship ball rolling.

As we reported this weekend, Michael was giving Lindsay an ultimatum -- either meet with him today or he's going to court.  Our Lindsay sources say she wasn't keen on a tête-à-tête -- actually, she said no way would she sit down with daddy.

But here's what's ironic. Michael says Lindsay did text him that she wanted him to help smooth things over with the bouncers from Trousdale, the club she was reportedly banned from after allegedly throwing a glass at Sam Ronson.

What a mess.


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This is completely ridiculous. Don't the courts have more important things to do. I wonder how much all of the california tax payers are paying for this mess of a family.

1639 days ago


Her mother is such a fool to think everything is fine. You don't think her daughters have the ability to say something is wrong? Everything always is fine with rebellious children. It is fine until something makes it unfine and then again .. it still is fine. It is the old onion skin theory. Once you start pulling back the onion you start to find many things wrong. Who wants to face reality when your reality stinks? Therefore, I am fine. Hello. How are you? I am fine? And you, oh... I am fine. Therefore, everything and everyone is just fine. RUBBISH. Everything is not FINE, Dina. Nothing is fine. WAKE UP!!

1639 days ago


Hey JLS-post#31,

There is no way Lindsay texted her father looking for help to get back into the club. Lindsay's father is a habitual liar, been in jail multiple times and was arrested for Stock Fraud when he was a Stockbroker. Yeah he really sounds like someone you can believe. If she did send him a text I am sure TMZ can get him to show them.

1639 days ago


Hey TMZ,

Do some real investigation. If Lindsay did text her father looking for help getting back into the club, have him show you the text. I am sure her father would love to be on with Harvey. I don't believe for a minute she texted her father.

1639 days ago


Lindsay is an adult..over 21...why does her father have any say in her life? AND..where is Michael Lohan getting money to pay his legal fees since he is unemployed...I assume Lindsay is his cash cow. She should pack up and move far away from the slime ball if she had half a brain.

1639 days ago


As a parent he should only want what's best. I do not think he is it for her. He's a convicted criminal and I can't see the courts appointing him as her conservator. Does he actually believe she's going to cooperate with him ? I don't see that happening. I would not be surprised at all if Lindsay did not flee and move to England or France to get away from this craziness.
The court should maintain a drug test on Lindsay, before any other action is taken. Maintain it weekly and randomly and see for sure that she is clean before they pursue anything else.

1639 days ago


What is wrong with some of you people. All this douche bag wants is access to his daughters money. He has shown in the past that all he cares about is himself and his celebrity. I would to see him crawl back under his rock.

1639 days ago


There's absolutely zero legal grounds to grant a conservatorship in Lindsays case. Absolutely none at all. Gloria Allred's spawn is going to get laughed out of court with this one. I wonder who they'll ask to be appointed conservator? It obviously won't be her convicted felon drug addict media whore of a father.

1639 days ago


Michael Lohan is a disgusting piece of **** that will do anything and everything to get his ugly mug in the media. She's an adult now and if she wants to over-party, that's her business, not his. She ought to counter by trying to get him declared senile and suffering from dementia and needing a conservator, see how he likes it. His life is at least as screwed up as hers.

1638 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Always looks for someone to bail her skank ass out of a mess.

1638 days ago


Heres what I see-Lindsay is out of control-She is going to kill herself if someone does not take control of her life-She needs a good year in rehab and to get her life in order-He mother is never around except seen partying with her-Her father seems to have changed his life around and is the only one caring about what happens to this girl-perhaps he needs to be a co-conservator with a court appointed one.Someone needs to do something quickly. This girl can't make probation visits--finish outside rehab visits-keep a job etc.

1638 days ago


She needs a Conservatorship but a judge would have to be not in his right state of mind to appoint her father. Besides the fact that he's a huge media whore who has zero respect for his kids privacy, he's a criminal with restraining orders against him.

A messed up person being given legal control over another messed up person's life would be ironic and amusing though.

1633 days ago
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