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Michael Lohan's Lawyer

We Mean Business

4/26/2010 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer has just sent TMZ a statement, saying unless Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer sit down and talk to her dad about the obvious problems, they will go to court to force the issue.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says it's clear Lindsay has a problem ... with photos surfacing nightly of Lindsay clubbing and appearing "under the influence of alcohol or substances."

Bloom says Michael will take "any and all appropriate legal action to save and protect his daughter."

As for what legal options ... Bloom says she's not foreclosing anything.

Bloom adds ... if Lindsay doesn't meet with Michael in the next few days, "Michael is prepared to pursue other legal action towards his one and only goal: to save and protect his daughter."


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It is not illegal to party in the US.
Unless she is caught doing something illegal, she is an adult and he can go suck eggs. If she does do something illegal it is between her and the US justice system, not her and her exfather.
Where was all his concern when she was younger?

1620 days ago


Don't think for a minute all the Lohans are not reading these posts. An adult acts like an adult. PERIOD. One can be over 21 but that does not make one's actions adult-like. Do you think Michael Lohan would be wasting his time and money if he thought his daughter was acting like an adult??? Would you? It is a lot more serious than sitting there typing on your keyboards passing judgement on what a parent has to do to save his child's life. SHE IS NOT AN ADULT. Age does not make one an adult. Actions speak much louder than words. IF a bridge was out ahead in a storm and someone was waving a red flag warning you, wouldn't you make the adult decision to stop??? OR .. would you drive forward not even paying attention to the warning?? And .. say the warning was coming from a parent? I guess some of you will just never get it. You are stuck in the smoke... pointing at the wrongs of the messenger. Typical jackass thinking here. Talk about being adults. Are any of your over 10 years old?

1620 days ago


keep pressing on michael

1620 days ago


You have no boundries do you? She's over 21 with no kids. It's none of your business! If you were hoping to get in on the same gig as Jamie Spears, you are soooooo not. There were children involved there and not here. She wants NOTHING to do with you and you refuse to accept that. Why are you inserting yourself where you have no business being. Of course she drinks, she's your daughter! She has to escape from you somehow. I think you and that loser Ronson are conspiring against Lindsay both for your own selfish reasons. Her for publicity and you for fame and potential money. Just because Jamie got $16,000 a month, don't think you'll get the same. There is a huge difference between you. His motives were unselfish, yours aren't

1620 days ago


No wonder Linds et all are in such bad shape. Can you imagine being raised by people like Dina and Michael? Both of them should never have bred in the first place.

If either of them cared for their kids, they would go ahead with the conservatorship with someone ELSE in charge, not them. They would stay as far away from their kids and the MEDIA as possible if they gave a **** at all.

1620 days ago


I have no problem admitting that the kids' parenting over the years has probably been horrible, but now we can truly see WHICH parent is responsible for most of the negative publicity. Dina

Keep pressing on Michael

1620 days ago


Unless she breaks a law, he cannot have her put into conservatorship. Britney is there because she is mentally ill. Lindsay is not. Wouldn't that mean that anyone who went to bars a lot could be put into conservatorshhip?

1620 days ago

truth and mercy    

I hope and pray that lindsay gets better real soon. If anyone is interested in addiction/recovery help I suggest, adult children of alcoholics ( since Lindsays parents are alcoholics) and a fun and unorthodox take on addictions is a book/movie called " What the BLEEP do we know". Peace

1620 days ago


i'm pretty sure any judge could see that all he wants is lindsay's money.. he saw what britney spear's daddy did and he wants to do the same thing. Anyone who thinks he actually has his daughter's best interest in mind is blind.

1620 days ago


If it's genuine it's admirable but she's an adult and it has to come from her or it won't make any difference.
I tend to think it's all about the money- Lindsay's the moneymaking machine and has gone off track- her lifestyle's affecting her income.
She just got dumped from a movie.
Plus it's sexist. You don't see all the drunk trainwreck guy's parents interfering and trying to take control. She's an adult and can choose to be an addict.

1620 days ago


He makes me sick. I really feel sorry for Lindsay. How humiliating to have that jerk for a parent. He can't stand not being in the limelight. Since he has no talents or skills he is using her for his own ends.

Wish he would get put back in jail.

1620 days ago


I don't know what to believe. On one hand you have a bunch of famewhores who are trying to ride Lindsay's coat tails (or what is left of them). On the other hand I just can't see how any mother or father would not want their daughter to get help where it is CLEARLY needed. I hope Mr. Lohan is doing this FOR his daughter and not simply to get what his daughter has left.

Also, somehow I see this same scenario playing out with 8 kids somewhere down the road. You know where the kids are alcoholics because they had such a parental guidance as children. You guys all know who I'm talking about.

1620 days ago


I think Mr. Lohan is a loser who contributes to his daughter's drug abuse simply because, if he was my dad, I would want to be high everyday! And Lisa Bloom-Is that supposed to look credible to hire her as an attorney? Might as well hire her mother!

1620 days ago


Please TMZ,

Stop posting the ignorant, annoying posts of KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN. For the most part, I enjoy reading the comments here but this person is delusional in thinking they are some sort of posting star. They are just annoying and pathetic. At least Balls refrains from more than one word.

1620 days ago


I'm starting to think all this time we were calling Michael Lohan out for being wrong, he was actually right. It's an ironic turn of events that's playing out right now. But come on. If you're gonna go through with a 5150 then stop talking about it and DO IT!!! Enough with trying to reason with Lindsay Lohan. It's obviously not working and he's only wasting time at this point. Look at her. She needs serious help. Stop thinking she will wake up and decide,"yeah I'm screwed up". It won't happen. STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND SWING ALREADY!!!

1620 days ago
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