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UFC Can Cut Tito Ortiz Over Arrest

4/26/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0426_whiteUFC honcho Dana White tells TMZ Tito Ortiz could be booted from the organization if the domestic violence charges against him prove legit.

White says, "We're gonna be fair, but we could cut him."

White wants to wait until the police reports are in, but the UFC can take action even before the legal process runs its course.  "Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you," White says.

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Okay first off let me say I don't support the abuse of women in anyway. Now that that's out of the way....What the hell is wrong with you do-good bleeding heart hypocritical douche bags? The man has not been proven guilty and you people (lynch mob society that you are), are ready to hang him.You people, Dana White with his wormy PC comments included, disgust me.I have personally been accused of the same thing and I was 100% innocent! This was some years ago, but never the less...I went to work, came home and was met by a police officer saying I had hit my girlfriend...He then proceeded to call me a s***bag etc etc., while taking me into booking.I fought the case for a while but after 5,000$+ in lawyer fees my limited funds were tapped and I was forced to give up the fight and (falsely) plead guilty.I did 60 days served, was put on probation for 1 year and had to attend 26 weeks of anger management classes. I have never laid a hand on a woman in my life!..,but my girlfriend at the time played the system like a harp and the very day I was arrested she moved all my things out and left with her new boyfriend she had been seeing on the side for several months.My point is this, wait till the man is proven guilty and don't be such spoon-fed brainless media drones.Dana should be ashamed, what a 2 faced weasel-**** business man response about his supposed long time friend. Way to have your buddies back before he's even been proven guilty.The women doesn't even have a mark on her and was parading her twin sons around for a photo-op for Christ's sakes.I will go against the grain 'till he is proven guilty, then after he is given a fair trial and found guilty!.. Then, by all means, punish him to the full extent of the law,..but until then....FREE TITO!

1555 days ago


UFC is going down in ratings?? WWE style matches??? hahaha WTF! I can tell most of you guys don"t know nothing about the sport of MMA. Look into it first than talk ur dumb ass ****!

1555 days ago


Dana White and Tito have a very well do***ented long term almost bitter hatred toward one another.
Dana is not someone I would ever want to be around.

1555 days ago


You go Dana! You don't gotta be takin no disrespect from Tito. Straight up fronten he be with that woman of his.

Tito just got KTFO!

1555 days ago


Good get rid of em!!!

1555 days ago

Mikey D    

wow... comments are crazy.... wow. does anyone read these(?) - i dont recommend it. for long periods at least (you poor people)

1555 days ago


It should be investigation by the intelligent bureau for verified the blaim by person

1555 days ago


Dana White's a ***git.. fer ****s sake if Dana,s wife set about him you telling me he wouldnt slap her... why do the Police always take the womans side of things.. that Jenna " the Whore " Jamieson Has seen more ****ends than Weekends and she has been alive a lot but yes she has seen more ****s than you can shake a stick at.. Maybe she didnt tap out quick enough as you see the band aid thing on her arm.. should of snapped it tito and the next time at least give the dirty ****ing slut some ground and pound.. wtg Tito..

1555 days ago


Rampage didnt get cut! For what he did!

1555 days ago


I call BS on Jenna. She is a lying w@$%#. I think it would be stupid of Dana White to cut Tito "before the legal process runs its course". She has already told contradicting stories. If Tito Ortiz had beat her, WE would be able to see that. He could break her in half if he wanted to. If she was beaten by Tito and so hurt, why'd she run off to Vegas with her friends right after?! Give me a break...cut your losses Tito. He may be ****y but he is a good fighter! Let the police do their jobs...the truth will come out!

1554 days ago


All of you people on here that heard "Tito abused her" and are making all these comments with out knowing the whole story are showing how stupid you are. Instead of jumping on Jenna's side ( no pun intended ) why not wait till the facts in the case come out. You really think if Tito "abused" her she would have flown to Vegas and NOT gone to the hospital? The damn arm "brace" she was wearing came from CVS. You think if Tito "abused" her she would be able to walk and give interviews and let photogs take pics of her and the twins right after the "beating"? All of you that are judging him with out knowing are stupid people running thier mouth and dont know crap!

1554 days ago


since when is dana white the morality police???? LOL how about drug testing your athletes first and then start passing judgement.

1553 days ago


While Dana White is a pretty big drama queen and a complete *******, Tito is probably the biggest piece of **** involved in that organization. Just look at the guy when he talks.

1552 days ago


Tito Tito Tito , why oh why can,t you just keep your big pie hole shut , thats why you have lost so many many fans , you have a big mouth and nothing to back it up anymore,wait till you have you day in court , don,t go on tv and cry like the bitch you really are. Tito really keep you mouth shut ..and that crying on tv, really so weak . Dana are you watching this , damm im just going to stop watching ufc ,, way to much drama for grown men......

1550 days ago
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