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Tito Ortiz Behind Bars - The Loneliest Prisoner

4/26/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Tito Ortiz sitting behind bars at a Huntington Beach jail -- right after he was arrested for allegedly beating up Jenna Jameson.

Ortiz was arrested early this morning for felony domestic violence -- he has since been released after posting bail.


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Hmmmmm. We have only heard Jenna all day long today and that makes me uncomfortable. Not saying I condone abuse. Just saying she certainly has had the opportunity to capture the media's ear today. Again, not saying this is not Tito's fault. Just that I'd like to hear what he has to say. OR, have her just stop telling us. She shouldn't have such an edge to spin this. All day we've been fed little tidbits. I'm not comfortable with that. Time to keep it between you and Tito, Jenna.

1642 days ago


CHEF KOOKY is no ordinary clown. Those are incredible recipes he posts every day. I have at least 30 of them pasted into a KOOKY CHEF file. Thank you KOOKY. . .you're not crazy. . .you're just KOOKY.

1642 days ago


I sincerely hope they terminate whomever leaked this photo. It's one of the worst breach of privacy I've ever seen. I'm going to drop the sheriff a little email.

1642 days ago


i know this is off topic but i was searching for something on google and i noticed this message at the bottom .."In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page"<--am i in trouble ? or is it just google responding to companies such as fox telling them ? thanxx

1642 days ago


Hahahaha, Tito's such a piece of sh*t anyway, just listen to the spew of crap coming from his mouth every time it's open!! Good luck Jenna, take him to the cleaners...

1642 days ago


I have some serious doubts about her story. If all he did was grab her arm and she's already putting it out there that she wants to get back with him then I call B.S.
The old adage that it's "never ok to hit a woman" was created in an age when alcoholics and disturbed war vets liked to go John Wayne on their wives and could always count on the indifference of society and the legal system to do so.
This is a case of two aggressive freakshows trying to live together and I'm sure she gives way better then she gets. The only difference is that when she gets to the absolute boiling point she can always pull out that "go directly to jail" card.
If Tito was smart he would get the hell away from her. Since he's not all I can recommend is just choking her out from now on and letting her sleep it off instead of grabbing her arm and then letting her call the cops and run to the drug store for props.

1642 days ago


This situation (along with the entire UFC, and goof meat heads in general) is a perfect example of why people spay and neuter dogs.

1642 days ago

Darryl Filko    

You people are disgusting. Never in Canada would these pictures be leaked. Absolute horse ****. Mind your own ****ing business. Leave Tito alone.

1642 days ago


Hmmm, a latino beating his wife. Hardly news. How about reporting on a Latino that does not have 10 kids, is on welfare, and does not beat his wife? Now that would be news...and rare!

1642 days ago


tito just a really strong guy he grabbed her really hard
not justifying it or anything but when it comes to domestic abuse grabbing an arm isnt the worst thing , he didnt hit her, didnt shuv her

1642 days ago

low battery    

Now there's one guy who won't get messed with in jail.

o/~ Always look on the bright side of life... o/~

1642 days ago


Does that look like a Army winter pt jacket to anyone else?

1642 days ago


I hate how the media is reporting that he allegedly "bashed" the slut Jenna Jamieson. If he "bashed" her she would be dead or in the hospital. I learned in school about facts and then opinions. Bashed is a descriptive word to make the incident seem more dramatic then it is and it is sad. Any good journalist would stick to the FACTS and not try and sensationalize the whole thing.

1642 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

This photo really does seem to be an invasion of this guy's privacy.

1642 days ago

i'm a people person    

Tito could very easily beat the snot out of me, but I don't care who you are or who you're with... if you hit a woman you are nothing but a f*cking punk. F*ck Tito and anyone else who thinks this is even remotely funny.

1642 days ago
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