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Tito Ortiz

Jenna is Hooked

on OxyContin

4/27/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz and his attorney claim Jenna Jameson is addicted to OxyContin -- and they say that's what led to the alleged incident that got the UFC fighter busted for felony domestic violence.

Ortiz dropped that bombshell during a news conference moments ago at a restaurant in North Hollywood.

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews said that Jenna's been battling addiction to the painkiller for more than a year now, and that Tito and family members have been protecting her.

As for what happened in Tito and Jenna's home Monday morning -- Matthews repeatedly said, "Tito never touched Jenna."   He claims that Jenna had a relapse and that Tito confronted her about the drugs he claims to have found.  Matthews suggested Jenna was high and just lost her balance.

Tito was very choked up when he said he hopes "Jenna will be okay."  Tito also said, "My parents have gone through addiction and I'm not going to let my family go through that." 

Matthews claimed Jenna has been to rehab, and that her addiction has led to multiple suicide calls to 911.

So what's Jenna's side of this?  During the news conference the former porn star was packing up to leave for Las Vegas.  When told about Tito's allegations, she said "he's trying to save his career" -- and then hit the road for Vegas with two friends.

We're told Jenna's dad is taking care of Tito and Jenna's twin sons.


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Ozzie X    

If Tito wanted to hurt her he could have done far more damage. If anything he firmly grabbed her and she went all ape sh** and fell in the tub..

1606 days ago


hahahaha sure she is! her pu**y is all ripped up!

1606 days ago


Team Tito! I believe him. If he did hit her, push her, whatever...he would have F@CKED her up! She would not have just walked away with a sprained lig!

1606 days ago


Hmmm...let's see...she sucks c*cks for a living and he tries to physically injure people for a living... why does anyone pay attention to this human garbage dump... give the kids to Katherine Jackson (she has room now)and let these two mega losers fade into a dumpster somewhere.
ps - who wouldn't take oxy if they had meat sticks shoved in their ass continuously.

1606 days ago


test her

1606 days ago


I see Tito's point...but violence isn't the answer....

1606 days ago


thats what they all say (every woman beater out there) oh she did this to me or she's crazy or it wasnt me she hurt herself!! yeah right get a life u loser everyone knows the truth now fu** you!!your done ...but the terrible thing is there will be guys who still think your cool for what u did to her!!!

1606 days ago


I am sorry he is just trying to save his career. He looks like an ******* and looks like he would hurt her.

1606 days ago


I actually believe him...

1606 days ago


Gee, when I get beat the first thing I want to do is go ot Vegas with my friends? WTF?? dumb move!

1606 days ago


And now it's time for FCK Cable's brand new Reality Show...

T- Hi, Honey I'm home!
J- How was work tday, Dear?
T- Great! I broke a guy's spine and only took thirty stitches to my scrotum. How was your day, sweety?
J- A little narly. This guy had a huge wart on his d*ck and it kinda grossed me out...but it worked out okay 'cause when he drilled my b*tthole,that narly speedbump felt kinda good... I mean I've been incontinent all day.
T- And the kids?
J- What kids?
T- Our kids...the twins.
J- Oh...yah... uh...oh I get it...yer joking right? Kids...that's I'd have kids with a mentally deficient bonehead like you.
T- Ha, break me up, darling. You are truly the best whore, sl*t, skank, filth-ridden nobgobbler a guy could ever want.
J- Thanks, retard.

Anncr: Tune in next week for Jenna's Bathtub Beat Down and the screamingly LOL press conference with Tito's "Unfortunately" attorney.
Bye for now!

1606 days ago


Jenna Jaemson is a used up **** with no self respect whatsoever. Tito is a loser for marrying her, and even moreso for having kids with someone of her caliber. Gee, being married to a whore porn star & known drug addict ain't as sexy and cool as you thought it would be, huh? You could've picked someone far better to bear your kids, if you weren't thinking with your f*cking tool! In the end, the kids are going to pay dearly for your bad decision. Nice job, Tito.

1606 days ago


Domestic Abuse is a serious thing and there are A LOT of women that falsely claim domestic abuse. I believe Jenna falls into that category. When Rhianna was beaten up, she stayed out of the limelight and spent time with her family, healing! Jenna was all over town yesterday looking for attention. The arm wrap from CVS made it crystal clear that she was NOT beat up. Why couldn't her Dad, or a friend run all her errands yesterday? She is so jealous of the attention Kendra is getting, I could TOTALLY see her throwing herself into the tub and then saying Tito did it. Now she's in Vegas and her children, who yesterday were the most important thing in her life are now with her Father???

1606 days ago


SERIOUSLY, I hope it is not true that he hit her. I like Tito he's a good fighter, good work ethic. I have heard him talk about his parents with addiction and understand why he gets choked up when talking about it. I hope the truth comes out and they both get help!

1606 days ago


Jenna is white trash and definitely show signs of unstable emotions. I back Tito 100 percent. Two sides to every story and I am sure she did her part in the whole matter. just like with Chris Brown. Rhianna was a hitter and did her part in their incident also.

1606 days ago
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