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Jenna Jameson

The Striking Contradiction

4/27/2010 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson has told two completely different -- and contradicting -- stories about the incident that led to the arrest of her baby daddy Tito Ortiz yesterday ... and they're both caught on tape.

When we first saw Jenna last night -- around 8 PM -- she adamantly stated that Tito did not beat her up. 

But a few hours later -- around 10 PM -- the story had changed ... and Jenna repeatedly referred to Tito as a "wife beater."

So what happened in the time span between her stories? Well, one minor thing -- around 9:30 PM -- Tito held a press conference in which the fighter claims he never touched her ... and insinuated that Jenna's injuries were the result of her alleged addiction to OxyContin.

So now the question is ...


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I'd hit it (too soon?)

1586 days ago


First of all, I don't believe her, second of all I want to make something clear though, A big strong man can hurt you, "manhandling" is still abuse, trust me on this I go through it now and then, no I do not get punched in the face but I do get shoved, pushed and an occasional smack thrown thats few and far between, dont get me started on the verbal situation, thats another story. Im just scared to do something about it, I cant physically and mentally bring myself to do a damn thing about it and I dont know why. besides that I dont have the luxury to escape to vegas. but manhandling is still abuse plain and simple.

1586 days ago


When she brought the boys outside for a photo op i lost it ,she is high as a kite and maybe she is faking the injuries to get more oxcycontin .good thing grandpa and the nanny are around to raise the boys.another hollywood love story..TEAM TITO

1586 days ago

john johnson    

selfish, very selfish. that what this slut is. doing porn, having kids, using drugs, its ALWAYS about her, soon, she will get whats comming to her.i just hope child services steps in before the storm.

1586 days ago

Mack North    

Jenna is CLEARLY high in those videos. She's totally exaggerating the whole situation. I don't even like Tito but he shouldn't be blamed for anything wrong here.

1586 days ago

Ryan Dungey    

Lets be serious here. If Tito beat Jenna, her whole face would be missing. Being a slut that does drugs will cause you to lie and be a shady human.

1586 days ago

Erin Pondo    

Who cares about this garbage?

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1586 days ago


Battered women often side with their attackers. She was blindsided by the press right after it happened so its natural she would say "he didn't hurt me". I am sure the police can tell if her wounds are consistant with assualt. (ie: remember the Tyla Tequila incedent where no charges were filed)

1586 days ago


It's obvious what happened...Tito found the drugs held them in his right hand while holding her arm with his left hand and asking her what she was doing with them...she is mad because he found them...another obvious is that she is lying about everything including being injured if you watch the video of her going out to her car she uses the so called "injured" arm to open and shut the heavy SUV door with the video watch her arm...Dana White do not fire Tito over some stupid lying whore...Team Tito

1586 days ago


Everyone's jumping Tito for hitting her despite her drug addition...have any of you even thought of the possibility that his point without being able to go into too many details because of the investigation is that she, in a "drunken stupor" so to speak, probably injured herself. Watch the video where she's informed by the paps of what he said in the press conference..if that is not a "deer caught in the headlights" look all over her face when she hears Oxycontin, then I don't know what is. She is very likely in complete shock over the fact he broke her lil secret to the public. It's not very likely that he's gonna put it out there on the line that her own family, as well as his, are aware of her drug problem and issues that have gone along with it if he know he's going to be completely outnumbered by both families saying that it's not true. I too thought "ohhh bad Tito!!" all day yesterday until he was able to make his press conference and then saw her reaction on video. As cliche as it sounds..there ARE always two sides to a story..and because so many women do find themselves in a legitimately bad situation with a man, doesn't mean every man accused of it actually did it. I'm not so convinced she's not strolling around playing the victim when Tito, the kids and the rest of the family that have been trying to help her and keep this under the public radar the whole time to protect their privacy are the real victims. I'm not for any man hitting, man-handling or beating up on a woman...but I also know there are alot of women out there who cry wolf when they know they don't have a leg to stand on and want to put themselves in the good light. Think about it.

1586 days ago


Criss... NOt to soon I would hit it too.. My question how the hell did they charge tito??? I hate the guy ..but fair is fair ..charge her

1586 days ago


First she has a brace on her elbow...not it's her shoulder she THINKS has torn ligaments. She is such a freaking liar! If she really thought she had torn ligaments she wouldve gone to the doctor, instead she drives around talking to whoever will stick a camera in her face, parades her children in front of the paparazzi then takes off to Vegas with her friends. These are not the actions of a victim. She is a very sick woman who needs help. It's just a shame that she is trying to take Tito's career down the toilet with her.

1586 days ago


enough of this, now to something important, i think that howard stern wears a wig. look at a pic, it's funny.

1586 days ago


what a sKaNk! i don't feel sorry for either of them at this point. uGh... disgusting :P

1586 days ago


You are twisting her story. She never said he never hurt her. I think they are both messed up, but the twisting of the story is sad. Who leaves their babies to go heal. They need to heal too! With their mother. Think of someone besides yourself!

1586 days ago
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