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Jenna Jameson

The Striking Contradiction

4/27/2010 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson has told two completely different -- and contradicting -- stories about the incident that led to the arrest of her baby daddy Tito Ortiz yesterday ... and they're both caught on tape.

When we first saw Jenna last night -- around 8 PM -- she adamantly stated that Tito did not beat her up. 

But a few hours later -- around 10 PM -- the story had changed ... and Jenna repeatedly referred to Tito as a "wife beater."

So what happened in the time span between her stories? Well, one minor thing -- around 9:30 PM -- Tito held a press conference in which the fighter claims he never touched her ... and insinuated that Jenna's injuries were the result of her alleged addiction to OxyContin.

So now the question is ...


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I ABSOLUTELY believe that she has an addiction problem. You would not hold a press conference and say something like that, if you wasn't true and you couldn't prove it, especially if it could be used in a custody case. There's been a couple times, even in the videos TMZ has posted recently, where I thought she was high. She has skeletons in her closet, including addiction many years ago, and she's had plastic surgery....combine the two and you've got a perfect storm for relapse.

1608 days ago


70 % of California males between the ages of 13 and 26 - could not name the Secretary of Defense/State/Interior - nor the clown we have for Attorney General. These flip-flop, Tap-Out t-shirt wearing wasted youth - and all things California, would know nothing of Aldrin, Yeager, Hubble or MacArthur.

But ask WHO DAT? And they know American Royalty! Tito and Jenna! A cage fighter and an ex-porn actress.

1608 days ago


Ahhhhh yes, America's Royalty! Our King and Queen, Tito and Jenna.

60% of California males - between the age of 13-26 could not tell you the names of VP, Sec of Defense, CIA, or WHO DAT: Hubble, Yeager, Aldrin, but they know Tito Jenna!

1608 days ago


this is shocking! the porno queen of america is addicted to drugs?and her roid fueled, cage fighting boy friend is a woman beater?
No! No! cant be! ....come on!

1608 days ago


I'm with Tito on this one. Pill addiction makes you unstable. She is going backward. I guess she shouldn't have given Kendra sh*t the other day.

1608 days ago


like the song says " NEVER TRUST A HO "

1608 days ago


wonder what her Dead mother would say about this? Way to make her proud.

1608 days ago


I thought it was her dad that called 911 so he obviously knows what was going on. Ask him.

1608 days ago


thanks tmz my last comment was right...when u guys told her about what tito said..her face was like OMFG NO HE DIDNT TELL ON ME>>>>yep thats a not takein sides but i know what drugs can do and she proubly called the cops after he found the drugs to cover her ass..BUT maybe he did man handle her but not hit her..thats still not right..but she did say oh he didnt hit me now she says oh he is a women beater..things that make u go HMMMMMM??????

1608 days ago


She looks f****d up in both vids. I say Tito is not the liar here.

1608 days ago


I get what is trying to say, he didn't go crazy on her but he did abuse her in some way.

1608 days ago


Hey, yer high horses for a while uh? If Jenna came callin' 'round to yer place right now and slipped her wet panties down her thighs, bent over and opened her mouth and said, "Put it in." You'd be droppin' trow faster than a Quaker recites Genesis. So get off it. She's a drugged out sl*t... you boys love drugged out sl*ts... Yah, yah, more lies...please.

1608 days ago


she's either on something, or she's schizophrenic/has multiple personalities.

1608 days ago


Sorry, I don't believe the HO. Team TITO.

1608 days ago


Tito it is!

1608 days ago
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