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Jenna Jameson

The Striking Contradiction

4/27/2010 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson has told two completely different -- and contradicting -- stories about the incident that led to the arrest of her baby daddy Tito Ortiz yesterday ... and they're both caught on tape.

When we first saw Jenna last night -- around 8 PM -- she adamantly stated that Tito did not beat her up. 

But a few hours later -- around 10 PM -- the story had changed ... and Jenna repeatedly referred to Tito as a "wife beater."

So what happened in the time span between her stories? Well, one minor thing -- around 9:30 PM -- Tito held a press conference in which the fighter claims he never touched her ... and insinuated that Jenna's injuries were the result of her alleged addiction to OxyContin.

So now the question is ...


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UFC fighter beats ex-pornstar w/ twins?

I smell an E! reality show!!!!

1643 days ago


What did she expect after marrying a Mexican thug ape like Tito Ortiz. No white man would touch such a nasty woman like Jenna but that lettuce picker couldn't wait to get his claws on her.

1643 days ago


Just an FYI, Tito and Jenna aren't married.

1643 days ago


Ummm she looks "crackish"...kinda like Whitney Houston, but he is not a Rehab Counselor, he should have gotten her some professional help a long time ago.

1643 days ago


Wow Wendy...I'm surprised you had time to post a comment...shouldn't you be busy shaving your head right now and having a few more swastikas tattoed on your body? Apparently you are completely oblivious to the infinite number of WHITE MEN not only watched..but paid good money to watch that nasty woman do stuff to other men they wished were themselves. Lettuce picker? That's a new one on me. Is that the equivalent of stereotyping you and saying "Wendy let's're gonna be late for your clan meeting!"?

1643 days ago


mmm mmm meth

1643 days ago


Klan meeting..before anyone screams to correct me LOL I was still in shock over the whole lettuce picking thing...wasn't thinking right lol

1643 days ago

flip[wilson beast. Wendy was pimply...I mean simply...exercising her first amendment right to be a Race hating A-hole... I really think your taunts are out of line... what kind of country do you think we would have if filthy s***suckers like Wendy weren't allowed to opine? Now go recite the pledge of allegiance and let America define itself for all the world to see.

1643 days ago


Dang..I'm sorry Flip. I don't know what I was thinking. I forgot about her right to shove her own foot so far in her mouth she'd need an exploratory rectal exam to get it out. Totally forget these idiots have a right to express their IQ through their opinions...I hang my head in shame.

BTW..loved the comment earlier to the any one of them would remember the meaning of morals or remotely have an ounce of any in them if she dropped her tiny tiny bikini and screamed their name.

1643 days ago


She's druggin it up. That's why she looks a good 15 years older that she is. Once you expose an addict you are the enemy.

1643 days ago


Jenna has a rich history with drugs and from what we have seen in the span of just 24 hours is that she is back on them. This is not the first time with Oxy. She's unstable. I even doubt her injuries after she left for Vegas last night. Her credibility is zero and his is definitely increasing. Don't just this off of an allegation by a drug addict. Mention abuse and everybody hops on the male. This time, it's not true.

1643 days ago


Few yrs ago, a 'friend' told me she'd heard a 'psychologist' chatting w/a family member, oh probably about 40 yrs ago or so, saying that most women who claim to have been abused were actually making most of their story up. At the time this was recounted to me, I wondered if this 'friend' would havethe guts to step into a battered woman's shelter and repeat the story to them. Wonder if she's got the guts to step into her friends home instead and say the same thing.
A woman doesnt put herself through the challenges that are hurled at her when saying she's been abused/beaten by a man if it isnt true. and the effects of abuse on women can change them if they dont get the help they need/deserve to get over it, it can turn them into dark hearted manipulators just like the men who manipulated them physically and psychologically. I hope you seek help Jenna, to know you dont ever deserve the treatment you rec'd by someone who claims to love you.

1643 days ago


Harvey you need to give that camera guy a raise!!are you kidding me he was great all day with the questions did you here the subtle change in his voice(implying empathy for her)when he stuck the camera in her truck and asked her"DID HE HIT YOU??ARE YOU O.K " it was classic she took the bait and in doing so gave us a unguarded glimpse into the whole days events thank you TMZ for doing what nobody else can.Harvey you the man!!

1643 days ago


I believe Tito. Jenna should have been more responsible about making such strong statements, especially if she is an Oxy junky.

1643 days ago


I NEVER liked Tito, I do follow the fight game, but here however I dont think Tito would ever smackdown on a female, I do think she is lieing because she needs a way out of being discovered for her addiction.. TEAM TITO right here!

1643 days ago
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