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Jenna Jameson

The Striking Contradiction

4/27/2010 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson has told two completely different -- and contradicting -- stories about the incident that led to the arrest of her baby daddy Tito Ortiz yesterday ... and they're both caught on tape.

When we first saw Jenna last night -- around 8 PM -- she adamantly stated that Tito did not beat her up. 

But a few hours later -- around 10 PM -- the story had changed ... and Jenna repeatedly referred to Tito as a "wife beater."

So what happened in the time span between her stories? Well, one minor thing -- around 9:30 PM -- Tito held a press conference in which the fighter claims he never touched her ... and insinuated that Jenna's injuries were the result of her alleged addiction to OxyContin.

So now the question is ...


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I don't know Icebaby...McGee is still in total denial of her love for all things Nazi...despite the pics of the magnetic alphabet on her fridge spelling out "White power"...I'm thinking if she was directly asked about that she would claim that what she meant was "I prefer white milk to's better for my son." So..although her and Wendy would make a great lil picture skipping off into the sunset together holding hands, Wendy is far more (Lord please forgive me for using this adjective) "advanced" in her stage of racist/fascist evolution

1606 days ago


Once a crackhead whore always a crackhead whore. Poor Tito, he has had no history of domestic violence, yet she's always had a history. Tito, get custody of your kids and get them away from her now. This drug-whore is over in Vegas partying it up while her father watches your kids and you're here dealing with this problem she's created for you.

1606 days ago


hello- she a pron queen and most of those women are low self esteem coke fiends who NEED the drugs to numb the utter shame of their chosen career. Tito may be a jackass but I would not believe a thing Jenna says- When has a pron star EVER been trustworthy?

1606 days ago

abad eade    

they arnt married so how can he be a wife beater?

1606 days ago


Anyone looking at the woman must see something is off.

1606 days ago


He said she one really cares. I'm sorry to say but with her past profession no one is going to take her seriously but yet this husband is just as shady. They shouldn't have gotten married and most certainly shouldn't become parents. What a joke.

1606 days ago


She was simply clarifying the difference between him being violent towards her and him"beating" her. Grabbing her, pushing her, smacking her are all different than "beating" her. She not Contradicting herself she's explaining that he didn't punch her. Doesn't mean he didn't hurt her.

1606 days ago


"He didn't beat me" is not the same as saying "He didn't shove me into a bathtub."

They could both be true. Notice her emphasis on BEAT, as in hit.

1606 days ago


I think that she didn't want to say he touched her at first so that there could be a chance of them working things out. BUT, when he said that she was addicted to Oxycotin then she just told the truth realizing that they're not going to end up together again. Pretty much what TheEric is saying.

1606 days ago

Big Lou    

Come on, Tito was with this woman when she was going to work and having sex with other men, all while it was being filmed.

If he dind't beat her over that, he doesn't care what she does.

Bitch was wigged out on drugs and fell.

1606 days ago


Regardless of her past and regardless of the situation... willing to bet that she was somewhat trying to protect Tito and not bad mouth him and try and keep some of their problems out of the media... but once he threw that 'first punch' media wise... she didn't hold back either and stated what really happened.
Probably didn't want it all out there. Makes her look bad for staying with a 'wife beater' and makes her baby's daddy look bad as well. Who knows really...

1606 days ago


She has had serious addiction problems before.
Bottom line, don't get involved with recovering addicts unless you are ready for them to lie and get back to their old ways and let you down, it happens.
If you can't deal with it you are much better off finding someone who has never had serious problems.

There are billions of people in the world, find one you can live or stay single!
Here is a law, just like gravity, rescuers will become the victims of those they try and rescue.

1606 days ago


She said he didn't beat her up on the first video but admitted there was an altercation. On the one in Vegas she called him a wife beater but to me that was because she was shocked and pissed that he had to hold a press conference behind her back. I completely disagree with Tmz that she had two difference stories...

1606 days ago


I think homegirl is unhinged. I really thought he went after @ first, but the way she's acting out in the media..... yeah. Unhinged. I'm sure he did something he shouldn't have, but I don't think she being addicted is a far throw, either.

1606 days ago


If you watch Tito's press conference, you see a man that is speaking the truth. He is worn down, depressed over what's happening. He was crying during the conference to the point he had to leave the conference due to breaking down.

I do not support wife beaters at all. No man should ever touch a woman. As Jenna said, if he beat her, she'd be dead.

I do believe Tito is speaking the truth on this matter.

Jenna get help asap so the kids will not be impacted by this drug addiction you have.

1606 days ago
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