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Michael Jackson's Mom Cleans House

4/27/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Katherine Jackson is downsizing the number of grandchildren in her San Fernando Valley mansion -- and the stun gun incident was the catalyst.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ...  Katherine has told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza -- who is currently living at the estate, along with two of her kids by Randy Jackson and two others by Jermaine Jackson -- that she must take the kids and move out of the estate next week, because supervising seven children is just too much for the 79-year-old grandmother.

But don't think Katherine is heartless.  It's the opposite.  She's moving Alejandra, along with Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy Jr. to a San Fernando Valley condo owned by the estate.


We're told the move was prompted by the stun gun incident last month. TMZ broke the story that 13-year-old Jaafar bought a stun gun online and fired it in the house.  Sources say Jaafar pointed the gun at two of Michael's kids, but the family denies that. 

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services came to the estate, took the gun and interviewed people in the home, and it became apparent seven kids were too much for Katherine to handle. 

So as of next week, Prince, Paris and Blanket will have the run of the mansion, unobstructed.


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blue pen    

As it should be. Their father paid for and practically built that house. They shouldn't have to share it with 2 other families. It's time the absentee fathers started doing their jobs properly. Chris Rock would have a thing or two to say about Jermaine and Randy's asses.

1609 days ago


Um, this chick has two kids by Randy Jackson and another two by Jermaine Jackson? Man that's got to be embarassing explainng that your bothers father is also your uncle. And um, who the hell names their kid Jermajesty?! I mean really?! I'm guessing thats one of Jermaine's spawn? LMAO

1609 days ago


Wrong picture, TMZ. That woman there is not Alejandra, that is Halima, Jermaine's current wife.

1609 days ago


first well it's about time.they should be ashamed of job no life and living off michael's tmz i've had it with focus on this stuff but do you know there's a video in youtube that says TMZ SAYS MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE ? now someone made this video why aren't you responding to this? if michael is really gone why haven't you said the video in youtube is false we never said michael jackson is alive or do we think it.if you can post things like this then why can't you tell the truth on what is real and what is false? it's a shame that people in here are fighting about whether he's alive or dead.the worst thing about it tmz you read the comments and sitting back laughing at it and all of us.that's pathic.TMZ???? HARVEY????????? CAN YOU ANSWER THIS? WHY ARE YOU LETTING US ALL BELIEVE THIS WHEN YOU KNOW IF IT'S A LIE OR THE TRUTH? tmz please don't tell no-one that you don't go into youtube and look at the videos in there CUZ YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!.to me tmz you think this is a dam game and it's not.alot of fans are getting hurt by this.MICHAEL I LOVE AND MISS YOU MOST.MISS YOUR SMILE.WISH YOU WERE HERE.HUGS MICHAEL.

1609 days ago

who dat    

Let me get this straight. Two of the brothers, had two children each, with the same woman. How awkward. If this doesn't prove this family is the definition of dysfunctional, nothing will.

1609 days ago


Good move. But too bad they'd still be leeching off the estate.

1609 days ago

Cam Hamon    

LOL @ TMZ using a picture of Halima for Alejandra....

1609 days ago


The woman in the picture is not Alejandra, it's Jermaine's new wife.
TMZ, you should do a better job than that.

1609 days ago


The best thing that can happen to MJ's kids,is to turn 18,and get the **** out of Dodge.What a mess.Hope they spend some of daddy's money on some good therapy,therapist's of their choice,not someone else's.Damnit MJ!

1609 days ago


MAYBE NOW, Prince Paris and sweet Blanket
can bond and focus like normal brothers and sister
without all the rivalry, distraction and confusion.

This is definitely a step in the right direction
for Michael's children..
I'm sure MJ'S estate is picking up the bill for this
(What's New)But it's worth the solitude and peace of mind
for his children..Speaking from a Mothers point of view...


1609 days ago


So...they're all being moved to another property FREE. They're all still scrounging of Michael. Total parasites. At least Prince, Paris and Blanket are now more secure. Isn't little Blanket the absolute double of Michael? They are three really lovely children Michael was a great father and brought them up well and it shows. I hope Katherine can continue the good influence. Her own children were a pretty dysfunctional lot though. Keep Old Joe away from them at all times.

1609 days ago


Thank you prayers have been answered. We could see from the last lot of photos taken at Rock Sugar, that Michael's kids are very unhappy and didn't appear to like being with Jafaar and Jermajesty.
Katherine has wanted Alejandra out of the family compound for years, but a judge decreed that she and the kids could stay there, WTF!!!
I'm so glad she's found an alternative solution even though Michael is still paying. This can only be good for Michael's children and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow and thrive.
I'd still like to see Alberto Alvarez reinstated as their bodyguard. He was a familar face to them and I feel he had always their best interests at heart and I think he was sacked because he told the truth about the stun gun incident.

1609 days ago


She's had to deal with more than too much in the past year.

1609 days ago


'Bout time! Jerkmaine should have stepped up and HANDLED THIS himself a long time ago but of course he's been busy with the 'my baby brother died tour'. Saw Rebbie on the Today Show & that woman soooooooo outclasses him it's crazy! Yep, wrong wife in the photo. LOL! 2nd time TMZ's done that. Of course I'm wondering if this little 'mandate' didn't get handed down from the DCFS?? The timing is awfully coincidental it seems? Then again, Rebbie's gone back out to do a series of concerts so perhaps Katherine just doesn't have the help she once did. Whatever. Just get them GONE. Call up the movers right now. Why wait a week? Hurry before granny changes her mind! Too many children for this poor woman. God bless her!

1609 days ago
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