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Herbalife: We Didn't Mean to Pay the Hiltons

4/27/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the Hilton family wasn't filthy rich enough ... a global weight loss company claims it's been paying Paris Hilton's parents huge chunks of money for no reason whatsoever.

Herbalife International just filed a lawsuit against Rick and Kathy Hilton, claiming the couple has been "erroneously" receiving royalties for several weight loss products for roughly 8 years.

Long story short -- Herbalife says in 1992, the couple provided services to the company to get a line of products off the ground ... products containing ephedrine that were discontinued in 2002 -- mostly because ephedrine was banned by the FDA.

Herbalife claims despite 86'ing the line .... it has still been paying the Hiltons royalties.  According to the suit, there have been ongoing but futile discussions about how much, if anything, the Hiltons should return.


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@PatinNJ - "These are the loser parents who didn't send their girls to school, instead, let them dance on tables in bars in NYC when they were underage. They could have given those girls the finest upbringing and education!" - And yet Paris Hilton a high school drop out with a GED has gone on to parlay her socialite fame into television, movie, music, promotional deals, and licensing agreements that have earned her tens on millions of dollars in her own right, and she's only 29. Nicky doesn't seem to be doing too badly for herself either. How old were you before you made your first million, or are you still working on that? ;) Don't overestimate the importance of a formal education. There are many without it who are earning far more then you ever will.

1557 days ago

Blue Craze    

Welfare Kings and Queens.

1557 days ago


Well like trailer trash kathy would say anything.

1557 days ago


Paris hilton is nothing but a laughing-stock these days. Used up with all her std's. Yah I seen some of her over priced cheap products on David Letterman. That was quite a while ago. Boy she sounded and really looked stupid at the time. That was a good laugh watching.

1557 days ago


KOOKY promoted a stool softener product from 2001-2003 and he still receives free stool samples from all over the world to this day. The co. does not want them back.

1557 days ago

Khate sucks    

The Hiltons are greedy! They knew they weren't supposed to get that money! THEY OWE HERBALIFE! They have MORE than enough money! PAY BACK BEOTCHES!

1557 days ago


You Tiger Lovers are truly a sorry bunch ... you are actually prepared to follow your disgraced leader to the bitter end, never once to pause and even consider the futility of that which you so admire and cling to. In a way, it is eerily similar to the fanatical followers of Adolf Hitler, who on the brink of total destruction at the 11th hour, still clung to the hopeless notion that "theirs" was a just and winnable cause. Tiger and his shrinking army of misguided followers, are destined for the trash heap of forgettable history. But what the hell ... most of you likely mean well and you're loyal to your leader, which is a very admirable thing. So to you I say "Sieg Tiger" and god speed !

1557 days ago


I hope one of them gos to jail that be Awesome !!

1557 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Tough crap.

1557 days ago


Please indulge me and allow me a last post for tonight in case I may have come across sarcastic or affensive to famouse people in any walk of life. All humans where created with an ability to excel at one thing they do best, or have the greatest love for.or were gifted to have, or just achieved out of hard work,and the dedication there passion gave them to achieve. People in all sucsessful walks of life should be at peace with the mere fact that our creator gave them a mission to do his work here. To identify this alone in ones life, should be able to bring the peace, joy and contentment to ones life, that they are not able to sometimes appreciate, or even identify in themseves, that it is allready there, no need to go looking anymore. Just contiue to do best what you have gifted or prayed for, for the creators benifit and grand purpose, and the rest is a given. Lastly, I may perhaps have needed to teach myself this more, or rather then help someone else to identify it themselves, so therefore forgive me for sounding arrogant, this also is not my intent. good night, and as Red Skelton used to say, änd may GOD bless". send in the clowns Red. Frankie

1557 days ago


VITAMINS DON'T Work most of the time don't even get digested just come out whole.

1557 days ago


I know for a fact they were receiving over 50K a month and people did question it at Herbalife but was told it is what it is...

1557 days ago


The Hiltons will have to give back the money. Legally it is not theirs. Chances are they had little if any idea they were getting it - although in their tax returns it would show up as a source of income, so if they don't review their returns before signing them - they would be rather gullible. Herbalife blew it by not cutting them off when they should have, so I don't they can't ask for interest on the money, but the money should be returned. Finders Keepers is not a law.

1557 days ago


If the product is no longer on the market, what the hell are they getting royalties on? Royalties are usually based on the amount of sales so if there's no sales, there's no royalties. Maybe the company should do a decent check of their books to see if there are any other people getting royalty payments for non-existant products.

1557 days ago


Herbalife is run by Mormons. They always run multi-level marketing schemes.
Utah is the fraud capital of America.

1557 days ago
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