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Tito Ortiz's Ex: He'd 'Never Hurt a Female'

4/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0427_tito_exiwfe_small_EXTito Ortiz's ex-wife is as surprised as anyone over his arrest for felony domestic violence yesterday -- because according to her, he would "never hurt a female."

Kristin Ortiz -- who was married to Tito for nearly 10 years -- tells TMZ Tito was an "amazing person, amazing father and an amazing human being."

Kristin also says there was never any violence during her marriage, which ended in 2005.


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i'm a people person    

That's the problem... we don't know the whole story, just what's being published and talked about via press releases. No one is saying how hard he hit her (if he did at all) or anything. But my money is still on him battering her in some way, which is illegal, immoral and a punk-ass thing to do. I don't care if she was sleeping with his best friend, he's a thousand times stronger than she is, he shouldn't have battered her. If that's what happened.

1610 days ago

Larry David    

All you guys are as bad as they are. You guys sound so immature and ignorant! You guys weren't there to know what happened so until something like this happens to you keep your mouths shut!

1610 days ago

Suzie Q    

Team Tito!!!

1610 days ago


People change.

1610 days ago


Oh and by the way, knowing tito as I do , I'm positive that his next plan of financial security is to smear Jenna on the drug allegation so that he can sue for custody of the children so that ding, ding, ding, she will need to pay him support.
He is just that conniving.
When it comes to money , this guy is an absolute snake.
Wait and see.

1610 days ago

i'm a people person    

TRUTH speaks wisely. No hearsay, no rumor. Thank you, TRUTH.

1610 days ago


Hey Truth in Post can tell it's you Jenna.. Real cute getting on her and lying too..get home to your boys and take care of them and get off the drugs///You are complete trash and the TRUTH will come out!

1610 days ago

i'm a people person    

HAHAHA! TRUTH is Jenna? You're funny, Chris. Tell us how you know it's her, Tito, I mean Chris.

1610 days ago


"Truth" in 55 and 58 is Jenna..she is a liar and comes on here thinking people will believe her lies! Do NOT fall for her bull@#$%
I think her past speaks for itself

1610 days ago


Thank you people person!
Chris , good call , however look at my style of writing compared with Jenna's way of speak , it simply does not match up.
Conspiracy theories abound which is a given in a situation like this, but I assure you that I am most certainly not Jenna.
If I were , I would be in a bikini strutting my stuff versus wearing a business suit typing away in a corner office.

1610 days ago


Look at my comment in #36, if I were Jenna , would I be stupid enough to say that I should get a polygraph test?

36. How funny , all the smack tito talked of his ex wife some years back and all of a sudden they are golden.
Folks, tito has SERIOUS SERIOUS issues, he is a completely phony individual , he uses anyone he can when it comes to money and he has drug issues himself which also involve coke.
Get him drug tested stat, then get him to a psychologist and then he and Jenna should both take a polygraph test from an accredited poligrapher and lets see how the story ends up from there .
That is the only way to get to the core of the truth.
Tito is a lost cause , Jenna supported his ass for four years , he is an absolute leech and he now needs to be exposed.Period. All these comments on this thread by the way are from tito's camp, it's the same tactic he uses over and over to offset the damaging facts.
Also , he is a MAJOR crybaby and can cry at a hallmark commercial or a fly farting , so beware of those crocodile tears.

Posted at 2:06 PM on Apr 27, 2010 by TRUTH

1610 days ago


Truth take a drug test and a lie detector test and we will see what the truth is.

1610 days ago

i'm a people person    

Hey Chris/Tito, you still haven't given any proof as to how you "know" that TRUTH is Jenna. And quite frankly, even if it is (which I vehemently doubt) good for her for coming here and defending herself against the brainwashed Tito hordes.

TRUTH - keep speaking the truth. I for one am very interested in what you are saying, because it's all fact and not some conspiracy theory. Haha, I'm standing up for TRUTH!!!

1610 days ago


Let's see. TMZ regularly reports on gangster athletes and rappers, D-List realty show losers, former celebrities (now just train wrecks and skanky has been, no-talent actresses), steroid injecting WWF members, and now druggie porn stars no one gives a damn about. Has an employee from TMZ ever even met an A-List celebrity?? Ever??

This site is so disgustingly low and worthless!

1610 days ago

i'm a people person    

LMT - then why are you here?

1610 days ago
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