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Julia Roberts

Blind Sided By Bullock

... Again

4/29/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock's divorce and baby news has covered up Julia Roberts ... literally.


While Sandra and her new baby Louis landed the cover of People's "World's Most Beautiful People" issue, Julia -- who got the top beauty honors and should have been the cover girl -- is relegated to a blip on the upper right hand corner of the mag.

This on top of the fact that Sandra won her Oscar for the box office hit "The Blind Side," a role Julia originally turned down, proves sometimes being a "Pretty Woman" just isn't enough.


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#44, necessity, you are a very intelligent and honest person.

1640 days ago


Aren't there any american babies to adopt? Why do these celebrities have to go to other countries to adopt? Why? because it's easy, it's like going to the mall and buying a pet, they don't care that they take these kids out of their culture, it's all about them and what they want right now!

1640 days ago


I am a mother. There are plenty of children of all races to choose from to adopt, all of these celebrities are adopting black babies(when they are small and cute) are wrong. She just did a movie about adopting a black child, what is going to happen when the novelty wears off. She knew Jessie was racist, with all of that Nazi material all over the house, and she had him around that baby newborn. That was totally irresponsible. She and Jessie have too much going on to bring an infant (especially a little black infant) in to all of that hollywood mess. Adoption agencies need stop looking at celebrity status and money. I pray that that little baby gets a good home with a good enviornment, where he is raised properly and around some of his own people, not near a filandering undercover Nazi lovers. Its not right and its not healthy. Wait till the next issue of Ebony and Jet come out, this trend of white celebrities adopting only cute small black babies (like its a new pet) is a shame. They are already discussing it on Black

1640 days ago

South Beach    

Pretty such JR couldn't care less, considering how many covers she has been on during her career.
And as far as the cover being centered around her new baby, why not? Hasn't everyone had enough about that loser, "J" something, God who cares, she was married to?
Time to turn the page and go with the positive.

1640 days ago


It's very sad and very distressing that so many people want to make Sandra Bullock's adoption of Louis into some kind of racial statement. Here are some of the realities.

We looked into adoption about twelve years ago. We were more interested in a toddler than an infant, any race, either sex. The process was appalling, both in intrusiveness and terms of expense. I understand the need for full disclosure on the part of potential parents, but I don't think one's religion has anything to do with one's ability to lovingly raise a child.

Along the way we found out some interesting, and very sad facts. There are a lot more black infants and children available for adoption than any other racial/ethnic group. Conversely, there are more white parents adopting than any other racial/ethnic group. Many "social/cultural" groups seek to prevent interracial adoptions, claiming the child will not grow up with his/her correct group. What group? Americans? I think this activity does more to promote racism and cultural myths than any good it might do. White people don't adopt black, or brown, or any other children to prove a point, or create "spies" (I've heard that one too), or break down other cultures. They adopt to give a child a home, and love, and a better life. Yes, some people adopt for the wrong reasons, but this behavior isn't limited to one race.

Sandra Bullock is not a Nazi. If she were an actual NAZI, she'd adopt a Jewish child, and turn it against its own people. Hitler's Nazis exterminated Jews, and Gypsies, and homosexuals...not black people. There were not very many black people IN Germany and Poland at that time. I don't believe that Sandra Bullock is a White Supremacist either. Adoption agencies do extensive background checks in this country (which may explain why all of those other celebrities went OUTSIDE the USA to adopt). Even with Jesse James' shameful revelations, they would not have allowed Sandra to follow through with adopting a black infant if they thought she was a White Supremacist. There are Black Advocacy groups that would have prevented this (very active down here in Louisiana and Texas)...unless you are suggesting that THEY would lose perspective when a white woman waved a designer bag full of green in front of them.

The adoption process takes years to follow through. If Sandra Bullock said she desired an infant...any race or ethnicity, either sex...she was probably put on a waiting list. She may have specified an orphan, or parents unknown (and with good reason, what with "bio parents" suddenly deciding, "o, we want it back now", as if a baby were a toy, or a lawnmower or garden tool). When she was fully approved (in the USA, this applies to everyone, the days of "buying babies" here are pretty much past...that's why people [sometimes] go elsewhere), and a baby became available, and they were allowed time together to see if they were a good match, then the adoption went through. She got her baby. A little guy with no parents is going to get a good home, and a mommy who loves him and wants him. Who gives a damn about race? He's got a chance, and love, and a parent.

You want to talk about people whose motives I deeply question, let's just talk about Ms. Exotic-Baby-Collector Jolie, or Madonna, who seem to feel the need to adopt specifically outside the USA, perhaps because they wouldn't quite meet all of the requirements here. There are thousands of children who need homes in America, but they went on baby safaris, by-passing local rules completely to attain their children. But that's okay. Even though Angelina Jolie is a woman who has twice deliberately contrived to seduce a married man away from his wife, and boasted loudly about it, who went around wearing a vial of blood about her neck, who refuses to marry her partner, who denounced her own biological child...shall I continue? And Madonna is a fifty-one year old woman who needs a serious reality check regarding her status as bubble-gum queen, is running around with man less than half her age (whose own mother is younger than Madonna...I thought that was a hoot), and who decided that an entire village had to be uprooted from their ancestral lands so that she could plunk her multi-million dollar school right there on that spot (and break ground in approximately $10,000 worth of clothing and accessories). Why? Because she said so, that's why.

All Sandra Bullock did was win an Oscar for a somewhat endearing (if a bit too sweet for my taste) movie that was actually family fare, and have her miserable pig of a husband cheat multiple times on her with incredibly skanky, lower-echelon fetish models, and bad dancers. Then she did the absolutely intelligent, courageous and self-preserving thing, and filed for divorce from the miserable wretch, without a great deal of fanfare and public pity-parties and angst. And she went through with the adoption, instead of baling on the little person she'd made a commitment to a long time ago.

It's not being a racist, or's being a decent human being. Try it sometime.

1640 days ago



1640 days ago


That's because Sandra Bullock is 3 times the woman Julia Roberts is. Her ego is so big she can't see that she isn't in demand anymore. Sandy is an amazing person!

1640 days ago


just watched TMZ earlier saw a hilarious scene which I can't find online anywhere by googling it. A baby comes out of a box at the airport's luggage claim must of been a prank from a show? Anyone have the source?

1640 days ago


WHY a black baby ? I mean do something ORIGINAL and adopt a white one ! {there are actually white kids who need adopting too}. But I guess its not fashionable. Good grief.

1640 days ago


TO #104 , that was part of Sasha Baron Cohen's latest movie, {he was responsible for "Borat"}. And yes that scene was hysterical.

1640 days ago


@anon: We all descended from Noah, and the separate races formed later, not because they were created that way, but because of Noah's descendants settling in geographically different areas and reproducing. What you call "mongrelization" is actually a more natural state of existence, and is actually more "natural" than are national boundaries.

1640 days ago


TMZ I love you guys but please give Sandra a break and let's all give her some space. That was rough what Jesse did to her--he's got a lot of nerve treating her like that.

1640 days ago


Right On Sandra ! You go girl ! Congrats on the baby adoption and I didn't ever think much of Jesse anyway. Move on ! You are too good for him anyway. Let's all give Sandra some space !

1640 days ago


Good! Juliar Roberts is just a nasty, mean person. I cannot stand her! She is arrogant and thinks she is so great. She sucks! Julia Roberts should retire. Old hag.

1640 days ago


aawwwwww she got herself aaaaa little wigggaaarrrr baby isnt that cute from the nazi punk bioootch to a black baby how cute is that

1640 days ago
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