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Sandra Bullock Divorce

No Patience for Nazis

4/28/2010 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_sandra_BN_Getty_01Sandra Bullock -- who has now filed for divorce -- claims she was absolutely dumbfounded when she first saw the photo of her soon-to-be-ex husband Jesse James giving the Nazi salute ... claiming, "This is not the man I married."

10 pages into her adoption/divorce interview with People Magazine -- after front-loading the story with everything but her relationship with Jesse -- the magazine asked the question, "Were you aware of any interest [Jesse] may have had in white supremacy or Nazism?"

Bullock responded, "The photo shocked me and made me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life."

Bullock added, "And the man I married felt the same."

As for her newly adopted African-American baby, Bullock told the magazine she arranged for the child to have a bris -- the Jewish circumcision ceremony.

Question is ...


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Nasty Nate    

So Sandra is trying to say that before they were married she never once set foot in West Coast Choppers? Guess she thought all those Iron Crosses were the Christian variety eh!

She knew what was going on, other wise she must be dumber then we all thought.

1585 days ago


reality check bullock fans
Just because she plays a "nice girl" in her films doesn't mean she is a nice girl
Her hubby had nazi stickers all over his office
his father said he was into nazi stuff all his life

So you gullible fans- after living with someone for five years Sandra didn't know anything about this.
i think the adoption is a ploy

1585 days ago


she knew he was a racist and so is she and my god help that child

1585 days ago


Why would anyone want to mutilate their babies genitals?????

1585 days ago


Good for her...

BTW retard who are bashing her about the new baby and she did it to have a slave, get back at Jesse, wrong reasons etc..

SHE WAS DOING IT BEFORE THIS CAME TO LIGHT get a clue... She isn't getting a black kid to look good for the press

1585 days ago


So she was adopting a baby with her husband and then discovered that he was banging nazi strippers like they were going out of style and has an interest in white supremacy. Things which she was completely oblivious to for years. How does this qualify you to raise an adopted child?

1585 days ago


@SUZ wtf are you talking about? What stickers? The Iron Cross? Are you a retard that's not Hitlers deal and they used it still just a few years ago because morons like you kept tieing it to sometyhing its not... Just like the swastika had been used 1000's of years before by Indians.

1585 days ago


I am happy she has had something else to focus on rather than all these pieces of crap people that have comeout of the woodwork for thier own reasons. Will people's view of skin colour ever die. Who cares what colour, race, religion this baby is or will be. Happiness is all that matters.......I hope her and the baby are happy.

1585 days ago


Buying it? Oh yeah. Here he had Americas sweetheart on his arm and ran around with these ladies that are utter trash. Its just about unbelievable. She knows she deserves better. I mean LOOK AT HIM?! No love loss there. He is no prize!

1585 days ago


How did the topic of a Bris come up in this interview. The topic is too random... WhyWHYwhy was this important ?

1585 days ago


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1585 days ago


She better marry ME this time cuz I ain't gunna ax her agin.

1585 days ago


"im glad she at least adopted a blakc child instead of adopting soem privlidged white brat orphan"
Hmm. Sounds like you should add your own name to the execution list...

1585 days ago


Wow, the poor kid. A rabbi with a knife!
Really, take the kid to a doc for that.
Bris.. Religion is nuts.

And, I love this lady, but how stupid is stupid.
"Love is blind?" "They always go for the bad guys?"
What? This guy, Jesse James, the redneck, carnazi,
NAZI hillbilly right out of the shoot. A second
rate reality show wonk just out for her money.
Get Real. Anybody could see this guy coming a mile
away. I hope she had a good pre-nump. Maybe so.
Maybe not so stupid after all..

1585 days ago


Since when is Bullock Jewish? "She arranged for a bris........."? WTF? The child is black and unless HIS mother was a Jew (which is very unlikely), he is not Jewish.

I have no idea whether she was aware of all the Nazi crap James was in to however, one can be very interested in Hitler and the control issues the idiot had without being anti-Semitism! He had a whole country believing every word he said..........pathetic.

1585 days ago
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