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Sandra & Angelina -- The Adoption Connection

4/28/2010 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie share a very interesting connection -- and it all has to do with their adopted babies Louis Bardo and Maddox, respectively ... and the timing of their divorces.


Sandra told People Magazine she and Jesse James set the wheels in motion to adopt Louis Bardo together ... but divorce changed the plan.  Sandra now says she's filing for single parent adoption.

TMZ has learned that's exactly what happened between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.  Although this has not been reported, sources connected with their divorce in 2003 tell TMZ, Angie and B.B. were going to jointly adopt Maddox, but when they decided to divorce, the plan changed and Billy Bob backed out of the adoption.

Adoption experts we've spoken with say turning a husband/wife adoption into a single parent adoption can complicate the adoption process ... but it seems to have worked out for both Angelina and Sandra.


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HUGE difference between Sandra and Angelina...


1604 days ago


How can the adoption be settled? That quick? All the Nazi stuff? Ex-Porn stars as wives and its all wrapped up neatly in a bow?

Jesse used to be married to an ex-porn-star. So we all know that he-be freaky! Do not tell me that that is "not" a man that she new that she married? And I confident enjoyed beyond her America's Sweet Heart personage.

Something is still very very fishy with this story. Like a quick ejection of a once-willing-sexual-co-conspirator to save the reputation of an actress that just became "Golden" Bank with a Tigeresque brand-name for the Hollywood Cash Cow.


1604 days ago


they should all chat together unlimited for only $50 when they sign up for Fuzion Mobile! and they can keep their smartphones and numbers! yay!

1604 days ago


When I saw the baby I immediately remembered what happened when Angelina Jolie and Mr. Sling Blade separated. Good Ol' Boys would never be the father to an ethnic baby, no matter how much they loved their wives. It's a personal choice. Do not judge.

1604 days ago


julie, look up Lauryn Galindo and Seattle International Adoptions. Not gossip, actual facts. There's been a moratorium on Cambodian adoptions in the U.S. because of this agency Jolie used. No matter how much she claims (after the fact) that Maddox is the exception to this agency's Cambodian policies there's no way to prove otherwise. BBT even voiced concern back in 2002 about the legality of the adoption, something that's been swept under the rug since. Why this never got the backlash Madonna had, is another story.

1604 days ago


Eileen, when that happened the whole thing was investigated and Angelina along with some other American Families were said to be "blind sided" by the agency and they were allowed to keep their babies. Angelina couldn't even Bring her son to the US until the investigation by the US was over. As I said her adoption and other Americans were cleared.

1604 days ago


Thank god Jessie will not be around the baby. He is a terrible father to the kids he already has. I would not let him around my pets much less a kid.

1604 days ago


Hey, do you guys know who "stole" tate Donaven from Sandra Bullock once upon a time? 1 guess.... and it wasn't Angelina jolie. Poor sandy has been cheated on in every relationship. Jennifer Aniston stole Tate From Bullock. LOLOLOL how you like them apples?

1604 days ago


Yeah, I call shena****ns on the UN Goodwill Ambassador who prides herself on keeping up with worldly issues being "blind-sided" by the shadiness of a quickie Cambodian adoption.

Good on Sandra for waiting four years to adopt properly.

1604 days ago


kooky - where are u? ur the only thing that makes this website entertaining

1604 days ago


Yeah well, when you are a multimillionaire, being a single parent takes on a whole new meaning. It's not like this kid is going to be on welfare, a latchkey and looking for low rent housing.

1604 days ago


hah! above.. all those slutty whores will eventually turn 40 and get really weird too. ha ha

1604 days ago


Hate to tell ya, but I remember reading this way back then... so it's not an "unreported" story.

1604 days ago


hmmm (39):

One big difference. Bullock and Tate weren't married. That is the point of dating. If you find someone more compatible or whatever it is actually expected that you will/should break up with them. All of us have been the "other" woman or man at some point by your logic then.

1604 days ago


TMZ is full of it. Yeah, the Angelina-Billy Bob joint adoption intentions prior to the split WAS reported before. You guys are really late to the trough on this "news."

1604 days ago
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