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Tiger Woods -- Why I'm a Nickelback Groupie ...

4/28/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods just had a press conference moments ago, where he DEFENDED himself for attending a Nickelback concert last week -- unfortunately, he didn't explain how he was able to sit through it.

Tiger just took the mic in North Carolina, where he's preparing for this weekend's Quail Hollow Championship.

... and now we have that damn "Photograph" song stuck in our heads.

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Hey its nice to be rich and talented at the same time. So I guess he's the only one thats done this. Give me a break, next few weeks it will be another one on here, you know the all and evil empire of men. lol. least not forget the man that was king of the white house, I believe his name was Bill, working deals in the Oval orfice. Heres the deal, Tiger will win may more tournys and life goes on, and his sponsors will be crying to get back on board, but guess what, the train has left the station. Roar like the TIGER YOU ARE !

1607 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Hey Tiger, start scratching your nose with your middle finger once
in a while.

1607 days ago


Who cares what this pig does anymore. I am sick of hearing about Woods and even more sick of his hooker girl friends. He isn't even a top golfer anymore and I found his Nike ad, where he tried to resurrect his dead father, ghoulish and desperate.

1607 days ago

pat m    

Freak.......we don't care what you like and don't like anymore. Get a clue.... no one believes a word you say... so SHUT UP!!!

1607 days ago


Is everything he does from now on going to be scrutinized? I am not a fan of his, but he is trying to move on with his life. Does the so called "media" get a high with their vindictiveness towards him? He only hurt Elin and his children - he owes nothing to the rest of us - get over it.

1607 days ago


Tiger + Nickleback = DOUCHELORD CENTRAL
i think this may be the funniest article TMZ has ever written...i`m just thinking of what the plane messages will be at the next golf tourney...("Tiger: You Love Nickleback? I Don't. Nobody Really Does. That's Really Weird and Douchey!")


1607 days ago


I love it! An Alberta radio station with a no Nickelback policy. These guys are ******* who have written the same song 100 times. Just boring & predictable. It figures that Tiger would dig these guys. Bet he's a big Ricky Martin fan too. Tiger's name should have been *****. His Golfing days are over. His every move will be photographed. No sneaking whores around, his life is over. Not a minutes time to work on Golf.

1607 days ago


He has a big body and a little head; I guess that's why he can't think right. Can you say steroids?

1607 days ago


Poor Tiger! People criticized him for going to see his friends! wahhhhh! Elin won't let him go see his "friends" either! wahhh! POOR TIGER! All he wants to do his stick his pee pee into some ladies squishy cha chas and everyone is mean to him! I'm crying a river for you ****head!

By the way, the Tiger story will not die until he acknowleges what he did. He still hasn't done that. "I had some indiscretions.." isn't exactly a mea culpa. Tiger still has to deal with his upcoming divorce and the book which includes details of his GAY activities in 3-ways.

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1607 days ago


What a bunch of rock throwers, get a life, So what if he went running around, it he was his choice and most of you would give your right arm to be in his position. Fact is most men and women have thoughts of having affairs, and alot of you do it, so before you start throwing those rocks in that glass house you live in take a look in your own backyard, I think we will call this the "Jimmy Swaggart syndrome." Rock on Tiger ! And by the way Tiger Woods is still ranked Number 1 in the world. Yes the world needs a alot more saints, just like the ones that I have been reading from on this page, lol

1607 days ago


P.S. he already admitted to what he did, I;m sure we will be buying the books soon. It want be long to those start hitting the shelves, I can see it now " Tiger Woods behind the Clubs" "The Tiger that beat Wilt Chamberlins record and how he did it." "Tiger Woods 101 ways to pick-up women." Yes I see a whole new revunue generator here, Oh heres one, " How to handle yourself while in Vegas" Wait a minute, didn't Elvis write that one?

1607 days ago


It's time that Tiger and his Mashie Niblick retired forever. He may, or may not, be a great golfer and to honest, I don't care one way or the other, BUT...his credibility is gone FOREVER and he will FOREVER be nothing more than a great big joke who plays with balls !! What a stupid man and what about the women he "played a round" with? What kind of lowlife s*** are they?

1607 days ago



1607 days ago



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1607 days ago


Mr. Lonewolf:
While many people may have THOUGHT about having an affair, only a small percentage of them have actually DONE it. There is a huge difference.
Also, although some people have HAD affairs, VERY VERY VERY few of them go screwing dozens of women (and a few men) and even fewer of them have a newborn baby at home and sponsors paying him hundreds of millions of dollars to have him use his squeaky clean image of perfection to endorse their products.

Look up s***bag hypocrite in the encyclopedia and you will see a picture of Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.

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1607 days ago
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