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Lindsay Lohan -- Bound for Jail

4/30/2010 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has violated the terms of her probation and is headed for a showdown in court next month that will almost certainly land her in jail.

Lohan -- who is on probation for DUI -- has not fulfilled the alcohol education requirement laid down by the judge ... TMZ has learned.

Judge Marsha Revel made it clear to Lindsay late last year, she must attend alcohol ed courses once every 7 days.  The only exception -- if she was in inpatient rehab.  And the judge was explicit ... if Lindsay did not comply with the terms of probation, she was going to jail.


The school in which Lindsay enrolled is required by state law to inform the court only if the student is MIA for 21 days.  So here's the disconnect: The school has not reported an attendance violation ... because Lindsay frequently waited until the 21st day to attend classes.

Bottom line -- Lindsay met the school's requirement, but squarely violated the judge's order.

We've learned what's going to come out at Lindsay's progress hearing on May 20 -- that she has habitually violated the judge's requirement to attend classes at least once every 7 days. 

0430_lilo_small_doc_launchJudge Revel has made it clear to Lindsay -- no more chances.  If probation is violated, she's going to jail ... and probation was repeatedly violated.

We asked Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, for comment and received the following email:  "We have received no negative written report from the program and contend Ms. Lohan is therefore in compliance."  Good lawyering for sure, because -- as we just told you -- the program may not have a problem with Lindsay, but the judge is going to have a big problem. 



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What is the s***bag LUSH gravel voiced mother of hers going to say now???????

1639 days ago


that's one used up bltch

1639 days ago


Looks like TMZ is the big snitch in this case.If the program said nothing, then it looks like TMZ is the whistle blower. Hey lets keep count on the days Lindsay attends, then we will break the story. Oh and if she goes to jail, bigger story. Bet TMZ is the one who called the police and said she was driving drunk leaving the club. Bingo, getting a picture linds getting a DUI, priceless. Harvey stick to your day job, interviewing ghetto people on the street asking them " do you think the defendant should repay the plaintiff damages cause her weave was made out of goat hair instead of horse hair like she was promised"?

1639 days ago


At this point, she needs a reality check = jail. She was so zoned out at that hearing, that if I were the judge she would have been tested then put in the slammer for violating probation. Is she supposed to be out at all hours of the night drinking, AND going to classes for DUI. Man, what an oxymoron that is!

1639 days ago


Consequences for Lilo? Ha! I'll believe it when I see it.

1639 days ago


She is going to wind up dead if there is not a serious intervention in her life. She looks terrible and it's obvious that she's drinking and doing drugs. She has ruined what's left of her career...which now amounts to stupid, trashy "art" photos. An addicts biggest downfalls are their ego and their arrogance. Once they are sober for a while, they begin to think they can control their addiction...hence why Lindsay believes she can still drink and party in moderation. My sister was a serious drug addict and six months in jail saved her life.

1639 days ago


Now THAT is a pic of one messed up gal. Maybe her and Amy Winehouse can room together. Talk about skankish and butt ugly.

1639 days ago


36. Lindsay Lohan SHOULD be thrown in jail for violating her probation and then slapped with another 90 days for Contempt of Court.
I hope that the Judge will be hard on her.
Her career is over.
I predict that she will be dead before the age of 30.

Posted at 5:10 AM on Apr 30, 2010 by Ghoster

I dont think the train wreck will live to see 25.

1639 days ago


Incarcerate the entire family. They're all deadbeats and druggies, right! RIGHT!!!

1639 days ago


First pic of LiLo in the daytime that I've seen in a while - it's very clear to me now. She's a vampire. Or a meth addict.

1638 days ago


Thinking this is an old pic! The video of her leaving LA from last night shows her brunette. Unless she went back to blonde and got roots overnight....

1638 days ago


I have just one question and hopefully, somone with an education can answer it........

Why the hell is Lohan not required to have a UA while on probation? They should be testing her once a week! Is she on supervised or un-supervised prbation?

1638 days ago

Enough Already    

Clearly another case of a Hollywood family who sought fame and fortune through their kids and ended up in the toilet. Look at them all now. What a mess and what a sad excuse for parenting. As much as I hate to see anyone go to jail, I sure hope this judge keeps his balls and stands by his word and throws her ass in there. If nothing else, just to prove that the rich and famous are NOT exempt from the law. As #92 said, incarcerate the entire family. Just might be what the doctor ordered to help save their sorry ass'......

1638 days ago

Dennis F.    

How do you get deep forehead wrinkles at 23? I didn't have them until my late 30s.

1638 days ago


This picture is obviously from the previous court date.

@Tim, Rob and Matt:

You were probably the ones who passed the test answers around class, stole peoples lunches and smoked pot in the back of the school. Only people who have/had something to hide would get defensive about snitches.

If you are in the wrong, then take responsibility and OWN UP TO whatever you did.

1638 days ago
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