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Lindsay Lohan: 'My Sister Is Fine'

4/29/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says the things her father has been saying about her are "just foul"... and claims 16-year-old Ali Lohan is doing "fine."

LiLo went on 102.7 KIIS-FM with JoJo Wright last night, where she claimed ... despite her partying she's been "working a lot" and "in a really good place" ... and it's "not a crime to go and have fun with your friends."

She also said, "My sister is fine and she is in school" -- and her father Michael Lohan's anti-Lindsay press tour "only builds negative press" and "hurts me."


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Ali is out in LA to 1) visit her sister 2) work on projects with Lindsay 3) continue to receive training in acting, singing, modeling (that's likely the school Lindsay refers to when she states Ali is in school). Ali is NOT just out in LA to go shopping with Lindsay and be papped. And contrary to what's reported in the tabloids, she doesn't go to nightclubs with Lindsay. That's evidenced by the numerous tabloid shots of Lindsay going to parties where Ali is no where to be seen. Ali is the best behaved of the Lohans, no dumb tweeting, no bad behavior. Actually, Ali doesn't talk to the media. The last time you heard form her was Living Lohan, 2 years ago when she was 14. That's intelligent.

1603 days ago


I wish i could have party all nite long,then get up and going to school. I think she is look great for a young 40-something. Are you sure Mike her father and not keith where is their mother hiding,so lindsay can't say it has her fault. Its easy say yes dear then being a parent. I think this family needs super-nanny.

1603 days ago

john coffey    

i find it sad, that, so many, people, want to put, the boot,
in, to lindsay, she is not a well, lady, she needs proffesional help, addictions,are not very nice, She is in denial, i pray,
that she gets to rehab, sooner, rather than,later, before it is too late, i am a recovering alcholic, i had too go to rock bottom,
before i done something about it, i will pray that she gets, the help, she needs, God, grant me the serenity, to accept, the things i cannot, change, the courage, to, change, the things, i can, and the wisdom, to know the difference, god bless, john coffey.

1603 days ago


Dope heads always hate the parent speaking the truth about their condition. Dinah is great to Lindsey because she looks the other way for a paycheck. I feel sorry for Lindsey with a Mom like Dinah she does not stand a chance.

1603 days ago


I'm in no means defending Lindsay, but for crying out loud, leave Ali be. Everybody's treating her like she's 10. She's 16, people. Don't be a hypocrite and say you didn't party when you were 16. Besides, how sure are you that Ali was actually served alcohol in that blasted bar? You weren't there. You didn't see her sip that evil beverage. It's all just speculation.

1603 days ago


Whose the brainiac parent who sent a 16-year-old girl to life with her party-hardy addict sister?

That is messed up, and she's going to end up just as bad as her big sis! Or big sis is going to get lil' sis in a BAD situation!

1602 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is setting a bad example for her little sister.

1582 days ago


DAMN!!!! ya'll are hatin' wouldn't you do what she's doing if you had all that money and freedom.Just like Katt Willams say's hater's are going to keep hatin' and the more the better cuz that's what keep's her in the spot light. SH**!!

1555 days ago
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