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M.I.A. Kid Explains Gun to the Head in Video

4/29/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

12-year-old Ian Hamrick gets his head blown off in M.I.A.'s new music video ... and he sounds like a 50-year-old philosopher as he explains why he let someone put a gun to his head.

As Ian and his mother left Jerry's Deli in Studio City, the ginger explained that the violent "Born Free" vid actually carries a powerful, anti-genocide message.

As for his mom and retired cop dad -- they gave their blessing ... but never expected anyone to see the video in the U.S.


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I really love the song and vid too bad noone understands real music these days noone knows art.

1639 days ago

Brian Parris    

This kid is a bad ass. His parents are doing something right if hes not running around like every other 14 year old at raves doing xtc, literally destroying his brain.

1639 days ago

Chantelle O'Hara    

Calling this kid a "Ginger" is soooo old!! In Australia we call them "Ranga" after Orang Utans! Look for TV Series called Summer Heights High and you'll get it.

1639 days ago


Okay what's with the Ginger comment ?!?! Someone should smack you in your face ! Would you call out another race ? No , I don't think you would .... ****HEADS

1639 days ago


sick! his parents make me wanna puke! shame on them!!!!

1639 days ago


It was a ****ed up video, but sent a strong message

1639 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Aaahhhh, what a cute little Ranga he is

1639 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Yes Chantelle you're right, Ranga = Redhead. Just like Australian = drunken, racist, cultureless moron

1639 days ago


Considering the kid's dad is a retired cop, as stated in the video, I'm sure the message of violence was informed to him and he had a vague idea if not a full one as he told TMZ.

1639 days ago


This conveys an anti-violence message in much the same way that Sasha Grey being serviced by four guys at once is a protest against hard-core porn...It all makes sense now!

1639 days ago

Bobby Joe    

**** MIA for her support of the LTTE. She worships a terrorist organisation and she has the balls to do this?

1639 days ago

Lil Jim    

It's ridiculous that anyone is taking this personally. The point is to show something disgusting and offensive in the most blatant and obscene terms to make a political point. It's much more striking to see it illustrated in America vs. the far off lands that are pictured in the News every night with nary a complaint. Saying you're against genocide is not saying you're against the US, nor is it saying that violence is never an acceptable alternative.

1638 days ago


That song sux. The video looked super cheap and they were only rounding up gingers, so who cares?

1638 days ago


He seems like a good kid, and he obviously gets the message but I wouldn't go overboard in saying he sounds like a middle aged philosopher. That really shows how little exposure TMZ has to intellects and above-par brilliance.

1638 days ago


The "ginger" comment is uncalled for. Try Redhead next time. Ginger is quickly becoming a nasty word...We are PROUD REDHEADS!!!

1638 days ago
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