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M.I.A. Kid Explains Gun to the Head in Video

4/29/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

12-year-old Ian Hamrick gets his head blown off in M.I.A.'s new music video ... and he sounds like a 50-year-old philosopher as he explains why he let someone put a gun to his head.

As Ian and his mother left Jerry's Deli in Studio City, the ginger explained that the violent "Born Free" vid actually carries a powerful, anti-genocide message.

As for his mom and retired cop dad -- they gave their blessing ... but never expected anyone to see the video in the U.S.


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there is no " deep anti genocide " message in that video. just some idiot director trying to get attention through shock. plain and simple.

1444 days ago


Yep the director is using this to promote his psycho movie CALLED ....wait for really.....REDHEAD????? This is not a joke? It's premiering in September and is already made? So more redhead bashing and killing. yIKes. BUT none of us should be picking on the littlest dude in that crappy video. He rocked it. plain and simple.

1443 days ago


After listening to lindsey lohan's dad, fake care that since he is a drug addict, party guy., is shocked about Lindsey being a drug addict and a party girl and now his little Allie is a drug addict party girl in training and he's shocked and scared about this? Where was he her first 16 years? You don't wait until kids get 16 to be all in their face about JUST SAY NO to drugs and drinking!!!! I'd rather listen to a normal kid like Ian any day. That kid is great and if he is the next big thing., DON'T WATCH TMZ and DON'T BE ON TMZ EVER AGAIN., Ian you do not want to be with all those whiny, sad stupid tabloid actor idiots. STAY UP THERE WITH THE BRAD PITTS AND GEORGE CLOONEY'S OF THE WORLDS. YOU'RE LIKE RON HOWARD JR!!!!! Opie in mayberry unite!!!!!!

1442 days ago


I was also in this travesty of a music video and have a couple of things to say -
1st - anyone offended by the term ginger should get a grip. It's only offensive if you make it offensive. I couldn't care less if people call me a ginger.
2nd - there was one black cop on the bus. He is the one banging on the gate in the bus. There were other black guys at the audition but apparently they decided that mainly the white guys portrayed ***holes the best.
3rd - the song is just senseless noise. The "hero" ginger, the one they show throughout the video and who gets beaten to death at the end, is a dancer for MIA. Judging by the dancing I saw him do on set and after hearing this song, it leads me to believe there isn't much talent going on at an MIA concert.
4th - Being edgy or pushing the envelope doesn't always mean that you are being intelligent or sophisticated. Sometimes if just means you are going too far.

1442 days ago


He's alive and well on this Ridley Scott Associates hommage

1319 days ago
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