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Nic Cage to Afterlife -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/30/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage had good cell reception when he and his wife Alice Kim visited the actor's bizarre pyramid mausoleum thing in New Orleans last weekend.

Finally, something for the "National Treasure" actor to be buried in -- besides debt.


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She has a nasty flat ass

1637 days ago


He is definitely a strange man but at least we can see where all his money goes.

1637 days ago


I really love this guy. Always thought he was an incredibly gifted actor but just a weeeeeee bit 'weird' I suppose. Good-weird though(hell, I just LOVE Michael in all his 'cute-quirkiness' so what can I say?). The pyramid-mausoleum-freaky-thingy just cracked my ass up! He really IS alot like MJ in that respect. Always has me waiting for the next bit of strange news about his recent 'antics':) However, you can see the strain is wearing on poor Nic. Check the hair! lol! Nic isn't a dumb man so I always wondered how he could allow such a devastatingly huge financial meltdown to occur. This phone call is probably his newest notification that he's gonna have to sell something else. That shot of Alice is rather funny too. It needs to have a caption under it reading, "Look Nicky-baby,Luvs ya but I really didn't 'sign up' for all this bull****....kay?! Can we get goin' to Tiffany's now? You PROMISED....PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE?!"

1637 days ago


2. He is definitely a strange man but at least we can see where all his money goes.

Posted at 12:35 AM on Apr 30, 2010 by Irene

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Hey Irene! Is this the same Irene who's the MJ fan from Holland? Just wonderin':)

1637 days ago


What happen to Cage???he looks so old....

1637 days ago


maybe he is trying to explain the rent check got lost in the mail....

1637 days ago


As he has lost all his other homes he is looking to use the mausoleum as his new home.

1637 days ago


Nic.....You have entered the TWILIGHT ZONE!

1637 days ago


Hey Big Nick are you going to be using a Verizo pnone so you can be heard when your dead. When your reincarinated are you going to come back as a toliet seat?. Now you'll be able to see all the ********s.

1637 days ago


Nicholas appears to be an elderly homosexual. So what is Nicholas doing with the stinkfish?

Is Nicholas wearing a wig?


1637 days ago


Nicolas Cage is my boy, when he does a movie it would seems he enjoys them i.e. Face Off, on the other hand their should only be two hands on your money, your left hand and your right hand, what a Loser when it comes to finances but keep up the movies dawg and it will work out

1637 days ago


Has his wife grown up yet? She was like a cute, foolish little child when a reporter tried to interview her a while back.

1637 days ago


I`am going to be made into a living GEM when I go runaway 23!.Please pass me the TANG...NIC is the GREATEST ACTOR ALIVE so what gives with TMZ TRASH CANNEING~SS?.REMEMBER you only die this lifeTIME warner collection.Asian ladys really know how to cook the bacon&EGGS^.Can I have TMZ`s old T shirts when they are done with them I need some cleaning RAGS when will you be done with them?.NIC pays more taxes than any of us even made income in this lifetime warner JIMMY my KIMMEL&BIts.

1637 days ago


Nic is a caricature of the roles he plays. He's bought into the myth that each and every day he acts out a past role. That's not a cerebral thing, it's a crazy one!!!

1637 days ago


he does not know how to grow old..that wig is a shame,
so what if you go bold?
at least be gracefully about it, show your age !
and chose your movies carefully,
we don't care about your properties, only as an actor.
Good luck, sweet prince .

1637 days ago
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