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Nic Cage to Afterlife -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/30/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage had good cell reception when he and his wife Alice Kim visited the actor's bizarre pyramid mausoleum thing in New Orleans last weekend.

Finally, something for the "National Treasure" actor to be buried in -- besides debt.


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Wig or just really sad inplants....

1615 days ago


"Can you hear me now?"

1615 days ago


His hair looks great! His face resembles a dodo bird, with that proboscis (nose) of his. What an ugly looking thing he is. Definitley got a mug for radio LOL.

1615 days ago


I like weird people and I dislike "normal" people who live by watching and reading about "celebrities". Get a life. Life is art.

1614 days ago


shut the hell up world leave the guy alone have you got alot of nerve to talk about others and there money and debts what about your own have you planned for ur future yeah house money retirment well that also includes when your old or sudden death people make me sick grow the **** up and leave the rude comments to yourself get a life think about who will bury you in the end !!!!!!!!and ps the comment about the girl leave her alone she didnot ask you i think ur the sick perv for makeing the comment they have enough problems !

1614 days ago

Fred Napper    

Mark's been telling people he's an Orphan and was adopted by rich people. There's no explanation why. There's been a study that says people treat you differently if you're adopted, but why would Mark need the leg up? Thats the real question here, not the story, but the leg up. This doesn't exonerate him, but I feel it's a grand mistake.

1614 days ago


Nicolas Cage, Never forget the movie "Meet Joe Black". Taxes & Death...& your a strong guy as in handling your like & for Jonny Depp you got a friend . Don't let anyone: anything get in your way. Everthing happens for a reason... Take care of yourself...
Take care , because GOD does...(Good Honest Dession)I really don't care what people say, because they can not judge anyone, but themselves....K.T. :]

1614 days ago


If one were from New Orleans or even lived here for any length of time one would know that this tomb is nothing unusual other than it's shape. Above ground tombs are common here because the water table is two feet down.

1614 days ago


i dont see a problem with him getting he's things done before he dose die this way he knows it's payed for.i think next time he will take better care of he's money.when it starts comeing in again.this probly wouldn't happend if these actors pay more attention to there money and the person behine it.i think he's a alsome actor.i love he's movies.keep your spirts up nicolis cage.

1614 days ago


Money is there to spend!
Why not! Maybe it is his last Wish.

1613 days ago


I highly doubt that this thing built FOR him... So that makes me wonder if it's currently empty - and if so, then why? OR, is there someone in it that will have to be removed before he can "move in" ??? Or.. is there somone already in it that he's going to share it with?
Also: surely he knows what happens there if it floods and there is enough water to submerge those mausoleums?
By the way, I bet they were about to burst into flames, with those jeans and long-sleeved shirts.. in NEW ORLEANS! That place is torturously HOT and HUMID!

1613 days ago


kill'em slowly but surely, he knows anytime could be his time to go thats wutts real bout it....come on now, a movie star go into DEBT, buy a GRAVE, and in the shape of a PYRAMID...could the INDUSTRY be killing someone or GROUP gettin to him.....the LIGHT doesnt blind me as it does others....U CAN CLEARLY SEE WUTTS HAPPENING

1612 days ago


There is nothing wrong with a person planning for their final resting place. I would like to know why people think this is weird? Sometimes, people just know when the end is near for them or perhaps this should be looked upon that he is preparing this so his family and friends won't have to. It's a lot to lose someone you love and have to worry about all of those arrangements of top of a loss. Perhaps he is ill and has not shared this with anyone but his wife. I think this society is so darn judgemental.
Lisa NH

1519 days ago


I have not read so many judgmental comments about an a great actor, albeit an eccentric one, who is hurting no one but himself and wife (financially speaking).
What do you guys want from him? Conformity? Should he just go to Hollywood, live in the hills, hop from nightclub to nightclub, taking drugs and hang with other celebs so he can seem more of an usual Hollywood whack-job?
You know what drives me out of my mind? Everyone worrying about his taxes and his purchases. Why do people (not the IRS)want so badly to comment on his financial status and what he decides to purchase? I am so surprised that some here liken him to Michael Jackson! Are you guys mental? Has Nic ever been accused of seducing a child? He's still alive and still married so doesn't that show some responsibility?
If Nic were just some rich guy, not a celeb, who went around buying all sorts of stuff, castles, mausoleums, jets and other such luxury items would there be so much press about his purchases?
Has anyone ever heard of him being rude to those he works with(Christian Bale, Mel Gibson and some others fit this bill)? Wouldn't that be something more important to write about? I would think so but see if you are some rag mag and simply send your paparazzi to take candid pics you are going to make sure he looks his worst and craziest then throw out some stupid blurb in your rag mag (which by the way is geared to 4 yr olds, that is a fact).
As for his wife, who the hell cares what she looks like? Are those who have commented here look better or have better looking spouses or significant others? Maybe they are to you, but what if everyone got a shot of you out with said person and people started bashing her/him. How is that relevant?
As far as I am concerned Nic makes fun movies and some excellent serious movies as well. He is one of the most versatile actors around and I couldn't care less about what he spends his money on, what his wife looks like and what the IRS wants from him.
Maybe instead of worrying/hating/freaking out about Nic, why don't you guys pay attention about the important things going on around you, like say massive oil spills in the Gulf Of Mexico (which Nic has donated money to help the people of Louisiana, endangered species being wiped out around the world, those people who live in poverty and the war in Iraq. Nah, maybe that would be asking a lot from you all here.

1516 days ago

janette hiles    

i love you nic, everything about you. i have been in love with you for the past 20 years, don't listen to them, you look great. i am happy for you that you found something so exciting to be buried in. everything you do, and love, i love too. hoping for true happiness for you.

1516 days ago
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