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Octomom -- Bring on the Farm Animals!

4/30/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman took one of her 14 kids on an irony-filled field trip this week ... to a children's museum petting zoo.

We're told the photos were taken Wednesday at the Children's Museum at La Habra -- where Octo visited the Farm Animal Friends exhibit.

The exhibit is designed to show people what it's like to live in a barn full of cute and domesticated creatures.


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So, lemme make sure I have this right: The mother of 14 is out of the house with one child (leaving the other 13 at home with babysitters) five days out of the past ten? Disneyland x4 and now the petting zoo. Freshly done nails suggest she also worked in her weekly manicure. Funny, these constant field trips weren't mentioned on Oprah when she was singing her idiotic sob story about being there for her kids 24/7. Also, why is she always going out in her underwear? It's like she's always forgetting to wear a top or pants == like that crazy mafia guy in NYC who wanders the streets in his pj's and robe.

1640 days ago


Well , at least she doesn't sell out her kids to make money like Kate does. She is NOT on any welfare and has turned down reality shows as she won't exploit her children.. unlike Kate. And at least she does fun things with her kids , unlike Kate . Kate only does it for the money, and doesn't enjoy her children.

1640 days ago


Doesn't she have more than one kid? Jeez... I think it would have been nice if my mom -- mother of 6 -- were able to take only one of us out at a time. She was a real woman, who, when she left the house, for shopping or entertaining, took all of us -- all six. This woman sucks as a mom, and a disappointment as a woman...

1640 days ago



1640 days ago

dirty diana    

why with 14 of the little f%^kers does she always only have one?!?!?!? well, at least she has ONE. kate NEVER has any of hers!!!

1640 days ago


It's good that she's trying to give her kids some individual attention and take them out on their own, but who is watching her kids while she's going on these outings? And who is paying for that childcare??

1640 days ago

Snow White    

She really needs to stop wearing her 7 year old daughter's clothes. She's stretching them out too much.

1640 days ago

Snow White    

So which of these barnyard animals is she going to be banging first?

Posted at 6:03 AM on Apr 30, 2010 by Whamo
None, Whamo. The animals have better taste than that!

1640 days ago


When does that woman EVER stay home with her kids????

1640 days ago


Ummm, Barb. She got canned from her own reality show. Eyeworks dropped her option. LOL!

1640 days ago


petting zoos are cruel to animals------how would you like to be unable to get away from hoards of brats all day long , constantly touching or slapping you ?
what humans do to animals only shows how ignorant we are------------

1640 days ago


Anyone notice it is always the same son she takes everywhere? Disneyland twice, now the museum? Did she forget she has 13 others? She clearly favors just this one child, all the rest should go to homes where they will get love and attention!

1640 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Look at her pointing at the kid in the first pic. I bet she's saying "are you sure that's one of mine?"

1640 days ago

pat vega     

barb. you must have not watch o show. IT SHOWED THAT SHE had 3 nannys during the day and zero at night. o asked her why did'nt she have one of them at night to help her out. her answer was the state would not pay for that. it was only daytime care.In by book thats called welfare. yes she was cancelled for the reality show. also glora allred went to court to block her getting the money direct for the kids and how much air time the kids would have.that was showed on 1 of the news chanels, camers were out side of the court. every time she opens her mouth lies come out.

1640 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

**Jeez....all the BEST insults are taken.

**All I can say is that looks like a street corner working girl outfit....she only takes ONE kid with her (who she takes most often)....and SOMEBODY watches her brood a lot while she is always out roaming.

**WHO pays for her "nannies" babysitters? And outings? I thought she was broke and begging.....

1640 days ago
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