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Octomom -- Bring on the Farm Animals!

4/30/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman took one of her 14 kids on an irony-filled field trip this week ... to a children's museum petting zoo.

We're told the photos were taken Wednesday at the Children's Museum at La Habra -- where Octo visited the Farm Animal Friends exhibit.

The exhibit is designed to show people what it's like to live in a barn full of cute and domesticated creatures.


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Done- On sooo many levels! Did you notice they kept panning to the blank faced babies? Heartbreaking...she was more interested in analizing Kate's kids while she had 10 or 11 crying within feet of her. Also, must have been right after her supposed "female surgery." (Big lie!) Her face is swollen & bruised, the whole left side of her face was paralized,(notice she wiped the drool w/ napkin, her lips are disfigured & once when she bent over, nearly crushing a baby, you could see her support garment that you have to wear after tummy tuck/lipo suction. This needs to fall into the right hands. That pos must be stopped. Thx. for sharing Done.

1634 days ago


Hello are you today......? Not sure if I have seen that video ....I need a link. I see that you have arrived on the forum... see you there.....

1634 days ago



This was just obscene in so many ways. Obviously Radar wanted to highlight differences between the Gosselins kids on screen being normal kid with productive lives and a nurturing mom and this horrible travesty. Lowest moment for me is when she is lolling around looking stoned and sleazy surrounded by caged, screaming, sad impaired kids and going on and on about how the normal and prosperous-looking Gosselins might have problems having unhappy kids from being on TV. Right. Whereas she would improve on that with her expert observations. If this had been a puppy mill she would have been arrested on the spot.

And utterly revolting how she was propped up with her shirt pulled open over her chest in a pose to suggest she was breastfeeding while stuffing a pacifier into a baby's mouth .She'shoving ice cream into her own mouth and lazing around while she is surround by crying babies who generally cry when they are hungry or need tending to.. ..I don't care about her tummy tuck. Waht concerns me is her jamming her dirty fingers into infant mouths and using the same pacifier on eight different babies. She now feeds them with same spoons. Which of course means one sick baby times eight. And it's pretty obvious that several of these babies and probably Calyssa have mental impairments. And none of the 14 have been taught any socialized disciplines by her. I cna't imagine how hard it will for these children's teachers to work with so many feral kids. and not fair to the other kids in the class for how much time that will take, either.
I've never watched the Gosselins. I can't imagine why anyone would spend their TV time watching anyone else's family in the first place. Burt form the little I've senin passing of the Gosselin kids hey all look well-cared for and well brought up. You don't look at the Gosselin kids and tink jail time and welfare offices.

I just feel so incredibly sorry for that kid with the lip. I suspect that they might have written him off. There is something about the way Angela was protectively cuddling him as a newborn in an instinctively desperate way that suggest to me that there is way more there than has been told about this baby's actual condition.

If you think people not care for this woman now, wait until the inevitable happens and one of these kids gets hurt by another or worse.

I do not find Toxomom interesting in the least. Every society needs examples of toxic people who are their own worst enemy and make self-destruction a public spectacle.. But the collateral damage in this is more kids than are on my entire block being left to the whims of a delusional sociopath.

I don't even really care how much money she has blown through. because it's pretty obvious she isn't going to be seeing very much more of it again ever. And, neither will her lawyer. You could say she'll be punished by an 18 year sentence of being in that mess with no money, closets full of crap that have long ceased to fit her - -- and heaps of non-functioning electronics and broken toys. Ten boys and four girls, most opting into their teens at once.

And i think America will have the worst of it. She'll be trapped into being her mother's unpaid indentured servant and be stuck having to wear those horrible clothes long after no one in her peer groups would ever touch them.

The only way she'll ever see any money is possibly if she sues her lawyer for the shoddy way he has dealt with all of this. She can't sue Kamrava and actually can't sue much of anyone . Because then her own actions become open to the courts and what you know about her grifting is very little. But what these two know about each other should make for an out of court settlement favorable to her. There had to be away she had a lot of untaxed income for ten years to leave behind all those closets full of clothes and rooms heaped to the ceiling with toys in the first house. Angela's pension could never have gone that far.

I just love how she keeps claiming she wanted one more because she was "doing well". Say WHAT? But see what I mean? HOW exactly was she doing well---unless she had a way to be doing well. She gave herself away with that one.

1634 days ago

pat vega     

hey done & vic. I went on radors web site. I found alot of the vidios with otom. I didn'nt want to look at all them . can you tell which one shows the really gross things. the one you two are talking about. I would appreciate it. she is gross period no matter which vidio it is. I was hoping after the o show. that glora allred would do something. because those kids are in danger.the boy that she took to disneyland is the one that kicked his grandmother and bite her.His also the one that would not get up to go to schoo. so he gets rewarded by being taken to disneyland.thanks you guys

1634 days ago


Hi Pat
This is 1 to look at that Done included-it shows about as much as one can stomach in a day, the next 1 would probably be the Oprah one but, Done & Lucifer can tell you better.
Done- You made, as usual, very insightful & accurate points. The reason I do care about the tummy tuck & other plastic surgery is for several very important reasons.
1. While sitting their on her high horse judging the Gosselin's, she stated the importance of having trusts set up for the kids to keep the parents from "misusing" money meant for the kids...HELLO,
Not 1 person that stupidy donated to her children would have wanted her to spend it on herself via shopping srees, eyelashes, plastic surgery, etc!
2.She choose to go off when the babies were barely all home to have (even if we believe HER) have an elective surgery...that was a predictor of future events for sure!
3. She put herself in a position for which she could have died...leaving 14 children w/o a plan.
Anyway, I wish she'd grow up & do the right thing...or CPS will.

1634 days ago


She also deliberately chose to have some of her her elective surgeries the same week just before some of her older kids birthdays. Must have done wonders for their self-esteem while these new babies came into their lives. So much for giving each kid quality time. This is the sort of thing kids never ever forget either.
On the octuplets birthday week she did the bikini shoot and one oddly posed and heavily photoshopped picture of the babies with a cheap cake. None of the older kids were included. I don't think the older kids were even in her sleazy Christmas pictures either. Says a lot, no?

But it's a moot point. She decided to create herself as a business opportunity but it was her follow through of own persona and such heavily publicized constant bad judgement that made her such a toxic brand. And she can't undo it. She is a detested middle-aged welfare birthing-unit of 14 who delusionally sees herself as sweet sixteen and a carefree popular celebrity. who cares who she sees herself, that narcissistic delusion has cost her her future. Just think how much she'd ave right now if she had been showing what it really would be like to be a loving mother to these kids instead of being merely the nanny designator.

She is never going to make the money she needs to keep those kids going. She can't even make the money she needs to keep all that cosmetic surgery anchored. The petting zoo show her jowls sliding back down again -- third or fourth time?--and she's chunking out no matter what kind of iron spanx she's sausaged herself into. Eery proicedure makes her look more and more like a Looney Tunes character.

And that's not camel toe. That's how Depends -- she's very likely incontinent--look when you wear too tight sweatpants. Who wears tight sweatpants? Seriously? Another diaper-wearing member of the family.

I think other than appearing in courtrooms and when these kids get hurt or arrested, she's done,done,done. Bottom line is she has skeeved out too many people too often and with the same stale old lies. She'll collect a lot of money from welfare times 14, but no one cares what she thinks about the Gosselins or anything else and she never will have the life to which she prefers to be accustomed.

And now that she's brought attention to her grifting scams, she'll never even be able to go back to the things that brought her a lot of untaxed income either. She's just a few fake eyelashes away from the welfare office. It's those 14 poor kids stuck living a life most dogs never have to go through. 14,jeez.

1634 days ago


That is a very sad video. Link in #61.
Wow, had not seen it before. It makes me sick to watch her handle the babies. She's as maternal as a rock.

1633 days ago


I think she is gonna get the PERMINATE DISABILITY on June 15! I read up on that Md that says she deserves it, and he is known for that. Too bad for him, it is now going to be in the glare of the public eye. I hope the MDs do to him what they are doing to the fertility fruit cake.

I read she is getting 1900. a month for herself. For each preemie between 700-800. Same for the 3 older that are messed up. 700 x 11 is 7,700 + 1900. That is a cool 9,60...0. a month. Before the WICs ets. she can't live off that? She can't pay her house note?

And yes! I saw the divorce papers. She was Nayda DOUD...aka Suleman. I got it! Sulieman! OMG She changed her last name?

I also saw a tape of her that they just put out. She is leaving NY after the view, drops a glove, and I kid you not, squeals like a stuck pig, when she notices it. She also keeps giving that insane laugh.

Then she goes in the airport, with someone about as lame as she. 99% of the people find their way around airports, not these 2. After they finally figure out where to go, they go up to an unmanned position at the Delta ticket counter. Someone points to the line, apparently out of the camera's view. Do they go get in it? Nope, they keep standing there waiting for someone to come wait on them. Some little greeter gets behind the counter, not a reg Delta agent, then asks for ID..Numbrain says we forgot it? then they are sent to the line. What idiots! Delta personnel are use to people breaking line, especially in NYC..famous you know what? They don't leave the line of normal people to go wait on idiots like them. The people in line would riot.

1633 days ago


Hi Edward- Been awhile..Sorry any of us had to see that. What makes me sicker is she allowed that to be shot indicating it was ok. It just makes us all wonder, what goes on when the film crew isn't there? It's so sad. Like you said, "maternal as a rock". It's been a few days, I bet she'll make sure she gets her pic taken very soon. I wish for her sake, as a human being, she'd just lay low; stay away from public places & at least make an attempt to abort her quest for attention. Geez, she's got 14 kids- why all the attention seeking? Why can't they be enough?

1633 days ago


"Maternal as a rock" is an apt description Edward! I cringed every time I saw a picture of her holding a young baby. . .with it's head flopping back (no neck support at all). I'll never forget the pictures of her picking up a baby (while holding another) with one hand and almost dropping it. This is a woman who is supposed to have a degree in Early Childhood Development. . .I have my doubts about that.

1632 days ago


the real story is ...everyone knows the bigger the loser, the wilder the tales. How smart they are, how much enegry, etc..

But the facts speak...35, almost 40, no job, no husband, couldn't adopt, not high enough IQ, education, income, homelife...etc.

The facts are..people with a lot of money are giving back. Octo isn't giving back, she is still grabbing with both fists.
Octo couldn't get an ok to adopt a dog. Shelters have higher standards than to give her a stray.!

Her gene pool looks pretty bad...not only psychopaths but sociopahtys, crosseyed, and sorry, but I would have to spank that little phyco male twin every time I looked at him. not only nuts, but ugly temprement. no one, and I mean no one, is gonna want Octo'n genes/offsprings.

Someone said she said she was getting paid to have invetro..the implacation ...for eggs? If I was middle eastern and went to any of the doctors, even on the perimiters of this nightmare, much less got an egg? OMG I would demand a DNA test..then I would sue.. and sue.. and sue..the oneway plane to Russia? hey Palastine...I would have a jumbo jet chartered!

1632 days ago


to Romania!

1632 days ago

Sophia Anderson    

HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe that Nadya Suleman, the so called Octomom, has had her and her chidrens human rights abused. I watched the Oprah interview recently and am disturbed by the way the media has abused this poor woman’s privacy. She shouldn't be called Octomom but the ultimate Supermum! I think a new perspective is needed when looking at this particular story of motherhood. America is an individualistic culture and obviously still very patriarchal and conservative. It would be represented as a miraculous story if a middle class couple had produced this many children, but since it’s a single mother, she has been described with multiple defamatory labels. Any collective culture would naturally embrace all these births and the community would help out. It’s a miracle that we are now in a time, where America at least gives women the rights to keep their children. At least the law is protecting this poor women, and society's prejudices and stereotypes have not taken away her basic rights to mother her children. It was only a few decades ago that mothers in many countries such as Australia did not have any welfare for single mothers and mothers were left with the tragedy of having to put their child up for adoption. Instead of portraying this woman as a miracle for being able to successful give birth to 8 healthy children and continue to manage the daily struggle, she is portrayed as some mentally unfit monster. It was clear from the interview on Oprah that this woman is extremely capable of caring for her children as well as understanding their physical, psychological, emotional etc needs, it hasn't been highlighted enough that this woman almost completed her Masters with 6 children! Nadya Suleman is an amazing woman and mother and society needs to support her and defend her against the disgraceful discrimination and HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE she has suffered thus far.

1585 days ago


Oh, Sophie...if only you used your intelligence for a worthy cause..& if you had checked your facts before having your lil tantrum, you might be embarrassed. Nadya's mother primarily raised those kids & we, the tax payer supported them financially.
Human Rights Abuse...REALLY? She is the one calling the media, (wait until you see her on Silent Library) she is the one ABUSING her children by way of having more, neglecting & embarrassing them. So you think she's wonderful for spending THOUSANDS on plastic surgery? Eyelash extensions? Tummy tuck so she can squeeze into designer teenager clothing? Really?
You WATCHED Oprah & you are stating she is more than fit & capable? Ok...
Your quote: "Nadya Suleman is an amazing woman and mother and society needs to support her and defend her against the disgraceful discrimination and HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE she has suffered thus far." You are either Nadya or you are heavily medicated (or both)...either way DON'T BE AN OCTOMOM...SPAY, SPAY!

1584 days ago
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