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Pauly D & Vinny Soak Up the ... Ladies

4/29/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" tanned muscle stud Pauly D and his co-star Vinny basked underneath the glow of a bevy of bikini-clad, er, babes in Miami on Wednesday.

Let's hope these guys used protection or they may wake up with a nasty burn.



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Most of you guys and girls are pathetic. No wonder so many young girls are being bullied and have eating disorders because "adults" like you are just as bad as the bullies making them want to harm themselves. You should be ashamed of yourself to make such comments.

At least they have the confidence to wear what they want to. Obviously you all have nothing better to do than sit here and make fun of people to make up for "smaller things" on your end.

And I'll bet 75% of you weigh more than them and really have nothing nice to say about anyone. Get a life and a clue!

Good for you girls for not letting HaterZ like these people bring you down!

1605 days ago


look at those 4 fatties. Fatties ruined the pic.

1605 days ago


I'd bet anything that most of you defending these lumps of blubber are fat yourselves, especially you who imply that there's nothing wrong with the way they look. Nothing wrong, my @ss - these people took what they were born with and just ruined it. I have no doubt that a measurable share of my future taxes is going to go to medical treatments for this group of fatties once they are older, so I am well within my rights to lay on some of the derision they so richly deserve.

1605 days ago


James James James. You seem to know so much about everthing don't you?
There are people who aren't "fat" who are nice and respectful to others.
But I guess it's not your fault. I mean you took what little brains and decency "you were born with it and ruined it" when you opened your mouth.
Now my future tax paying dollars will have to pay for the years of professional help you will need to get rid of the anger and hate you have inside.

LOL. Loser!

1605 days ago


I agree with post #102 justme- Some of these women may have a bit of meat on them, but I prefer something other than bones to hold on to. It doesn't matter what a person looks like, it's what's inside that matters. If they are confident enough to wear their bikinis, so what. And I believe that most of the commenters on this site are well fed fatties also.
I guess being mean and complaining about other people's looks are the in thing to do now days. If only these rude comments required a photo of themselves, this site would be as empty as a ghost town.

1605 days ago

NO J    

WOW! Those guys get all the hot chicks. ROTFLMAO !

1605 days ago


If it were Tiger Woods & Jesse James on the beach a swarm of gold digging bitches were be surrounding them too.

1605 days ago


We couldn't put in the ad "no fat chicks"... but, no fat chicks.

1605 days ago


Thank god for @ CCC and all the other sane-minded people who thought that calling these girls "Fat" was completely ridiculous! I was beginning to lose faith that smart people actually still existed. Some of these girls are def. on the thicker side, but NONE of these women are FAT by any means at all. Like someone already said, there are no bulging stomachs or spare tires on any one these girls. They actually all have curvy, hour glass shaped bodies! (Which I'm kind of envious of!) ALso , i bet that half of the haters on here wouldn't even measure up to their OWN standards of beauty. I mean com on, is every poster in here a ripped, good lucking individual? Didn't think so...!

1605 days ago


I guess the both of them like the fat, sluty, sloppy type.

1605 days ago


CCC and anotherstupidtmzpost - WELL SAID :)

1605 days ago


OK - there is one thin girl in the bunch who can actually wear a bikini. Why do fat girls wear bikinis? Can't they see themselves in a mirror?

1605 days ago



1605 days ago



1605 days ago



1605 days ago
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