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'Pretty Wild' Star: Take Down My Nude Pics!

4/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tess Taylor -- one of the stars of the reality show "Pretty Wild" -- is fighting mad over some nude pics of her that just surfaced on a website ... and now she wants them taken down, or else.


TMZ has obtained a cease and desist letter Taylor's lawyer sent to, which posted topless pics of Tess holding a giant bong.

In the letter, Taylor's lawyer says the pics were posted "illegally" and violate her privacy ... their legal eagle is threatening legal action against website owner Nik Richie unless he takes down the pics ... stat.


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Who is this and why the hell does anybody care?

1601 days ago


Haha she's going to FLIP if she checks right now. Someone just posted 4 pictures of tess and alexis smoking something off of a piece of foil...heroin? meth? Just like Amy messed up before she even blew up.

1601 days ago


If she is mad about those then how do you think she is going to feel about the new ones on the Dirty of her smoking heroin? Just sayin!

1601 days ago


there's pictures on of her smoking what they claim to be heroin "/, really they got a show?

1601 days ago


thats her fault. Wow that family has issues. and...... SO IT IS!!!! lol

1600 days ago


I don't get what she is all upset about it.. She is a cyber girl for playboy, even just by looking up her name(which is what I had to do because I didn't know who the hell she was) the first thing that shows up are full fledged naked pics. of her...

1600 days ago


I have watched the show with my girlfriend and am amazed that Children Protection Services have not taken away the under 18 child on the show. The mother actually home schools the girls with her lesson based on the book called "The Secret." The entire family is emotionally unstable and have no sense of how to be a professional in this business. E television continues to set a poor example for young American girls with their products. It is obvious these young woman have already had plastic surgery and have no self esteem. Locally, these girls are easy pick ups for any man with some charm, fame or power. It has become a joke to us how easy and gullible these girls are. Literally, we joke about when we see these girls - and they think we are friends with them.I want to thank their mom for helping to make life so easy for men around here. You would be proud to hear how your daughters speak and the acts they commit. I pray if I have daughters in the future they have more self respect and intelligence than these chickenheads. Let's make it official - No One respects you girls or your pathetic mom. industry insiders have decided none of you will be able to further your careers. Might as well make a sex tape.

1599 days ago


The mother gave Alexis drugs in the car on the way to her hearing. I believe it was aderal for her headache.

1598 days ago


Who do these children think they are? How about this "ladies" (and I use that term VERY loosely here) stop being dumb if you don't want it on the internet! Either live a private "nobody" lifestyle or don't complain. You want to be famous, you give up privacy... do people not learn?

1598 days ago


they are fine though

1598 days ago

Jon Sweeney    

WOW! I didn't know she was such a Whore

1596 days ago


how can this girl b mad when her sick mom took naked pics of her on national television? and seemd to get off on her puttin soap on her. this family is disgusting

1584 days ago


these stupid whores are soo annoying!!! if they're skanky enough to take the pics they should have to deal with what happens!!! the mom is a dumb has been bitch, tess and alexis are skanky whores and gabby is just stupid enough to look up to them!!!!!

1584 days ago


Here's a thought. Don't take nude pictures if you don't want the world to see them. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. God damn it, how the hell did any of us normal people go through high school, college, and other areas of life without having naked pictures end up in the hands of strangers? No, really, it's a tough world out there.

1576 days ago


man **** yall people can take picsif they want to uare ****in jealousthat you dont look like her stupid asschristians never learn

1545 days ago
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