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Halle Berry, Gabriel Split

Custody in Limbo

4/30/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have split, TMZ has confirmed, and she went to a divorce lawyer three weeks ago to find out about a custody arrangement ... but nothing long-term was agreed upon and no financial settlement has been struck.

Halle and Gabriel worked out a "very short-term custody arrangement," a very connected source tells TMZ.  But when they worked out the arrangement they had not split, though they were clearly having problems.  Neither Halle nor Gabriel have tried to make the arrangement permanent for 2-year-old Nahla.

Neither of them have gone to a lawyer to formalize any type of long-term agreement, so despite the fact they have split, there is no custody arrangement or property settlement agreement.

We are told, however, by sources close to the situation, that Halle and Gabriel are "working well together" and are handling parental duties without conflict.

We are told the long-term plan is to share custody but nothing has been formalized in writing.

UPDATE:  We're told Halle and Gabriel have agreed to several short-term custody arrangements while they sort things out.  They have renewed them each time they have expired and are still working under a short-term agreement but no permanent agreement has been struck.


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13. I think instead of having lunch with Sandra Bullock, she needs to have lunch with Jennifer Anniston, neither one of them can keep a man!

Posted at 7:52 AM on Apr 30, 2010 by metnwt

Metnwt, neither can keep a man nor know how to act. Both are what you would call shallow human beings who can't see any further than themselves. Selfish, insincere and the all about me aspect in life will contribute to shallow relationships. At least that's what Homey the Clown told me!

1606 days ago


Halle Berry, Jenifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz ans Jessica Simpson, there's got to be something going on with these women. None of them can keep a man. They all seem to be the common denominator.

1606 days ago


Keep a man? KEEP A MAN? Pffffffffffffft! What's the point of "keeping" a man if you don't want him anymore?

1606 days ago


there is something odd about Halle ,i'll never know what it is but its either something like she's extremely boring / shallow or just boring...or is a hidden bi-sexual, something like that. nothing against gays/bis, but with Halle its just something, not sure what.
I think mainly she's about as interesting as cardboard.
I knew this relationship was not going to last. her boyfriend is too "pretty" and will unlikely ever stay with anyone but himself, and looks too young for her too. he doesn't look like "dad" material, but they had a baby.....she doesn't make sense to me.

1606 days ago


What is in the water in Hollywood? Re: Halle, I always felt she was beautiful but perhaps, dishonest. That hit and run accident just didn't smell right.

1606 days ago


Wow, I am just shocked and awed by this news. Another Hollywood couple who had a baby after barely a year together didn't last? Say it isn't so! Please, she was facing the waning biological clock and thought, now or maybe never, this guy's good looking, and she went for it...

1606 days ago


Wishing this family the best as a custody agreement is reached. #18 you are so right; what's the point of "keeping" a man if the relationship is broken beyond repair? Best that they realize it now and focus on what's best for the little one.

1606 days ago


She found out that she and her Baby Daddy are looking for the same thing...A GOOD MAN!!!

1606 days ago


That's too sad and unfortunate for them. Thought this would be a good match, but, enfin, c'est la vie Hollywood style.

1606 days ago


Now that Halley and the white guy broke must be something wrong with HER. Makes you wonder huh??

1606 days ago


Here's the original URL from which the supposed story broke:

Why is everyone surprised? The relationship/arrangement always looked forced.

1606 days ago


It's not like they were ever really together. They never even lived in the same place, and he was seeing someone back in New York for awhile.

1606 days ago


tellit...the guy is her long time manager for over 20 years, Vincent Cirrincionne.

1606 days ago


SaraBellum, I agree.

Men can cycle through women whenever they get bored or tired with them, but whenever a woman gets with a man, it's supposed to be with the intention of staying "fo life."

Hell, maybe Halle doesn't want to stay with any man for too long. She's got the money and the looks to enjoy herself, so why shouldn't she. For every man she dumps, there will be a 100 more running.

1606 days ago


Sad. Rumour has it that it was the huge age gap. Poor Gabe decided he wasn't in love with her anymore and is looking at younger women. Puh-leeze. She didn't hide her age and she gave this P.O.S. a baby and a name for himself. No one knew who he was. Just like a man. Just goes to show you ladies that GIVING A MAN A BABY DOESN'T GURANTEE YOU CAN KEEP HIM. I know she wanted the baby also and I'm glad at least she gets to KEEP THE LITTLE GIRL. Shame on him if this truly is his real reason for leaving. Hang in there Ms. Berry. You have your daughter, your mom and most of all YOURSELF. At times MEN REALLY SUCK.

1606 days ago
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