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Halle Berry, Gabriel Split

Custody in Limbo

4/30/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have split, TMZ has confirmed, and she went to a divorce lawyer three weeks ago to find out about a custody arrangement ... but nothing long-term was agreed upon and no financial settlement has been struck.

Halle and Gabriel worked out a "very short-term custody arrangement," a very connected source tells TMZ.  But when they worked out the arrangement they had not split, though they were clearly having problems.  Neither Halle nor Gabriel have tried to make the arrangement permanent for 2-year-old Nahla.

Neither of them have gone to a lawyer to formalize any type of long-term agreement, so despite the fact they have split, there is no custody arrangement or property settlement agreement.

We are told, however, by sources close to the situation, that Halle and Gabriel are "working well together" and are handling parental duties without conflict.

We are told the long-term plan is to share custody but nothing has been formalized in writing.

UPDATE:  We're told Halle and Gabriel have agreed to several short-term custody arrangements while they sort things out.  They have renewed them each time they have expired and are still working under a short-term agreement but no permanent agreement has been struck.


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Maybe he's tired of dating a chick who has hair short enough to make her look like a pre-pubescent pakistani boy?

1604 days ago


everyone has their own baggage
not sure what his is, but hers is pretty well know
a black father who abandoned her and her mom
raised by a strong white woman
several failed relationships
an abusive relationship etc.
child out of wedlock (not all that unusual today)

so unless someone has counseling with a good professional things like that will keep impacting their life in possibly a negative way

just saying...
and his issues - if they are as substantial as hers, I would say the same about him

sad though, because they seem like 2 decent individuals, so at least they will work well together at co-parenting their beautiful daughter

1604 days ago


Anyone remember watching Halle on Oprah several years ago and she made it very clear..."my biological clock is ticking". She also stated if she wasn't married by 40, she'd find a good looking man (HELLO) and say "Wanna have a baby?" (HELLO #2).

Why people continue to feel a grain of empathy for these 'celebrity' couples is beyond my understanding. She got exactly what she wanted. A BABY. I hope Gabriel digs deep into her pocket book.

1604 days ago


People! calm down... none of us know ANYTHING about these 2 people or what happened between them.. so stop coming to all these stupid conclusions! You guys are worse than my nosy aunt sarah who is annoying as hell. Just let these human beings deal with and move on with their lives.. Nobody is perfect, remember that.

1604 days ago


This is getting to be a habit with Ms. Berry. I don't like to judge other people's lives but she does have this little girl now. She has to consider her best welfare. This is too many men now though. I mean damn! I can understand leaving some of the situations that she was in. She would have been a fool to stay. But why do you keep finding yourself in the same situations? When a person keeps repeating the same poor choices the problem is not the choices; its the person who is making them.

1604 days ago

..and Frank.. and Cody.. and Cassidy    

Most men are not secure enough to be happy with a woman who is more successful than they are. Which would explain why a lot of women in Hollywood can't keep a man. The man will constantly try to put the woman down or do subtle things to make her feel insecure. But a strong, smart woman will recognize his game and kick him to the curb.

1604 days ago


I always thought this guy was a loser. He's not even good looking. My dry cleaner is better than Gabriel. How he became a model is beyond me.

1604 days ago


How many of you have had everlasting realationships? This should not be used as a stick to beat anyone with. Most of you will never have any idea of how pressurizing it must be, not to be able to even go to the store, without having cameras in your face, scrutinizing your life left, right and center. Yes, celebrities do sometimes have arrangements with certain 'friendly' paps, but the majority of them just don't know when to stop. They run people down, they say inappropriate and insensitive things. It's as if they think, just because someone's famous and good-looking, they don't deserve to be treated as human beings anymore. I'm just speaking from observation here.

Truth be told (and this is not a comment about Mr. Aubrey, he actually seems like a solid guy), it's usually the jerks who tend to have the swagger and nerve to be with a woman like Halle. Unfortunately, they are not usually the most sensitive. Nice guys tend to hang back. I have to be honest here, a while back, when he said that he wanted them to have more children, I thought that he came across as a bit hardball. It's good that he wanted more siblings for their daughter, but if a woman is wavering about having more children, her partner really should be thinking of what she'd have to go through to have those children. I guess sometimes the end of something good, can also be the beginning of something else that's also good.

1604 days ago


Thank you for showing that Divorce can be civil and there are celebs who have respect for their mate. It's not always about dragging you ex through the mud.

A little class goes a long way. Kudos to the both of you.

1604 days ago


I am sad for Halle.I hope the parting is amicable. Halle just doesn't have the luck of choosing a partner suited to her.She doesn't want to marry again,but she is still searching for that someone special.
And a word to that other poster: It takes two in a relationship,so perhaps the blame is 50-50.

1604 days ago



Get your facts straight. The man who abused her and caused her hearing loss was white, not black.

1604 days ago


If they broke up because they are no longer in love, then so be it. I hope they are happy and content with their decision. To be honest I never liked her with him anyway. I'm thinking all she wanted really was a baby out of him. I'm just sad for the child who will be the product of another broken union.

1604 days ago


This will be her 3rd divorce.... She is on track to reach Larry King's record.

1604 days ago


that guy is a total douche for walking out on her/that. He wants to play around?? He's lost his fu..... mind!! Dude, you got the best there. What a dumb f...!

1604 days ago


She does need to have lunch w/Jennifer Aniston. But @ least Halle got a baby out of the deal, so she's one up on Jennifer.

1604 days ago
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