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Jaycee Lee Dugard Grabs Lunch

4/30/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since surfacing last August after being kidnapped for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard was spotted in public outside a Subway sandwich shop recently.


The mother of two turns 30 on Monday.


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It's so nice to see so many people who regularly visit this time-suck of a website actually have a conscience and react so negatively to the posting of Miss Dugard's picture. Please TMZ, go back to following Lindsay Lohan to her early grave and leave the non-celebrities out of it.

1546 days ago


Come on, TMZ. Don't be s***. This girl is not just some famewh*re who's hungry for celebrity. This is a young woman who went through a very traumatizing experience, and you should know better than to put her photo up for the masses. She deserves to enjoy her freedom and PRIVACY after all she's been through.

1546 days ago


Dude, I read TMZ everyday and this is one story you guys need to lay off. Let her raise her family and go on with her life.

1546 days ago


I visit TMZ at least once a day. I came back today in hopes this post had been removed, especially with all the comments before me asking you to do so. I've never commented on your stories before but I am upset to see this is still here. This girl has not asked for media coverage and there is no reason for you to report on her. Looks like I'll be finding a new gossip site to visit :(

1546 days ago


This is just so, so wrong on so many levels. Please have some decency and leave her and her family alone. She has been through enough without having to worry about stupid photogs chasing her down. Be ashamed for posting this.

Please take it off the site.

1546 days ago


169. Aint no such thing as Stockholm syndrome. Only white people use that as an excuse for why they fall in love with people who rape and molest them. You sick freaks. White people started all the diseases in the world by sleeping with animals. Nasty people you all are. Stockholm syndrome? ROTFLOL! BS!
Posted at 2:40 PM on Apr 30, 2010 by Michelle

You have no right to judge Jaycee Duguard because you have not walked in her shoes.Shame on you!!!!!Seems like you hate white people and blame them for AIDS and the swine flu.You are an ignorant and racist person I think:(

Read more:

1546 days ago


Did you *******s ever stop to think that TMZ posted this photo to show how well she's doing. Just because they post a ****ing photo doesnt mean there trying to invade her privacy or show her personal lives. There simply showing how good she's doing. So think before you type something bitching someone out.

1546 days ago


Happy birthday
May god bless you and your family

1546 days ago


She is not a celebrity and did not ask for any level of fame or publicity. Absolutely despicable that you would print her picture. Let's not even talk about following her to get the picture...

1546 days ago


This woman is a victim of sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, tons of stuff. Why is she being put on a gossip website. THis is disgusting. Harvey, I am ashamed of you! Disgusting. Why don't you find her kids too an dput them up.

1546 days ago


dkla he did.......the girl on the right standing next to jaycee is her youngest daughter (they are both taller then her)

1546 days ago


Shame on you for publishing pictures of this woman. She is not a celebrity. She is a victim and deserves her privacy. She never signed up for what happened to her. I'm disgusted. Leave her alone.

1546 days ago


I stop by TMZ once or twice a week to see the new celeb. stuff. It's kind of fun in a warped way. A guilty pleasure.... but this.... no. In no shape or form is this ok. This is not entertaining in the least. This is a young woman whose life for 18 years was basically confinment in a tent while being subjected to horrors most can only imagine. Her introduction to life in "civilized society" is this? Shame is not a stron enough word. I hope the fact that TMZ has more than 24 pages of comments that 99.9 percent of the time is asking for the photos be removed ---- with no action from the publisher--- has not been lost on you. They do not care what you think, or what you want to see.... they will push their own agenda. I, for one, have lost one site I used to visit, as I will not come back unless I hear they decided to remove this image. I urge you to do the same.

1546 days ago


There is happiness in her eyes.

1546 days ago

A Marshall    

Wow, shocking... Thank you Harvey Levin for confirming what I suspected all along -- you have absolutely no, I mean NO heart. Really? -- you publish pics while stocking Jaycee Dugard.
Shame on you.
Come on Harvey - get a life.

1546 days ago
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