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Jaycee Lee Dugard Grabs Lunch

4/30/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since surfacing last August after being kidnapped for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard was spotted in public outside a Subway sandwich shop recently.


The mother of two turns 30 on Monday.


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13. @8 Great comparison, Michael Jackson to Phillip Garrido. Except MJ had enough money to pay of his young prey.
Posted at 12:24 PM on Apr 30, 2010 by Trish

It is people like you who believed that Michael Jackson was a child molester even though the FBI investigated him for 20 years and found no proof that he was a pedophile.People like you have the blood of Michael Jackson in your hands.You had an innocent man bullied to death for a crime he did not commit.You know very well that Evan Chandler the father of Jordan Chandler was an extorsionist of the same caliber as Richard Heene the man who used his son to lie and create publicity for money.Why don't you bash Phillip Garrido instead? Why don't you tarnish Hitler's legacy instead? What about Bin Laden? Because you respect those criminals even though they destroyed the lives of millions of kids.But Michael Jackson was black and successful and eccentric so you hated him and pretended that he was a criminal so you would make fun of him.Shame on you!!!!!

1615 days ago


You disgusting bastards, take this post down. Please find some shred of humanity within yourselves and show this woman some respect.

1615 days ago


God Bless here now LEAVE HER ALONE please.

1615 days ago


TMZ - CAREFUL. This girl is a sex abuse victim and there is a court order out there defending her daughters from posting their images in the press. I would expect that there is some court order in regards to Jaycee's privacy as well.

But, court order or not, TMZ should do the right thing and remove this image. She deserves to be LEFT ALONE. She is not a celebrity, she is 100% a VICTIM who is in the process of healing and living her life for the first time.

The next time I see a "story" about Jaycee on TMZ, I will proudly stand up and boycott this site...and petition others to do so too.


1615 days ago


I have read your blog daily for quite a while now, and I don't plan on ever reading it again. WHY in ****'s sake would you post a photo of this woman. She is not a celebrity; she is a victim of a horrible sex crime. If you're able to outrage readers of TMZ, then let's face it, you've gone TOO FAR.

1615 days ago


TMZ, Leave this woman and her family alone. Give her her privacy and peace. Let her put her life together after living in hell. Putting her picture up is in really bad taste. I love TMZ but this is WRONG. Please delect this picture of her

1615 days ago


Sounds like you need some "Jesus Juice" Marie.

1615 days ago


I'm happy for her, and I would be even happier if you left her alone to live her life in peace. She deserves it.

1615 days ago


Take the photo down!!! You're an entertainment website that deals with celebrities - please don't make this poor girl's life more stressful after all she's been through. There's no point to it aside from causing a victim of kidnapping & sexual abuse even more pain. PLEASE TAKE THE PHOTO DOWN!!!!

1615 days ago


I am so happy to see her going on with her life and happy with a smile and talking to a stranger maybe it seems To see herin public for the first time after all these years is nice. I hope the pap's give her space and let her breath.

1615 days ago


Leave her alone

1615 days ago


I agree with most of the comments, leave her alone!

1615 days ago


Look, TMZ didn't take this picture. It's on other mags and sites all over the state. Sure they're showing it like ALL the others, and she does deserve privacy, but it is also comforting to see her alive and well, especially if one lived in Tahoe at that time. Relax.

AND comparing the Michael Jackson debacle to it being the reason they couldn't find her all this time is RETARDED! She was kidnapped 18 years ago and the best time to get her back was then. This state has 37 million people in it and does the best with what it has. Could things have been done differently, of course, but one DOES NOT have anything to do with the other. Michael Jackson was apart of questionable behavior, and having multiple sources bring up the same charges against him is no coincidence. Those aren't his biological children, and he lived in a kiddie trap of a house. You tell me what women see a grown ass man with a petting zoo and choo choo train as "Father and Husband" material. BITCH PLEASE!

1615 days ago


This woman did not choose celebrity, she is a victem of a crime. TMZ should leave this woman alone. Her picture should not be here. TMZ is exploiting her just as that pig exploited her. Shame on you.

1615 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

I add my concerns to all the other posters. As much as I am fascinated with this amazing, smart, and altogether young woman and her story, I beg TMZ also to please do not stalk her in ANY way, leave her alone so that she CAN "come out" and live a normal life. She has great plans for herself and her kids, let's give her all the space she needs!

TMZ, your stalking this woman will only get worse. STOP NOW by removing this story.

1615 days ago
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