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Lindsay Lohan's 'Negative' Image Triggers Suit

5/1/2010 4:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linday Lohan Getty EXLindsay Lohan's image is once again causing problems -- but this time it has nothing to do with her late night partying.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit, filed today in federal court, in which a photographer claims he was hired to shoot pics of Lindsay for a fashion line called 6126. The photog, Scott Nathan, claims he was promised a 1% interest in the clothing line in return for his work.

According to the suit, Nathan never got the 1% he was promised.

But that's not all -- Nathan is also suing Universal Music Group, claiming one of the images he shot for the fashion line somehow ended up as the cover for Lindsay's song, "Bossy."

Nathan is seeking unspecified damages.


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Democrats are evil    

Hey, If the Photog has proof and a good lawyer, he has every right to sue. Don't know about the 1% deal, (it better be in writing) but any unauthorized use of said images gives him the right to not only call her a whore and a skank, but a liar and a cheat on top of that. Good luck collecting though. Pick your clients well.

1635 days ago


I can't believe anyone would have anything to do with this stupid lying chick. She's a thief (clothes, furs, jewels worth over 1.5 million), she's a liar (too many instances to mention), she's delusional (rehabbed 3x, yet continues to party every night like there's nothing wrong with it) and she's a trainwreck (again, too many instances). Anyone with any brains should realize that she's a total risk, that everything she touches turns into a turd and should walk away from her as quickly as possible; running would be better...

1635 days ago


Lohan is a mess, but seriously? Having your picture as a single cover and the exposure is more than that 1% IMO. Greedy photog.

1635 days ago


You can not bully someone into getting help!!! There are so many things wrong with TMZs reporting on Lindsay but fundamentally it is callous. I never cared really about this girl before all this and now I feel sorry for her and I'm considering never coming back to TMZ. Seriously TMZ ENOUGH!!!

1635 days ago


I own 27 and counting. I love her leggings, but my favorite item is a t-shirt with her most recent NYLON magazine cover emblazoned upon it.

How many Lindsay Lohan related items are in your closet?

Force Factor

1635 days ago


It looks like her relatives are out in force, posting positive messages about Lindsay.

Of course, there is nothing positive about Lindsay having the AIDS virus - her father posted that she is HIV-positive.

1635 days ago

kathy coates    


1635 days ago


She knows how to get attention. She can't do more movies. at least a good one. All this negative attention still attention for her. Is the only way she can say hey I'm here Call my agent. She is not Stupid even when she does stupid things. She need to get mature. she blow it.

1635 days ago

Waldo Von Brewski    

....and I am sure the "agreement" is not in writing.

Sounds like a junior high school business transaction.

All lawsuits based on oral promises should be dismissed immediately.

As for Lohan it's hard to believe that she was paid $6-7 Million for "Just My Luck" back in 2005. Now she is sh-it outta luck.

As for her constant partying, Lohan seems to forget that hanging out with L.A. rich kids who do not have a major movie career to screw up will only lead to her demise (which has already occurred). The rich kids will still be rich kids. To bad Lindsay, your last name is not Hilton and your father is not Lionel Ritchie or Rod Stewart.

1635 days ago


She steals a photo. Add it to the list: the coat, jewelry, watch, etc. that she has already stolen. Add that to the cocaine possession, throwing glasses at someone's head, endangering others with her radical driving, and probation violations she's gotten away with. Us noncelebrities would be sitting in a prison somewhere if we did half the things LL gets away with.

1635 days ago


lindsay is looking very crack headish lately...she now has successfully turned her body into amy winehouse...not hot....not surprising her whole family are freakin

1635 days ago


Dear Lindsay,

I saw you in a long list of movies DVDS from
I hope you entertain me with many more.

800 Pound Gorilla

1635 days ago


lindsay is looking very crack headish lately...she now has successfully turned her body into amy winehouse...not hot....not surprising her whole family are freakin

1635 days ago

LA Native    

Times up! You are not revelant anymore. Serious lack of interest in posts about you nowadays. Get a clue, get some help.

1635 days ago


Scott's a big fish, and he has even bigger fish behind him. Way to go, man.

1634 days ago
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