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Man Hits Madonna Jackpot in $150 Blind Auction

5/1/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pile of Madonna memorabilia -- including a pic of her holding a water gun shaped like male private parts (top right) -- just went up for sale on eBay ... but the real shocker ... the guy behind the sale acquired all of the items for $150. Total.

The lucky SOB -- who asked not to be named -- tells TMZ he hit the Madonna mother lode on Sunday during a blind auction at a storage facility in Chatsworth, CA.

The guy tells TMZ the storage unit used to belong to Madonna's first assistant Melissa Crow -- who, according to the owner of the storage facility, fell behind on her monthly payments and therefore forfeited her rights to the property. So ... the guy was able to nab it all for a whopping $150.

Included inside the unit: Tons of photos (including shot of Madge with former flings Warren Beatty and Sean Penn), negatives from Madonna's "Truth or Dare" book, a Polaroid picture of Madonna holding the genitalia water gun, and much, much more.

There are also 17 journals that appear to have been penned by Madonna from 1988 and 1992 -- those are on sale for a ambitious $2.5 million ... but Madge's rep claims they aren't the real deal.

Crow has since taken to Madge blogs asking people not buy the stuff.


No Avatar


Jackpot? I wouldn't give $5 for all that crap.

1637 days ago


Lucky bum!

1637 days ago


Lucky to get $150. I wouldn't give $1 for the lot.

1637 days ago


I think she should have not have left those in others peoples posessions... oops

1637 days ago


Lucky guy. I got to keep my eye out for those storage unit auctions. Hopefully I can score like this guy did.

1637 days ago


Of course, the assistant is now telling people not to buy the stuff. She's pissed that she didn't do it herself and grab that cash.

1637 days ago

Get back to work!    

Sean Penn was not a "fling"

1637 days ago


OMG, look at all the crap she stole!

1637 days ago


The man should be decent enough to make a discreet offer to Madonna to get back her journals and notebooks. As for the rest of it, he should sell it off for whatever he can get.

That assistant losing all of that because of a couple of non storage rental payments is almost criminal. These were not VHS cassettes , books and out dated clothes. They were highly personal items of her employer. What a moron!

1637 days ago


Why would they ask for people not to buy these items? Madonna makes millions on every little thing she does. I say let the guy sell it! It's his now. I hope he gets a lot for it.

1637 days ago

Nobody Knows    

C'mon I go to all the auctions with this guy,the word around is that he gets a little too lucky,this is the same guy that bought Suge Knights Storage locker 3 weeks ago,Oh yeah and this is the same guy that just happened to get Brian Hunter's locker 2 weeks ago,it goes on and on,more to the story than just blind luck especially if you review the wholeday at the auction,he disappears 10 minutes before those were auctioned,he's been spoken too about not touching things inside lockers at least ten times in the last month,look at it this was,if I knew what your hand was in poker before betting,Id have a real good chance of winning,moral of the story,its not always black and white........

1637 days ago

Politico Pablo    

These storage units can yield some interesting stuff. OJ Simpson lost his stuff in a public auction and attempted to reclaim the items. It sure didn't workout well for him.

1637 days ago


FYI to the ignorant, uneducated wanks at TMZ; the word is "motherload", not mother lode. Motherload is one word. Try using Google one in a while for those words you don't understand and are not sure how to spell. I know a grade 6 education seemed like enough at the time, but gosh it doesn't now, eh.

1636 days ago

Yo Mama    

MADONNA IS GOD!!!!!!! Learn it and show some respect.

1636 days ago


to Comment #13. The boxes clearly said Madonna on it, maybe you should read them and you might get lucky like we did. 2nd, Suge Knights, the boxes that went up for auction no one there was able to look through anything. All the boxes said "Knight" on them. Any person with half a brain could have read that and came up. We took a chance on 7 boxes and did pretty good. How did you come up? id bet empty handed from your comments. 3rd, Brian Hunters storage unit was pure luck. We saw some things in the room that looked cool and took a chance. Dumb luck maybe, but i we have it to sell. To tell everyone the truth. We as auction bidders/buyer buy things and hope to make a profit on them. We all try our luck and most never come across these items. Im not saying im better than anyone else out there buying these items. There is alot of really good guys and gals that work their butts off doing what we do every single day. Their time will come. I have heard alot of great responce from this auction. As well as alot of hate mail. Im just an average guy, doing my best to make a lving doing what i do. So, if you want to hate us for this, that is your god given right to do so. I can not change this nor would i want to. This is every auction buyers dream to get something like this. I spend most of my time buying trash and spending my days at the city dump. So if you want to bash us, Maybe you should be a Man and do it in person, not hiding behind a "Fake Name"

1636 days ago
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