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Paris Drops $23,000 in Shopping Mega-Spree

4/30/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton stimulated the hell out of the economy last night -- dropping more than $23k in a whirlwind shopping spree that would even make Michael Jackson proud!

Like a sparkly pink hurricane, Paris blew into Live! on Sunset last night -- and whipped up a $23,414.77 bill.

... because she can.


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Hey, at least approx $2k (sales tax) should go back toward fixing local pot holes, or painting a park bench. Not so bad, I guess!!!

1645 days ago


I think TMZ wants us to hate her.....good job if that was your goal! I could be completely debt free and have a nicer car with what she spent on one shopping trip. She could not handle a day in any of our shoes. Ugh, looking at her just pisses me off.

1645 days ago


while most Americans are struggling just to stay in their homes, families are now homeless, MANY MANY people in this country go to be hungry, and we are in the WORSE RECESSION SINCE THE DEPRESSION for you to throw this nasty worthless skank any attention ESPECIALLY FOR horrible...shame on you TMZ..this ho is not worth anything...much less any attention from you...Parasite is a horrible, stupid, vapid, worthless skank...and shame on you TMZ for justifying her horrible ways..

1645 days ago


All that money still doesn't buy a cure for HERPES!

1645 days ago


What is wrong with you? Your language... your manipulation of fonts...outrageous... you wanna know what's really sad though... if you met me... you'd probably like me.
oh well...

1645 days ago


And I'm sure she didn't give five cents to Haitian earthquake relief.And I suppose her parents are proud of her. I say, let's boycott Hilton hotels. This family is out-and-out garbage, and should be flushed down the nearest toilet.

1645 days ago


@EffingBored "I'm sure her dad, who works for that money, would have something to say about her wasting it away like it's toilet paper.

I'm doubt her dad gives a flying f_ck what she spends her money on. She's earned it through public appearances, merchandising and licensing deals, starring in TV shows & movies, etc. Granted it's all crap but she's gotten paid tens of millions for doing it. I'm pretty sure her old man is actually relieved she's done so well financially, I doubt he saw that one coming. LOL ;)

1645 days ago


@ Lorrie, exactly. Not everyone who donates to charity holds a celebrity charity event and rolls out the red carpet just to do it. And most of the time it isn't even their money there donating. Instead they donate their time to get the word out and expect us to give to "their cause".

1645 days ago


DUSTIN...did you really make 172000.00 dollars in 09? Wow... you must be part of the horsey set... are you preparing for the Derby? Got your Mint Julip iced? What kind of hat are you wearing this season? Aren't those Italians something? Well ta, ta for now Dustin...see you when your Lear lands.

1645 days ago


53. Why are so many people angry?
It's not her fault your poor. I made $172,000 in 2009...i can do what i want with my money.

All you poor people...go get some education. Typical, Fat, Uneducated Americans

We are angry cause you are a major douchebag.

1645 days ago


That $23,000 could've saved my family. It would pay for my bankruptcy and probably a good dr's visit for my husband who is a diabetic and has been unable to see a dr. because of lack of insurance due to unemployment for the past 2 years. But she can drop it like its only $20. Its disgusting just disgusting~~

1645 days ago


I used to run a feeding program for 80 homeless children and adults in the Philippines. After about a year I ran out of money, but it only cost about $1000 or so to run the feeding program.

Just think about that Paris Hellbound when you meet your creator and explain why so many people went hungry while you spend so much money on clothes and partying.

1645 days ago


That was $1,000 per month.

1645 days ago


I can assure you if Dustin is here for the Derby, he is an out of towner. Rarely do residents of Louisville KY attend the Derby - we can't afford it. Unemployment is higher in Louisville than it's been in years, and has surpassed other cities as far as unemployment rates go. And if you are working at the Downs, then chances are you are not here legally and not paying taxes.

Just sayin.

1645 days ago


She has money
She is buying things
Somebody is selling things
Somebody is making things
Somebody is paying the rent for that shop

Nobody is buying things
Nobody is selling things
Shops are empty
Everybody is out of work
Nobody has money

1645 days ago
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